You Asked For It! Online Jumpstart Nutrition Coaching Seminar Saturday June 17, 2017


For the first time ever we are bringing our Jumpstart Nutrition Coaching Seminar onto the Interweb! 🙂

We know it can be a challenge for you to get out of the house one more day, AND since we are nothing if not a little adventurous, we are going to give this whole Webinar thing a whirl. And if it works well, we will probably do it again.

On Saturday June 17 at 9:00am (you don't even have to get up early) you will have the opportunity for some world class nutrition coaching from Coach Nancy Carlson, Pn2.

Our Jumpstart Nutrition Coaching Seminar is our FREE introductory nutrition coaching seminar, and we encourage all our students to take it at least once. 

If you are training with us, you have made the commitment to get healthier by getting your body moving well, getting stronger, and building cardiovascular endurance.

But the secret to FAT LOSS, to getting that lean, toned body is always going to be good eating habits.

Do you have these questions when it comes to all the conflicting info out there?

  • How much do I need to eat?
  • Carbs? Protein? Fat? How much is enough? Too much? Too little?
  • How do I find time to make it fit into my busy life?
  • How do I get my kids to eat healthy? Can they eat this way too?
  • Everything in moderation, right?
  • Will you do my cooking for me? (umm....sorry)
  • And much more.

While we can't answer every question, we will take a solid hour, go through our Jumpstart Nutrition Manual (you'll get your very own .pdf copy after the seminar), and take time to answer your questions.

The Jumpstart Nutrition Coaching Seminar is hosted by Coach Nancy Carlson, Pn2, who is truly a master at helping busy people fit healthy eating into their crazy busy lives.

IMPORTANT: We only have space for 20 students, and you must pre-register for this FREE coaching opportunity. 

Don't delay, we want to see you on our first ever nutrition coaching seminar!

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