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It’s Not All About The Image

One of the hardest things for us to do is to take a good hard look at ourselves. But maybe the hardest thing to do is to take a good hard look and then CHANGE what needs to be changed.

It's easier to not look.

That applies to more than our "inner" being though. There aren't a whole lot of us that like to step on the Fit3D very often either.

Sometimes it just ain't pretty.

But avoiding a problem doesn't usually make it better.

​So it goes with the "Truth Booth". And it goes WAAAAAY deeper than how we look.

We are taking charge of our HEALTH when we monitor our progress regularly, and the Fit3D is a quick, easy way to start to take charge.

The tutorial below explains why image isn't everything, and why you need to "Fit3D" on a regular basis.

More questions? Comment below.​

Rock N’ Race Update – Shirt Deadline Extended, BUT Not For Long

Latest news from the Rock N' Race committee.

Please come support the Payson Center, as well as honor our friend Jim Knee and his late wife Catherine Dowd by joining our team!

Register Now and Save $5

The deadline to form a team of twelve or more individuals and receive customized team T shirts and/or a unique race day wicking shirt has been extended to Tuesday, April 18 at 8:00 am.

Register now. After May 15 the registration fee increases to $35, so sign up now and save!

All proceeds from the Merrimack County Savings Bank Rock ‘N Race are directed to Concord Hospital Payson Center for Cancer Care.

We look forward to seeing you at the starting line on Thursday, May 18 at 6:00pm.

The Rock ‘N Race Planning Committee

For Immediate Release

April 11, 2017 - Get Fit NH’s Smart Group Training is “Best of the Best” workout in New Hampshire. Get Fit NH voted “Best of the Best” Gym in NH for fifth straight year.

Get Fit NH, with locations in Concord and Epsom, won three awards in this year’s Hippo Press “Best of NH” voting. Voters have once again named Get Fit NH “Best of the Best” gym in all of New Hampshire as well as voting their “Smart Group Training” the “Best of the Best workout class” in the state. Coach Nancy Carlson earned the “Best of the Best” Fitness instructor award. This makes five “Best of the Best” nods in a row and eight “Best of…” overall for the popular training gym, well known for its unique high quality group training format. Coach Nancy’s “Best of the Best” Fitness Instructor in all of New Hampshire honor is her fourth straight and her sixth since 2010. “All of the coaches at Get Fit NH consistently work hard and take great pride in what we do for our clients. We never stop learning and finding new ways to make Get Fit NH and our clients better every day. We work hard to consistently offer the smartest and best training available so earning these awards year after year is especially gratifying to us and to our amazing team of coaches, who are deserving of all the credit we can give.” said Nancy.

Get Fit NH is built on the philosophy that if the training isn't fun, safe, and effective, clients won't come back. "Fitness technology is huge these days," Co-Founder Dean Carlson says. "It makes training interesting and helps both our clients and us see and track progress, as well as make quicker adjustments to the training program as needed." In the last few years, Get Fit NH has added new innovations at the gym such as BioForce HRV heart rate variability testing, which monitors readiness for exercise, Fit 3D body scanning for viewing and tracking progress over time, and MyZone, which allows coaches and clients to monitor degree of effort while training.

Get Fit NH is one of only a handful of gyms in the country to have earned Smart Group Training (SGT) certification. SGT is built around the Functional Movement Screen which allows personalization of the routine within a group setting to maximize each client’s results. Get Fit NH asks each new student to come in for a 2 week free tryout before joining to see if the gym, coaches and training are a good fit. These two weeks allow them the best chance to see for themselves what taking advantage of the innovative approach at Get Fit NH will do for them.

The success of Get Fit NH is due to their continuous drive to do what it takes to make their clients better. To this end they offer professional group fitness training, nutrition coaching, and seminars at two locations in Concord and Epsom. See their website at or call 344-2651 today.

Rock N’ Race Custom T-Shirt Deadline!!!

Man that snuck up on us FAST!

You are running (see what I did there) out of time to register for the 2017 Rock N' Race and get your custom "Get Fit NH & Beat Cancer" t-shirt. 

Do you really just want to have a plain t-shirt when you could get a sweet customized one?

Don't be that guy.


Click Here N.O.W. NOW and register!​

Please do your part and honor Jim, Catherine and ALL the deserving folks that need our help. The deadline is April 18th for your custom shirt!

P.S. - It's a BLAST!

P.S.S. - We shut down the gym for the race, so you might as well come! 🙂

Enough Is Enough (Exercise That Is)

To some of y'all it might seem strange that as a gym owner and physical prep coach that I would suggest you can get too MUCH exercise, but it's true. 

​With our next scheduled recovery week coming up, I want you to explore further with me the concept of "enough" in relation to exercise.

​It seems counterintuitive - do less, gain more? Well, as the answer to many exercise related questions;

It Depends.

There are two sides to the story. On the one hand some of us don't have the skill (and sometimes will) to push ourselves hard enough to make progress. Skill? How hard can it be to sweat? When I speak of skill I mean being able to cleanly move through an exercise pattern with proper form. You know what I mean. You get a lot more "bang for your buck" when you can do a full range squat than just a little "halfsy" right? That's why we ​work on cleaning up your movements; so you can do them safely and with maximum effectiveness.

On the other hand some people are just exercise junkies. Seriously. Strenuous exercise releases endorphins, which are chemicals that make us feel good. Endorphins are why we can feel so good even though we just got our butts kicked. The downside is they can literally become our "drug". Pushing our bodies to the limit is a high we start to seek.

​But too much of a good thing is a bad thing. There is a point of diminishing returns. There comes a point when excessive exercise along with too low of calories will become a vicious cycle of fatigue, injury and even weight gain. UGHHH! 

Learning to push harder is good. Exercising hard and pushing it to the max, every so often, is a very beneficial thing to do as we seek to hit new goals and discover what we are capable of.

But there are limits on both the intensity of exercise and the frequency of exercise.

We've talked about the "hierarchy of training" before.

In other words, which type of exercise will give me the most bang for my buck, depending on the number of hours I have to allocate per week?

I absolutely love this graphic from our partners over at Precision Nutrition. It perfectly illustrates this concept.

MORE isn't better, BETTER is better.

Here's the focus points I want you to get.

  • Resistance Training comes first
  • Intervals or Sprints come second
  • Active recovery (swimming, yoga, walking, mobility work) is important, but not above the first two.
  • Leave time to do the fun stuff you enjoy.
  • There is an upper limit to how much actual training you should do, no matter how many total hours you choose to be active.

We structure our training in the gym around these principles. The big rock is going to be strength training. You see that manifested in dedicated strength training days, and also on other days where we do "metabolic resistance training" - training that uses resistance (all the tools; dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, suspension trainers, etc.) but where we move at a faster pace. Our finishers revolve around the interval and sprint work, and we also get some mobility and flexibility work in there as well, which is part of your active recovery.

And then there is recovery. Training hard and under-recovering is bad mojo. Eventually there is going to be one too many straws on the camels back.

​That's why we schedule Recovery Weeks as part of our Training Program. They are not willy-nilly, random, or unnecessary. They are an integral part of each training cycle. (You read last Tuesday's post, right?)

Recovery. It's up to YOU to Make It Happen!

Coach Dean​

Sizzlin’ Summer Slimdown “Clean and Lean 2017” Is Here!

Sizzlin' Summer Slimdown "Clean and Lean" 2017 IS Here!


Sign Up Now. Registration Closes April 26th! 

The Earlier You Sign Up, The Better. Instant Access to all your materials, get your initial Fit3D scan done early, and get a great head start on your prep work. 

What is the Sizzlin' Summer Slimdown "Lean and Clean 2017" Challenge?

S3 is our annual "Summer Is Coming" transformation contest. This is a great opportunity to focus in, stay accountable and get some work done. We have done different kinds of S3 challenges over the years and what we have learned is that we work better on a team. Last year we had record breaking results and a fantastic celebration at the end. We plan to break last year's records and have an ever bigger celebration!

Here's What You Get

Before I go any further I want to whet your appetite, so here's a rundown of what you get when you signup:

10 Brand New 1-Page Challenge Guides for you to download, print and keep forever. Details below!

Exclusive Downloadable Sizzlin' Summer Slimdown Handbook (.pdf), which includes:

  • Super Simple Daily Meal Plan
  • Chart Your Own Course Meal Plan
  • Coach Nancy's Sample Weekly Meal Plan
  • Meal Plan Templates
  • Grocery List
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Recipes
  • Super Shake Guide

7 weeks of nutrition accountability, education and coaching using Habit Catalyst

"New": Pinterest page with bonus healthy and tasty recipes​

7+ weeks of Private Facebook support

How Much For All This Awesomeness You Ask?​

Only $39 for Get Fit NH Clients!​

Not a current Get Fit NH Client?

We got you covered!

For the first time ever we are offering two options for non-clients to play - sweet!

Option #2: Friends and Family $77

You get all the same great support, accountability and tools that our clients are using, plus you get to experience all that Get Fit NH Awsomeness for a crazy low price!

Option #3: 6-Weeks Training  for $367

We are opening up three of our training times, one in Epsom and two in Concord*, so you can experience Get Fit NH's award winning Smart Group Training during the contest! You will receive all the care and attention our training clients receive, as well as all the great S3 tools.

S3 + Training = Awesome Results!

*7:25am/6:45pm Concord

9:00am Ladies Only in Epsom

Here's How It Works (Please read and follow carefully)

Once again this year we are doing the S3 Partner Challenge. You will need to find a partner, but if you don't have one, don't worry!

THIS IS IMPORTANT EITHER WAY: After you register you will receive an email with a link to the "Team" form. Just type in "need a partner (or N/A)" when you fill out that form and we will find you someone to buddy up with. If you do have a partner then you will fill in their name and your team name. (My favorite one from last year was "Thelma and Louise") 

This contest is all about teamwork, lifting each other up and helping each other out. You can only win the contest if both partners give it all they got!

This Years Contest Tools

Manual and Guides

This year we are adding 10 Brand New one page guides for you to download, print and keep forever! These handy guides cover everything from weekly menu planning to creating the ultimate breakfast. The Challenge Checklist is a handy reference to help you eat clean and track your progress. You will also get a copy of our famous Sizzlin' Summer Slimdown guide and cookbook, full of tasty and easy to make recipes. 

Habit Catalyst

Habit Catalyst is our nutrition education and accountability tool. Every day you will receive an email asking you this one question "Yesterday, did you eat ONLY real foods?" along with a lesson to help you do just that. Around 50% of the scoring for the contest will depend on you checking in daily and get the habits done. You can go back and read the lessons at any time, but you cannot go back to check off your habit.

This year we are also including a bonus "Prep Week" to help set you up for maximum success, so you are actually getting a full seven weeks of professional nutrition coaching - BONUS!


Fit3D is an innovative 3D body scanner that captures a 3D, 360° image of the human body and extracts the most commonly used measurements tracked for fitness progress, all with just a 40 second scan. You will be using Fit3D three times during the contest to measure your waist and hips; once before the contest, once at the mid-point, and at the end. The more you lose off your waist and hips, the more points you score!

How Does My Team Win?

Scoring Habit Points

You earn points for your team based on your percentage of daily habit tracking compliance using Habit Catalyst. Each team members score will be calculated, and then the team will be awarded the average. Here's the scale:

  • 90% or greater compliance = 100 points
  • 80 - 89% = 80 points
  • ​70 - 79% = 70 points
  • ​60 - 69% = 60 points
  • 50 - 59% = 50 points
  • <50% = 0 points

Here's an example:

Thelma achieves a compliance score of 92%  = 100 points
Louise achieves a compliance score of 78% = 70 points
The team would score the average = 85 points​

Scoring Results Points

This one is really simple. You earn 10 points for each % average that you lose off your waist and hips. Each team members score will be calculated and added to the team total.

Here's an example:

Bruce loses 4% off his waist and Wayne loses 6%. The average is 5%, so the team earns 50 points.

Bruce loses 3.5% off his hips and Wayne loses 1%, so the average would be 2.25%, or 22.5 points.

The team total "Results Points" would be 77.5 - easy peasy!​

Bonus Points

Your team will earn and additional 10 points each by completing the mid-contest Fit3D scan by May 21st. Those 20 points could be huge, so don't miss them!

Double Bonus!

Every week we will be sending you a brief (3 or 4 question) Check-In survey. You will earn another 10 points when you fill out 5 out of 6 of those. That could be another critical 20 points total.

So what would team "In It All The Way" Final Score be? 85 habit points + 77.5 results points + 40 bonus points (they were really on top of things) = 202.5 total points. Can you beat that? 🙂

And yes, there will be CASH prizes!

This year we are going to split the pie up a bit, and offer cash prizes to the Top Three Teams!

Like last year, we are going to split the entry fees, with the winners getting 50% of the entry fees, and the remaining going toward expenses for running the contest and the HUGE party we will have at the end!

Here's the breakdown:

  • 1st Place Team splits 25% of the Pool (last year that would have been a couple grand - true story!)
  • 2nd Place Team splits 15% of the pool
  • 3rd Place team splits 10% of the Pool

Are coaches eligible to win? I think I am going to enter a team myself. CHA-CHING!

Key Dates To Remember:

  • Monday April 3rd:    Sign ups open
  • Wednesday April 26th:   Sign up cutoff
  • Saturday April 29th @ 10:00 AM:  Kickoff meeting, First scan due, and Meals Made Easy workshop at Get Fit NH Concord
  • Monday May 1st:   S3 begins with "Prep Week"
  • Saturday May 27th:   Halfway scans due. We will be open 8-10 AM. You can also do them during regular hours anytime that week. Count for 10 points per teammate.
  • Saturday June 17th:   S3 ends and we are open 8-10 AM to get final scans done
  • Tuesday June 20th:   Last scan due by 7:45 PM
  • Saturday June 24th:   Reveal Party @ 10:00 AM in Concord

Registration Opens April 10th!

Get Fit NH Clients

Same price as last year

  • 10 New Challenge Guides
  • Sizzlin' Summer Slimdown Manual
  • 6 Weeks of Habit Catalyst Nutrition Coaching
  • Bonus: Prep Week Lessons
  • Fit3D scanning
  • Private Facebook Group and Coaching
  • Cash Prizes for more teams!


Your Guides Are Sent Immediately!

Friends & Family

Teamwork makes the dream work

  • 10 New Challenge Guides
  • Sizzlin' Summer Slimdown Manual
  • 6 Weeks of Habit Catalyst Nutrition Coaching
  • Bonus: Prep Week Lessons
  • Fit3D scanning
  • Private Facebook Group and Coaching
  • Cash Prizes for more teams!
  • This is a great option to see what we are about and is the best way to support those you care about. Do it together!


Your Guides Are Sent Right Away!

6-Weeks Training

New Clients Only

  • 10 New Challenge Guides
  • Sizzlin' Summer Slimdown Manual
  • 6 Weeks of Habit Catalyst Nutrition Coaching
  • Bonus: Prep Week Lessons
  • Fit3D scanning
  • Private Facebook Group and Coaching
  • Cash Prizes for more teams!
  • 6-Weeks of our Award Winning Smart Group Training


You Guessed It. We'll Send Your Stuff Too! 🙂

Top 5 Things To Do During Recovery Week

Next Scheduled Recovery Week: March 27 - April 2, 2017

If you are new to the concept of recovery weeks, please read on.

If you have been training with us for awhile and you have ignored recovery weeks, read on.

Especially you.​

Recovery weeks serve a critical function within the training cycle (more on that below for those of you who want to see the science).

You may have noticed that as we get closer to recovery week the daily and weekly training intensity has increased.

That is purposeful.

Because we are working toward a week of MacroRecovery, we are intentionally working at a higher level.

Then we will take a scheduled, purposeful rest.​

Because whether you think so or not, you cannot and should not train really hard, all the time.

In fact one of our training program design principles is what is referred to as MED.

Minimum Effective Dose.

In other words, what is the MINIMUM stimulus we need to get better - stronger, leaner, better conditioned, etc.?

What? The minimum you say? That is NOT my style. Go hard or go home!

That WILL work, at least for a short time. Until your training overwhelms your ability to recover, and you start breaking down.

How can you tell that is happening? That you're not recovering fast enough from your training? Here's a few warning signs:

Altered Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

You are having a hard time getting your heart rate up, or it's beating like a racehorse when you feel like you aren't really doing much.​

Poor Sleep Patterns

​An increasing pattern of the inability to sleep restfully.

Decreased Performance

Your training loads have stagnated or even decreased.​

Mood Swings

One of my big ones (no secret I know - sorry).​

Eating Habits Disrupted or Compromised

It's not just a matter of will power. Overreaching and overtraining can cause physical cravings if our bodies are missing crucial nutrients because of too much physiological or psychological stress.​

Decreased Immunity

If you are getting sick frequently (eg. more than one cold a year) your immune system is probably compromised.​

Increase In Injury

This could be not recovering from the normal microtrauma caused by training, for example you are sore for 2 or 3 days after training, or you are getting strains, sprains, aches and pains that you normally do not.​

Lack of Progress (Plateau)

This could be either in body composition (not losing bodyfat/gaining muscle) or not making gains in the gym.​

Enter Recovery Weeks

Recovery weeks are designed to give you rest; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

You see stress is not just a "mental" thing. Do you realize when you train you are stressing yourself out, on purpose? That gets added on top of all the other stress in your life, whether it be work, home, or the jerk who cut you off in traffic. Your central nervous system doesn't care, it just knows when you have too much of it, and it doesn't like it!

​And while you can't stop the knucklehead from driving like an idiot, there are things you can do to avoid excess systemic stress, and taking recovery weeks is one of them.

Here's My Top 5 Things To Do On Recovery Week

  1. Catch up on my reading
  2. Get some extra sleep
  3. Spend more time with my family
  4. Eat at a more leisurely pace
  5. Visit somewhere I haven't before (this week is normally our "Spring Break")

​What about you?

You see you don't have to "not move" for a week. There is nothing wrong with getting outdoors, taking a walk, hitting the rock climbing gym, spending some time on the foam roller and stretching, getting a massage, and/or taking some long showers or baths.

Those things will aid your recovery and help you relax; running 2 or 3 or 5 miles every day (or every other day), or going to spin class, will not

I train hard, but more importantly I train and recover appropriately. 

I am in it for the long game. When I am sick, or excessively tired, or injured I cannot train.

THAT is what sets me back.

Recovery is what drives me forward. On a daily, weekly, and quarterly basis.

​You ready to get better with me?


Coach Dean

PS. Below is the "Science Stuff" I promised - Enjoy!

All About Recovery Weeks

Our recovery weeks are what I would call Macro-Recovery. In other words we take a planned week off every training phase in order to let the body rest up from hard training and get ready for the next phase.

But did you know you can do even better than that? We have a number of athletes in the Get Fit NH family who participate in our Bioforce HRV monitoring program, which measures your systemic stress load on a daily basis, which allows us to fine-tune the recovery process on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can catch up on that by clicking here

Read on why properly planned and adequate recovery is important for you!

The Recovery Curve

I saw the recovery curve for the first time during my time with Australian physical preparation coach Ian King. His principles laid the foundation for the way we program, train and especially recover here at Get Fit NH. The principles that work with professional athletes apply to us too!

The following illustrates a “good” recovery curve:

The green line represents what we are all looking for – continual, never ending progress over time. We are getting stronger, faster, thinner, better looking (ok at least that’s what I wish for).

Reality Check – ain’t gonna happen. The process of changing your body is not linear, in fact what we are looking at in an optimal training environment is more of a “One step back brings me Two steps forward”.

A closer look at the chart will help explain what I mean.

The red line represents Equilibrium. This is where your body wants to stay, no matter if your goal is losing fat, gaining lean, or both. As you have no doubt found out, forcing your body to change is hard work – really hard work. When you walk into Get Fit NH, our training is designed to elicit that change. But it’s not as simple as “working out” day after day after day. In fact as I am about to illustrate, training without proper recovery is actually hurting you, not making you better.

The blue line represents the “recovery curve”. Starting at the left hand of the chart all the lines intersect. For this illustration that point is where your first training occurred – you “worked out”.

But what’s going on?

Instead of performance going up, that line is actually heading down – this is what is called Depletion. If you think about it makes sense – you have worked hard, you are fatigued, your body is depleted of nutrients – you are spent!

Don’t worry, your body will get over it, if you treat it right! This is what we call Adaptation. Your body wants to be able to handle the increased demand that was placed on it, and starts the process of getting better.

You are in charge of if and how fast that happens. A few of the factors that influence this adaptation include recovery nutrition, stress levels, sleep habits, supportive nutrition, age, and training history.

The recovery curve continues with Supercompensation. Here is how Coach King describes this process:

“It is only when recovery is allowed that we see the super-compensation effect, the unique phenomenon where the bodies physical capacity is elevated in response to training, in anticipation of another exposure to the same stimulus.” – King, I, 1999/2000, Foundations of Physical Preparation

In other words your body has gotten better in response to your training, a new Equilibrium is established and this state is when we will ideally train again. Our programming at Get Fit NH is carefully designed to give this the best chance of occurring, but as I hope you are discovering, you have a lot to do with this with how you treat your recovery!

As you can see, when things are clicking, this process when repeated over and over means you are getting better and better, the blue line is headed up – pretty cool!

The flip side to all this is what happens when the recovery process isn’t working so well.

This chart represents recovery gone “bad”:

When we continue to train in a state of “Depletion”, regardless of the reason, the adaptation to super-compensation effect doesn’t occur, and instead of getting better, we find ourselves in a downward cycle. This can happen when we train the same muscle groups too soon, when we haven’t taken the steps described above to recover optimally (sleep and nutrition for instance) regardless of time between training, when we train too hard coming off an illness, etc. The last thing we want to happen is new equilibrium to be established in a downward pattern – not good.

The long and short of it is your body absolutely needs to recover from hard training. Consistently training in a fatigued state results in injury and illness. Your body is an amazing machine designed to put up with a lot, but it was also designed to need rest.

Which leads us to:

Recovery Weeks!

Face it – you can get beat up anywhere. Our responsibility at Get Fit NH is to help you get better!

That includes recovery weeks. We have found that somewhere between 8 and 12 weeks of training is just about right to take a full week off and let your body recover.

That doesn’t mean that you spend your training time on the couch eating bon-bons, but if you insist on going down to PF and hitting the weights or running 10 miles every morning, your body will suffer in the long run, and perhaps even in the short term.

If you find yourself fighting this concept, ask yourself this – Is your unwillingness to take a week off a well reasoned decision based on what you know to be true, or is it that your attachment to training is so strong emotionally that makes it so hard? You will not lose all you have gained by taking the week off, I assure you! Again to quote Coach King, “…if you don’t (take time off)…most of you are going to lose it anyway!”

So now that we have established you are ready, willing and able to embrace recovery week, what do you do?

Glad you asked!

Three Steps for Successful Recovery

1.) Physical Rest and Regeneration

– Our bodies must rest and recover to prevent over-training (or under-recovering) issues so that we can come back 100% healthy and energized for the next phase of the program

– Focus on maintaining and/or increasing flexibility and tissue health by stretching and foam rolling daily. 15-30 minutes is fantastic!

– Daily restorative walks are beneficial during this week. 30-60 minutes briskly walking (not jogging/running) will keep your body refreshed and active, without negating the purpose of this week. Don’t overdo it!

2.) Physiological and Psychological Rest and Regeneration

– We must normalize key anabolic hormones, refill muscle glycogen, increase caloric intake, and prevent any diet induced catabolism (losses of lean body mass) so that we can enjoy greater fat loss for the next phase of the program

– We have taken the road less traveled by being flexible eaters with a long-term approach to success and thus we will take a break from our aggressive fat loss nutrition plans. This is not a free for all, so stay away from your “trigger foods” (junk foods and sweets) that open the door to excessive calorie intake.

– Instead plan (key word) and enjoy 2 or 3 controlled free meals to reward yourself for all of your hard work, but do not overdo it!

– Caveat: If your nutrition habits have been less than optimal, more than likely none of this applies to you. Instead now is the time to plan and prepare to make the changes necessary to see the results you want. Spend some time with a coach and your Jumpstart Nutrition Guide if you need help.

3.) Celebrate the Fruits of Your Labor

– Take some time to reflect on how far you have come since you joined Get Fit NH in terms of improving your overall health, body composition, and performance

– Enjoy your results!


We would just like to take the time to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your hard work and dedication to improving your health and fitness… keep Making It Happen!

In Honor of Catherine – The 2017 Rock N’ Race Is Here

I enjoy writing, but some posts are a lot harder to write than others. 

That is certainly the case this year as we start forming our team for the 2017 ​Rock N' Race, which is always one of the biggest community events in Concord as well as one of our biggest fundraising efforts.

For those of you not familiar, the Rock 'N Race is a 5k run/walk that raises funds for the Concord Hospital Payson Center for Cancer Care. This is the 15th year this event has been held, and Get Fit NH has been sponsoring a team and raising funds for the last 7 or 8 years - just about as long as we have been around.

It is no secret that cancer touches all our lives in one way or another. We all have friends, family, and co-workers whose lives have been changed forever by this disease, and the Get Fit NH family is no exception. Right now Coach Nancy's sister Sharon is fighting cancer for the second time. Others have loved ones they have lost or are in midst of the battle. Our thoughts and prayers are with them, and you who support them.

This year however, is especially tough for one of our own, Jim Knee, as he mourns the loss of his dear wife Catherine Dowd. Catherine lost her battle with cancer on December 30 of last year. This is not the first time I have seen one of our Get Fit men lose his wife to this disease, and while I cannot imagine what they have and are going through, I don't have to sit by and do nothing either. I hope you will join me by taking action and getting involved in the Rock N' Race this year, as a sponsor, runner, or walker.

Doesn't have to be on our team. It's not about us, or who has the biggest team, or the awards we can win. It's about men like Jim Knee, and Tom Barker, and Dan Gauthier, who need to know that those they have lost are not forgotten, and that somebody cares enough to do something about it, no matter how small. It is an added bonus that the Rock N' Race just happens to be a ton of fun - Music, Food and Contests. It's a family event and you don't have to be a great runner (or a runner at all) to come down and have a good time.

Are you in?

Let's Make It Happen!

15th Annual Merrimack County Savings Bank Rock N' Race

​May 18, 2017


Downtown Concord

As a postscript I want to thank Jim for his graciousness. He is a quiet guy, and his hurt is still deep. How could it not be? It would be easier to just stay quiet and not bring up the pain. But he set that aside so others could be helped. Cancer is not "just" a disease. Cancer has a name, a face, and a story. Here is just a small part of Catherine's.

Catherine C. Dowd, 64, died Friday, Dec. 30, 2016, in Concord VNA Hospice, Concord, after a long illness.

She is survived by her husband of 16 years, James E. Knee; two sons, Conor P. McNally of Essex, Vt., and Hugh F. McNally of Bethlehem; her mother, Vivian (Tambolleo) Dowd, of Sterling, Mass.; three brothers, Thomas F. Dowd Jr., of Holden, Mass., Peter M. Dowd of Sterling, Mass. and James J. Dowd of Grifton, N.C.; a sister, Therese Vattes, of Bolton, Mass.; two step-sons, Michael Knee and Matthew Knee, both of Concord; aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins; and her beloved animals, dog, Obo, and horses, Pumpkin and King.

Catherine was born in Worcester, Mass., and raised in Clinton, Mass., daughter of the late Thomas F. Dowd. She was a graduate of Sacred Heart High School, Worcester, Mass. and Atlantic Union College, South Lancaster, Mass., where she earned her degree in Nursing.

As a Registered Nurse, Catherine started her career at St. Vincent Hospital, Worcester, Mass., prior to relocating to New Hampshire, where she began a 29 year career at Littleton Hospital, before working at Concord Hospital for more than 12 years before her retirement.

She was a former member of St. John the Guardian of Our Lady Parish, Clinton, Mass. An avid skier and mountain hiker, Catherine was a talented equestrian, who, along with Jim, kept horses on their former farm in Franconia. It was there that she cared for her most-loved mare, Heiress.

​Thank-you Jim. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you.

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