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Pay Now Or Pay Later.

I was thinking about this recently in terms of food and medical costs.  However it really applies to most things we encounter on a consistent basis for most of our life.  

What got me onto the subject was talking about how “expensive” it is to eat healthy.  While I can argue you that you can actually eat healthy much less expensively than you can eating unsupportively, lets pretend for a second that you cant.  Lets pretend that no matter how I present that argument you still don’t believe me.  So lets say you believe it costs extra and that’s all there is to it and you wont do that.  So you don’t want to pay the extra now, guess what, you may not want to now, but I promise you that if you go about it that way forever, you will be paying every penny you saved and then some down the road.  “Where” you say? Well in medical costs, you eat unsupportively for your entire life your risk of piling up medical debt goes up exponentially.   You either pay a little extra now to eat supportively or you pony up everything you spent your life saving later in medical costs.  

Think about it in terms of a car, what happens if you keep putting off all the little fixes.  “Oh that’s not important I don’t need to fix that right now…or that…or that…” you end up bringing your car in for inspection one year and because you neglected it in a bunch of small ways it now needs 3-4 thousand dollars worth of work to pass inspection.  Or worse the car breaks down and becomes un-drivable or the engine blows and now its not just a matter of getting it fixed, it’s a matter of having to shell out for a new car.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that not putting in the work now isn’t going to catch up to you somewhere else down the road.  The difference is there is no “New Car” option for your body, you get one, take care of it.

-Coach Adam

The Most Peppy Spotlight Yet

If you have ever trained in the 8:30 class you know why this spotlight is being written. Holly brings a presence of high energy, fun, and great work ethic to each class and its so great to see. In a very lively class she brings positive energy that is contagious to the entire class.

I took a little time to chat with Holly about her experiences here at Get Fit NH and what she thought about it. I wanted to share that talk with all of you as well!

Thanks for talking with me Holly and keep making it happen!

-Coach Brian

Updated Concord Morning Training Schedule

Starting next Monday 5/14/2018 we will be changing the morning schedule just a little bit. We are hoping that this small change will help smooth out transition time between classes and make it easier for everyone getting to and leaving class. 

Our new morning schedule will be:

  • 5 AM
  • 6:10 AM
  • 7:20 AM
  • 8:30 AM

It is a small change but should help the flow move better in the morning!

We hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone at the new class times on monday.

-Coach Brian 

Functional Movement Screen: Rescreens

Functional Movement Rescreens are upon us!

I want to take this opportunity to encourage you as it is just about that time in the quarter where we take everyone through a new Functional Movement Screen (FMS). With these rescreens around the corner I wanted to take a moment to talk about why we do them, what we are looking for and how it benefits you..

The purpose of the FMS is so that we can train you safely and personalize your training in a group setting . Our mission is to keep you training forever and minimize risk. This is a giant injury prevention tool. It is a little scary to us that we are one of the only training facilities in New Hampshire to take everyone through this screen before they ever step foot on our training floor. Rest assured- this is screen is because we care, not because we don’t want you to do certain exercises .

We are looking for several things when taking our students through the FMS. We are checking out range of motion, asymmetries, tightness, pain, mobility, flexibility and more! This 7 sequence screen doesn’t solve all of the problems in the world, but it gives us a ton of useful information.

The FMS benefits our students, because they know we are doing everything in our power to keep them training safe in a group setting. It benefits our students, because they know and we know what exercises are appropriate for them based on a wrist band color. The FMS is also a measuring tool. Since we do rescreens quarterly it is a great way to see where are getting better! It feels good to screen out of a wrist band! This is feedback that our body is changing. On the flip side it also shows us where we may need to focus for a little while so that we don’t get hurt. It is totally normal to screen in and out of wrist bands forever.

Keep in mind as we approach FMS rescreens that this screen is not a character judgement, but a tool to keep you training smarter and training safe. Wear your wrist bands. It helps us, help you! Be coachable. Our purpose is help you be the very best version of yourself.

Coach Meagan

Our New FitranX Sticker: Obstacle Challenge

Fitranx Obstacle Sticker!

In honor of today being the first day to break 80 degrees, I have an announcement!  I wanted to let all of you obstacle race lovers out there know about the newest Fitranx sticker available.  

To earn the “Obstacle Conqueror” you will need to complete 5 Obstacle races in a calendar year, it’s that simple (notice I said “simple” not “easy”). Get excited all you mudders and Spartans out there!

Good luck everyone!

-Coach Adam

BMI Is Out And Body Fat Is In

A few years ago I had an appointment with a fertility specialist. I had such a challenge getting pregnant for years and I was so frustrated and defeated. After waiting my one year “keeping trying” time frame I was finally seen. I sat before this doctor and explained to her my history, what I do for work, my background, my health, etc. She took my height and weight and she told me that part of the reason I might be having a challenge getting pregnant is because I’m overweight.

There are a lot of things that irk me about that day, but the most relevant frustration is that I sat in that chair in THE BEST shape of my life. I had been training for a figure competition so I was leaner than ever. It was clear by a glance that I was not overweight and considering I was thorough on my occupation and health history it was probably not my reasoning for fertility issues.

It was after THAT day where I made it a mission to be sure everyone knows that BMI (body mass index) is a TERRIBLE representation of your health.

This is where my push on body fat comes into play…

Body Fat takes into account your lean weight versus your fat weight. Now I want you to imagine this…

A woman 5’6 140 pounds 22% body fat. With that percentage of body fat we are looking a lean woman who has 110 pounds of LEAN weight (muscles, organs, bones) and 30 pounds of fat weight (we will always have SOME fat weight or else we’d be dead!)

A woman 5’6 140 pounds 32% body fat. With that percentage of body fat we are looking at an overweight woman who has 96 pounds of LEAN weight and 44 pounds of fat weight.

But their BMI is the exact same.

Say what?

If you are curious about your body fat then I would encourage you to hop on the Fit3d and get that done. The system determines your body fat AND your lean weight vs fat weight. A great benefit of that measurement is also to see where your weight is shifting. So for example, you might be discouraged if after a month or so the scale doesn’t move, but you might be ENCOURAGED to see that while your weight has remained the same you lost some fat and transferred it into that lean section.

As we mature we want to be sure that as our scale weight changes or remains the same we are keeping the lean weight number the same (if not higher!) We want to keep our muscles ripped and our bones dense as the years go on 

Coach Meagan

A Strong Spirited Spotlight

Set the time aside to read this spotlight, if you are having trouble, whether it be emotional, physical, or a combination of both.  If this doesn't make you want to run through a wall then I don't know what to tell you, because it sure as heck makes me want to. I have been so unbelievably proud of the way Andrea has handled her time her and even more so how she is handling her current injury.  I’m more than happy to admit that reading this in full was uplifting, I very seriously suggest you do the same. In Andrea’s own words;

“I started at GetFit nearly a year and a half ago, though it sometimes feels like a world away. It had been 6 months since me and my family uprooted our lives in the midwest and came to New Hampshire - a homecoming for me, though it still meant leaving a decade’s-worth of friendships. I was feeling unmoored and unhealthy, eating whatever and whenever I’d like, and never really exercising. It was when my knees started to really hurt when climbing stairs that I actively sought out GetFit NH and got on the 5am wait list. After a few months of the lovely 6:45pm class, I made it into the 5am class, where I’ve been nearly every morning ever since. 

I still love the things that initially drew me to GetFit - the comraderie, the lack of mirrors, the truly judgement-free atmosphere, and how I’ve always been able to participate at some level. When I began at GFNH I was incredibly self-conscious - uncomfortable in my own skin and hyper-aware of both my colorful bands and my limitations. But by coming consistently over these past 16 months, I gained - muscle, confidence, and skills, while at the same time losing quite a bit of weight. My goals shifted from weight-loss and shedding my bands, to climbing the FitRanx levels and training again for a half-marathon (something I enjoyed many years ago!) I was looking forward to better weather for the start of my training, but then life, with it’s best laid plans, had other ideas.

You see, along with strength and confidence, I had rediscovered a love of sports. Now, I have never considered myself an athlete - my sister was always the one that excelled with grace and drive (and loads of skill). Yet here I was in my 30s, lifting heavy weights, running, and playing field hockey again! I also returned to skiing, something I did every winter growing up. So the decision to go on a big family ski trip out west was a no brainer - I was feeling great, able to really dig in and go fast, enjoying the experience. But I couldn’t control for that grassy patch of ice or the novice skier that didn’t know to check uphill when merging. As I fell (yep, it was a big one), I could hear and feel everything tear in my right knee. And when my dad skied up behind my crumpled body on the ground, just seconds later, my first words (along with many swears) were, “I just blew out my knee!” And boy did I. After a trip to the ER, a rough plane ride home, and an MRI I was diagnosed with a fully torn ACL, fully torn MCL, and torn meniscus - the aptly named “unhappy triad.” 

I’m not going to lie, this injury has been painful - both physically (obviously!) and emotionally. I lost a lot in that silly fall - gone were all my goals, gone were the sports and teammates I had finally returned to, gone was my progress. What laid ahead (and still lays ahead) for me is lots of physical therapy, surgery for both my ACL and meniscus, nearly two months of crutches, and more physical therapy. Then, once that’s all done, I’ll be starting again. It felt, at first, like I would have to start from the beginning, a thought that made me cry.

But here’s the thing about me - I am both stubborn and absurdly optimistic. I cannot undo that fall, but you had better believe I can make it to the gym every day and do upper body sprints until my heart rate is at 94%. I can’t test up to the next FitRanx level, but I can work on my push-ups and core strength with the best of them. I can’t play field hockey or run, but I can do my physical therapy to help ensure my surgery and recovery go as smoothly as possible. Just because I can’t show up in the ways I had been, doesn’t mean I won’t show up at all. I believe in living a full life, and this experience is just one part of it - an opportunity to practice grit and drive, to learn how to slow down and care for myself, to accept help and even (shock!) ask for it when I need it.

In the days and week after my injury I kept in touch with Dean and Nancy, updating them on my predicament. I was most afraid they would tell me that I was being too difficult, that making up different workouts just for me was too much, and that I couldn’t return. Instead, I was told that if I could get myself to the gym, they would train me. A week and a half after my fall I limped back into the gym with my new goal. Show up. Just show up - no matter the circumstance, the limitation, the fear, and sometimes even, the pain (as long as your doctor OKs it) - keep showing up. Because this is just one small part in life and in the end I’ll be back (with my newly reconstructed knee) and darn it if I won’t be better and stronger than ever!”

-Coach Adam

Small Steps To Success

“This is how education works: you don’t sit down with a five year old and show them piles of books, assignments, and papers they are going to have to devour, Finish, and deliver by the time They’re done.  The five year old just ‘shows up’ and day by day the work gets done.”   -Dan John

I read this quote and it is a great way of categorizing the “trying to do it all at once” idea which often doesn’t have real results.  When we looks at the quote above its just another way to realize how much work may have to eventually be done, but that it doesn’t have to be done all at once.  Lets fast forward this a few years, lets say for the sake of argument that you are not five, lets say its your first year in college. So you are a freshman you walk into your advisers office and they look at you and say “Good morning, welcome to the university (it is your first day after all so pleasantries are being exchanged)” after which she drops a booklet down on the counter.  On the front the booklet says “A four year degree in two semesters” with a picture of a group of smiling college students on the cover playing Frisbee out on the quad. You look at the front thinking “wow they look excited, and I can get my degree in 2 semesters? Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet”. Now you open to the first page, as you read you realize this isn’t some expedited curriculum, its four years of material that you are expected to finish in under a year.  The first page is all the books you would need to buy over your college career but you need to pay for them all tomorrow since this is only one year, there’s a few thousand dollars right there. On the next page is a list of every assignment you will ever be assigned (let's revise that, on the next 6 pages). Followed by 4 pages of all the papers you will be assigned, then by another 3 pages of finals you have to take and senior research projects and papers you have to write.  Rounding out with 4 pages about what you have to do for graduation and oh by the way, the day after you graduate you begin a career in your field for the rest of your life. All while finding a way to squeeze out 100+ hours of internship. How many people are succeeding on that system? Now let's say that somehow you do finish in a year. Let's say after burning four different candles at three ends for a year, you graduate. Do you think that the brain can really take in that much information in that short of a time period and be able to sort it and apply it rationally?  Heck no.

Now apply that to your health.  If you have bad joints, or you need to lose excess body fat, or you want to run a marathon, there is not “cheat code”.  It is achieved by gradually learning how to change parts of your lifestyle that are not conducive to your goal, and amplifying the ones that are. If you came in tomorrow and Coach Dean gave you every piece of information available to him or gave you 500 steps to be healthy the rest of your life.  How successful do you think you would be? I know I wouldn’t be successful, that’s way too much information to apply at once. Health and habits are something that must be learned and applied over time. If you are 80 lbs overweight and you try to implement 25 habits or steps the first day, you probably aren't going to be successful, it's about building a habit, then once its ingrained, building another.  Continually learning more and applying more over time. So don’t expect everything to click at once, don’t expect to be able to apply 15 life changes tomorrow. Just come in, exercise, work hard, and make those small incremental changes. That’s the blueprint for real long lasting success and health, not trying to lose 60lbs in a week.

Make it Happen! 

-Coach Adam

Choose Who You Listen To.

A highly talked about topic in my years of being a cross country runner in high school and college was to not listen to the evil goblin. If you are asking yourself who the evil goblin is, don’t worry I asked the same thing at first. The evil goblin is the tiny voice in your head who tells you that you all the negative things in your head. He was the one sitting on my shoulder telling me to just give up, the race was too long, people were faster than me. It’s not just a running thing either, the evil goblin likes to be with all of us, whispering about how training is to hard or you are not ready to start doing it yet. It’s saying forget your diet and have that piece of cake or sip of wine. The evil goblin is the one that is there trying to hold you back from your amazing potential.

So, what do we do about the evil goblin? We tell him to SHUT UP! It’s not an easy task that can be done overnight, but getting that annoying goblin to be quiet is possible. Its possible by telling yourself why you started in the first place, why this is so important to you, and most of all telling him YOU ARE BETTER THEN HIM!

I ask all of you the next time he pops up and tries to bring any negativity or doubt into what you are doing take the first step of getting him off your shoulder and out of your ear. With practice, commitment, and self-appreciation you will have that goblin running away and will see how much potential you truly have.

Make it Happen!

Coach Brian.


A great tip from a two year old

As I sit here to write this blog I am reflecting after a LONG couple of days with a very strong minded two year old. Two year olds have a lot of great qualities (a lot of obnoxious ones too!) I think when we grow up, learn manners, and all that adulting stuff we forfeit some important qualities…let me explain one that comes to mind..

  • Perseverance. There is NO ONE committed to persevere like a two year old. When someone tells them NO you can’t do that they rarely accept that as an answer. And if they get put in time-out then guess what? They get up and they try it again. I can’t answer for how long that goes on before they learn some discipline, because I am not there in my parenting career just yet ☺ My point is, there is a way to reach your goals and it isn’t going to be easy and you might even be told no you can’t do that or even hit a speed bump along the way, but regardless of how hard it is, you must persevere (you can probably hold the tissy fit, though. That’s not a good look!)

If you have vision for yourself then it is up to you to make that a reality. Your coaches are here to help lay that foundation. Never let anyone tell you that you CAN’T and don’t tell yourself you WON’T. Believe. Persevere and hold the temper tantrums!

Make it happen

Coach Meagan

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