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A Shining Spotlight At 6:15!

The spotlight is shining bright on 6:15 one and only Kerrie Diers! I asked Kerrie to be in the spotlight, because over the past year I have watched this woman transform. Not only has she lost 20 pounds, but she has also gained so much strength and confidence! I am so proud of Kerrie. Her consistency has truly paid off. I remember calling Kerrie when she was still in her 2 week trial. She was so flustered about not being able to make it she was ready to say this was not going to work for her. I was proud of her for walking back through the door and I am just as proud of her now for keeping at it! Here is what she has to say…

What made you decide to join Get Fit NH?

I was no longer successful in working out on my own.   My trusted recipe of working out on my elliptical machine in my basement had lost its appeal.  I had been doing the same workout and same routine for about 10 years.  At the beginning, I had made a lot progress in losing the "baby weight" I gained when I had my children. Over time, I became less engaged. I tried motivating myself by only watching Netflix while working out, but I became less and less consistent to the point where I really was not working out and gained the baby weight back.  I had heard about Get Fit from my friends in the neighborhood and saw how successful they have been.  I decided to give it a try because I needed to do something different and needed to get myself moving. 


What did you learn after your first 2 weeks?

That I needed to give it more time.  My first two weeks were kind of a disaster because my husband was called out of town unexpectedly for a few months, making me a single parent overnight. I wasn’t sure I could continue, but Meagan encouraged me to give it a few more weeks. It was a struggle but I found that creating a routine helped me to feel better and relieve some of my anxiety.


What keeps you coming back?

There are a lot of reasons I keep coming back. First, all of the coaches know me by name (even Brian – I think ☺) and I work out with a great group of people at 6:15 am.  Second, I am held accountable. I know that the coaches know when I miss my workout, and if I don’t let Meagan know, she will send me an email asking where I was! Third, it is part of my morning routine. Even if I am tired, my class helps me to wake up and I know that I will feel better afterward. It also helps that I can roll out of bed and drive down the street to get to class, so I have very few excuses not to be there. Fourth, I am definitely not bored. I love that each class is engaging and designed to have us make progress. I feel like I am a work in progress, and the coaches and program at Get Fit challenge me to be stronger and better.


What results can you share so far?

I have lost almost 20 pounds and am down several inches. Most importantly, I recently had some routine bloodwork done and the results were normal, which was a huge relief.  I had previously tested in the pre-diabetic range which was a red flag for me since diabetes runs in my family.  I knew that I could avoid type-2 diabetes by changing my diet, and I thought that my family ate fairly healthy.  However, this past March I participated in the 21 Day Ticket to Health Challenge, and I gave up added sugar, dairy and grains.  After the sugar withdrawal subsided, I found that I felt so much better and made significant progress with weight loss. I am still adhering to that plan, and although I will occasionally have sugar, grains and dairy, it is not the norm. An added benefit is that my family is eating better too.


What encouragement would you like to share with someone who may be on the fence about starting?

Get Fit NH is a place where all are welcome, you are encouraged and challenged to be stronger and healthier, and you will never be bored!


Thank you for sharing you story with us, Kerrie! Keep making it happen.

Coach Meagan

The “Compound” Approach

The first question to ask yourself is, does the body work as a bunch of individual systems working coincidentally at the same time? Or does it consist of a continuous bunch of interconnected systems that feed off each other?  It is definitely the second option of the two.  Why do I bring this up?  This helps us understand how small changes can team up to create major ones.  

My favorite example of this is Tom Brady, its just such a great example to use.  I know I know, none of us are NFL players and Tom’s jawline rivals even mine!  The way I am using this is the obsessive level that he takes care of his body.  Could we all be like Tom if we had millions of dollars and our own team of cooks, shoppers, and nutritionists? Maybe I suppose, but those are just parts to the overall puzzle.  When you break it down what has Tom really done to become the first quarterback to start in the league over the age of 40?  Forget about the ability to read the defense and all that, I just mean on simply a health and fitness level.  Here are the secrets…ready for this? He puts NOTHING in his body that has been show to cause inflammation, he hydrates, and he exercises…BOOM!

This is the part that’s important to consider, is it one specific part of his diet that leads to 100% of his health?  No of course not, each little step builds on the others.  For example, is the fact that he doesn’t eat nightshades alone going to lead to incredible performance? Not its not, but you combine that with no sugar, no dairy, perfect hydration, and what do you get? Amazing health.  That’s why its important to look at health as a full picture made up of a lot of parts.  If you take a multivitamin is it going to help you? Yes some, but will it help you to the same degree as if you take a multi, fish oil, and eat supportively? No it won’t.  This is the reason why many of us have been told “take vitamin B for energy”, and then we take it and feel not different.  While its true vitamin B helps with energy production, it isn’t effective if you aren’t eating the foods to support it.  Remember the body works in unison, to give yourself the best chance at a fully healthy life find things that work together to get you there.

-Coach Adam

Graham Cracker UMP Cheesecake!!!


  • 16 oz Cottage Cheese (2 cups)
  • 2 Scoops Graham Cracker UMP
  • 1 Package Know Unflavored Gelatin
  • Water


  1. Pour cottage cheese into a blender and blend/whip alone until Cottage cheese has a smooth consistency (blending it on its own first will create a better, smoother consistency than blending all parts together at the same time)
  2. Add in the 2 scoops of graham cracker ump and the package of gelatin to the already whipped cottage cheese along with 3-4 tbsp’s of water.  (amount of water needed will most likely depend on how dry the cottage cheese is, if mixture still remains dry/chunky after blending, add more water).
  3. Once the blend has the smooth consistency of cheesecake, scoop into a container and allow to set in the fridge, I would recommend letting it set overnight but 2-4 hours seems to do the trick for the most part.
  4. Enjoy!!!

Bonus Tip: Pumpkin Cheesecake Variation

  • Follow same steps above, adding in a 1/4 cup of unsweetened canned pumpkin and 2 tsp’s of pumpkin pie spice along with the other ingredients in step 2

What I Realized About My Daily Coffee.

My brain never stops, I feel like you all realize that by now after reading some of these posts.  Randomly stuck in traffic on my way to get coffee the other day I was annoyed at the traffic and the other drivers.  On my way to get coffee that I wasn’t really all that stoked about.  This is what started my thought process, why am I going to get coffee?

I know from experience that when I kick the coffee completely I actually end up with WAYYYYYY more energy on a consistent basis and I don’t miss the taste one bit.  I have always had a pretty high tolerance to caffeine so I don’t see the big uptick in energy that most do anyways.  However after not having it for a couple weeks I have a couple nights where I coach mornings, or a quick turn around (coach the night before then again the next morning), or just rack up a couple nights where I don’t sleep well and all the sudden I have 1 coffee and I’m right back on the train.  Why though? I just said I don’t miss the taste, I know I have more energy without it, so why?

I realized that its not the actual coffee, just like when you drink its not because you love the taste of vodka shots.  It’s about what that time represents, the social aspect even.  Maybe your coffee is what gets you out of your chair and out of the building at work for 20 minutes.  Maybe it’s somethi​​​​ng that you and some friends do every day, maybe you just like delaying your ride to work another 5 minutes each day.  Maybe you just always have had a coffee while you sit and read the paper in the morning and it just feels weird and less cathartic without it.  This doesn’t just apply to coffee, maybe its ice cream in the summer, maybe its cigarettes for any of you that smoke or have smoked before.  

You all know, for the most part, what types of things you struggle with daily that are not supporting your goals.  I encourage you to not look at the food, action, whatever it is itself, look at your behavior when you have it.  What are you doing, how do you feel at the time, who are you with, what sensation is that time creating for you?  When in doubt take a step back and look at the entire picture, the first step to breaking a pattern is finding it in the first place.

-Coach Adam

My First Spotlight!

It has been about three months being here at Get Fit NH. The work ethic I see daily from everyone that walks in the door has been amazing! No matter what the time, day, or location I am at everyone is always working hard! It is truly inspiring for me and has helped light a fire back in me!

 With all the hard work I see I would like to take a moment to shine a spotlight on Melanie Kenney! Melanie has been super consistent making her training, is always in a good mood, and is always up to any challenge a coach throws her way! I was able to talk to her about her experience with Get Fit NH so far to see how she is feeling! This is what she had to say:

What brought you to Get Fit NH?  

My good friend who trains at GetFit recommended it to me. Her and I used to work out together at another gym when I lived in town a few years ago. After I moved up north, I fell out of the routine of going to the gym. When my friend heard I was moving back to the area, she was quick to recommend this gym! 

What changes have you noticed since starting? 

I have noticed a big change in my stress level. Being a teacher is a tough job because it doesn’t just end when you walk out the doors. You are constantly thinking about lesson planning, meetings, how the day just went, how tomorrow will go, the kiddos and their home lives, everything!! Being able to take an hour of my day to just focus on myself and the training helps reduce and manage my stress levels. It’s been such a positive part of my routine throughout the week!

What have some of your favorite thing been?

I love the individual attention that the coaches offer. Now that I’ve been training there for a couple months and the coaches have gotten to know me, I love how you all push me! Whether that be by switching out my weights/bands or by modifying the exercises. This is something that was not available to me at the gyms I used to go to.

What are you most proud of? 

I’m most proud of how dedicated I’ve been to the training. I try so hard to make sure that I make all (or mostly all) of the classes. It’s part of my schedule and I make sure that it’s a priority.

What would you tell people who do not go to Get Fit NH? 

I would recommend GetFit to anyone who was like me and needed the accountability factor. When I was paying for a basic gym membership, it was so easy for my to rationalize not going or putting off a workout. Having a specific class time and coaches who are just as invested in your training as you are helps tremendously! I look forward to seeing the coaches and the other people who train at GetFit!

Way to go Melanie! Consistency and hard work every day is such a strong building block to success! This is a spotlight well deserved!

-Coach Brian

Get Back Ups – They Can Save Your Life!

Not too long ago we did a new warm up in the gym. It was a series of getting up and down off of the floor. I think it is really important to remind you and dive deeper into the “why” behind those drills. It is a drill that we just cannot take for granted. This is a life skill that we CANNOT lose as we mature. Many of you know someone who took a digger and watched their life change dramatically.

You want to know a scary statistic? 28,000 deaths occur each year due to falls or fall related injury. 28,000! That is a huge number. You know what I bet is an even bigger number? How many people do you think ended up in a nursing home because of a fall related injury? I know of several.  Training ourselves how to fall and how to get back up might be the most important skill of them all.

These drills may feel silly while you are doing them, but to tell you the truth, they can save your life. Maybe you are wondering what the point of having our left hand on our left knee was or our right hand on our right knee…let me explain that better…aside from a few laughs there is a genuine purpose there.

Picture this…You have a stroke, you are alone, the whole left side of your body is limp, but you still need to call for help. Can you pick yourself up off of the floor and get the help that you need? Maybe that is a morbid image, but it is a possible scenario.

Do not take for granted your ability to get up and down off of the floor and don’t let that skill get away from you. We have to practice it. If nothing else then maybe it will motivate you to be able to get up and down off of the floor to play with your grand-kids!

I don’t believe in too old, because I see people training in here, lifting heavy weights and totally beasting it in their 80’s. You’re not too old and neither are they!  Keep training hard, because these are the skills that will help you age with grace and keep your independence!

Make it Happen,

Coach Meagan

New Just For You!

So we have good news and bad new…

The bad news.... We will no longer be ordering the Best Bar Ever. Unfortunately, Best Bar Ever was bought out by new owners who are changing how Best Bars are being made. We take a lot of pride trying to bring everyone the best supplements and bars we can find! The new Best Bars have basically been turned into sugar bars like the “Protein” bars you find at a gas station.

The good news! We have been doing some research and we have brought RXBars into both the Concord and Epsom locations! We are very excited to have these bars in for you to try and hopefully love! We love RXBars because when you pick it up the ingredients are listed right on the front of the package so you know what you are putting into your body! Plus, these bars are dairy and gluten free which is a great choice for anyone with allergies and gives you a difference from the dales bars.

We have ordered every flavor we could get out hands on! So the RXBars waiting for you to come try!

We are selling them 1 for $3 and 2 for $5!

We hope you like these bars just as much as we do!

-Coach Brian

FitRanx Badges! Read All About It!!

Many of you have heard in some form or another about the new FitRanx program we have started rolling out here at Get Fit NH.  For those of you that have not, ask one of your coaches to talk with you about it.  I bet you didn’t know that there is a whole other fun piece to the FitRanx puzzle!   

That comes in the form of Fitranx Badges! These badges can be earned for doing a variety of different things inside and outside of the gym.  I wont lie I’m actually pretty excited about them, it will give myself as well as all of you some other goals to shoot for.  Maybe you haven’t done a Fitranx level yet, maybe you aren’t currently able to, maybe you just want to have some other stuff to shoot for outside of just the levels themselves.  Well then this is for you!  

Each badge has a certain milestone attached to it that you need to reach in order to get that badge.  After you have earned that badge, your coach will present it to you and you will be able to display it proudly on your very own Fitranx nameplate!

Here's the first six releases:

Into Thin Air: Earned by climbing 100 flights of stairs in a month (1 flight= at least 12 steps)

300 lb club: Earned by having a combine Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift of at least 300 lbs

Checkpoint: 100% Compliance on a monthly goal (must be tracked)

Triple Shot: Finishing levels 1, 2, and 3 back to back on the same day.  

Water Buffalo: Consume half your bodyweight in ounces of water daily for a month.

500 lb club: Earned by having a combined bench press, squat, and deadlift of at least 500 lbs

Let's Make It Happen!

- Coach Adam

Generalized Statistics, BOOOOO!!!!!

When I say generalized statistics, Im talking about someone telling you that “50% of people will get ____________ in their lifetime”, everyone should eat 2000 calories a day, for everyone exercise is more important than diet.  We are the most diverse species of animal on the planet; there is no other animal that has such huge differences from one member of the species to another.  Yet we constantly hear generalizations based on groups of people.  “A group of 1000 people over the age of 35 were surveyed and 50% have experienced a heart attack”.  A study is put together and then those numbers are publicized or taken as gospel by people, medical profession or not, and what happens?  Everyone over the age of 35 thinks they have a 50/50 shot of getting a heart attack.  

Why do I bring this up?  For this reason, it is important to remember that anything with science is almost never applicable perfectly from one person to another.  50% of the people in said study had a heart attack, does that mean that if you are over 35 you are automatically 50/50? Of course not, group statistics show 50% but if you pull an individual out of that group their risk will either be higher or lower than 50%.  

I hate generalized statistics because they don’t tell the whole story.  They lead people on the wrong path or make them feel awful about themselves or their situation when that number MAY NOT APPLY TO THEM PERSONALLY AT ALL!!!! So the next time that someone tells you that your chances of success are 50%, your chances of doing this or that are only 50%, that you only need 2000 calories a day because that’s what is recommended for all people, remember that all of us are different. Things that work for some will not work for others.  Don’t let group generalizations cause you to feel you have failed or have no control over your life.  The fact remains that the only person who can decide that is you.

-Coach Adam

Figuring Out Food Labels


See where it says “Start Here”?

Don’t miss that, because if you are anything like me that is NOT the first thing you look at. My tendency is to look at how many grams of carbs and sugar, then I might take a look at the fat content.

Which is fine, unless I NEVER check the “Start Here” section. Because that is where the label tells me two key facts:

1) Serving Size. This is important because the number of grams of protein, carbohydrate and fat in the label below are PER SERVING.

2) Servings Per Container: This is what sneaks up and bites you sometimes. If you just look at the calories, you might think that number is the calories in the whole container. For instance you pick up that pint of decadent ice cream and look at the calories. “Only 300” you think to yourself, “That’s not so bad.” Until after you down the whole thing only to realize later there are FOUR serving per container and you just ate enough fat and sugar for a whole week.

Some foods are less obvious than others. We know if we pick up a carton of oatmeal or boxed cereal there are multiple servings per container. But things like the aforementioned pint of ice cream, or bottle of soda or sports drink usually contain multiple servings.

So always make sure you “Start Here”.

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

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