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Recovery Week is Approaching..

Next Scheduled Recovery Week: December 25, 2017 - December 29, 2017

On Monday January 1, 2018 we will ring in the New Year with our annual New Years at Noon event in Concord! We will resume regular schedule Tuesday January 2, 2018!

Congratulations! You successfully made it through the LONGEST training phase of the year. Your body needs a rest!

It bears repeating - recovery weeks are not haphazard or just vacation times for your coaches. They are a purposefully planned part of the training cycle, and critical for long term development and injury prevention.

You may have noticed that as we get closer to recovery week the daily and weekly training intensity has increased.

That is purposeful.

Because we are working toward a week of MacroRecovery, we are intentionally working at a higher level.

Then we will take a scheduled, purposeful rest.​

Because whether you think so or not, you cannot and should not train really hard, all the time.

In fact one of our training program design principles is what is referred to as MED.

Minimum Effective Dose.

In other words, what is the MINIMUM stimulus we need to get better - stronger, leaner, better conditioned, etc.?

What? The minimum you say? That is NOT my style. Go hard or go home!

That WILL work, at least for a short time. Until your training overwhelms your ability to recover, and you start breaking down.

How can you tell that is happening? That you're not recovering fast enough from your training? Here's a few warning signs:

Altered Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

You are having a hard time getting your heart rate up, or it's beating like a racehorse when you feel like you aren't really doing much.​

Poor Sleep Patterns

​An increasing pattern of the inability to sleep restfully.

Decreased Performance

Your training loads have stagnated or even decreased.​

Mood Swings

Mr. Crank-Pants, anyone?

Eating Habits Disrupted or Compromised

It's not just a matter of will power. Overreaching and overtraining can cause physical cravings if our bodies are missing crucial nutrients because of too much physiological or psychological stress.​

Decreased Immunity

If you are getting sick frequently (eg. more than one cold a year) your immune system is probably compromised.​

Increase In Injury

This could be not recovering from the normal microtrauma caused by training, for example you are sore for 2 or 3 days after training, or you are getting strains, sprains, aches and pains that you normally do not.​

Lack of Progress (Plateau)

This could be either in body composition (not losing bodyfat/gaining muscle) or not making gains in the gym.​

Enter Recovery Weeks

Recovery weeks are designed to give you rest; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

You see stress is not just a "mental" thing. Do you realize when you train you are stressing yourself out, on purpose? That gets added on top of all the other stress in your life, whether it be work, home, or the jerk who cut you off in traffic. Your central nervous system doesn't care, it just knows when you have too much of it, and it doesn't like it!

​And while you can't stop the knucklehead from driving like an idiot, there are things you can do to avoid excess systemic stress, and taking recovery weeks is one of them.

Here's My Top 5 Things To Do On Recovery Week

  1. Catch up on my reading
  2. Get some extra sleep
  3. Spend more time with my family
  4. Eat at a more leisurely pace
  5. Figure out more things to torture you with. (Just seeing if you are paying attention)

​What about you?

You see you don't have to "not move" for a week. There is nothing wrong with getting outdoors, taking a walk, hitting the rock climbing gym, spending some time on the foam roller and stretching, getting a massage, and/or taking some long showers or baths.

Those things will aid your recovery and help you relax; running 2 or 3 or 5 miles every day (or every other day), or going to spin class, will not

I train hard, but more importantly I train and recover appropriately. 

I am in it for the long game. When I am sick, or excessively tired, or injured I cannot train.

THAT is what sets me back.

Recovery is what drives me forward. On a daily, weekly, and quarterly basis.

​You ready to get better with me?


PS. Below is the "Science Stuff" I promised - Enjoy!

All About Recovery Weeks

Our recovery weeks are what I would call Macro-Recovery. In other words we take a planned week off every training phase in order to let the body rest up from hard training and get ready for the next phase.

But did you know you can do even better than that? We have a number of athletes in the Get Fit NH family who participate in our Bioforce HRV monitoring program, which measures your systemic stress load on a daily basis, which allows us to fine-tune the recovery process on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can catch up on that by clicking here

Read on why properly planned and adequate recovery is important for you!

The Recovery Curve

I saw the recovery curve for the first time during my time with Australian physical preparation coach Ian King. His principles laid the foundation for the way we program, train and especially recover here at Get Fit NH. The principles that work with professional athletes apply to us too!

The following illustrates a “good” recovery curve:

The green line represents what we are all looking for – continual, never ending progress over time. We are getting stronger, faster, thinner, better looking (ok at least that’s what I wish for).

Reality Check – ain’t gonna happen. The process of changing your body is not linear, in fact what we are looking at in an optimal training environment is more of a “One step back brings me Two steps forward”.

A closer look at the chart will help explain what I mean.

The red line represents Equilibrium. This is where your body wants to stay, no matter if your goal is losing fat, gaining lean, or both. As you have no doubt found out, forcing your body to change is hard work – really hard work. When you walk into Get Fit NH, our training is designed to elicit that change. But it’s not as simple as “working out” day after day after day. In fact as I am about to illustrate, training without proper recovery is actually hurting you, not making you better.

The blue line represents the “recovery curve”. Starting at the left hand of the chart all the lines intersect. For this illustration that point is where your first training occurred – you “worked out”.

But what’s going on?

Instead of performance going up, that line is actually heading down – this is what is called Depletion. If you think about it makes sense – you have worked hard, you are fatigued, your body is depleted of nutrients – you are spent!

Don’t worry, your body will get over it, if you treat it right! This is what we call Adaptation. Your body wants to be able to handle the increased demand that was placed on it, and starts the process of getting better.

You are in charge of if and how fast that happens. A few of the factors that influence this adaptation include recovery nutrition, stress levels, sleep habits, supportive nutrition, age, and training history.

The recovery curve continues with Supercompensation. Here is how Coach King describes this process:

“It is only when recovery is allowed that we see the super-compensation effect, the unique phenomenon where the bodies physical capacity is elevated in response to training, in anticipation of another exposure to the same stimulus.” – King, I, 1999/2000, Foundations of Physical Preparation

In other words your body has gotten better in response to your training, a new Equilibrium is established and this state is when we will ideally train again. Our programming at Get Fit NH is carefully designed to give this the best chance of occurring, but as I hope you are discovering, you have a lot to do with this with how you treat your recovery!

As you can see, when things are clicking, this process when repeated over and over means you are getting better and better, the blue line is headed up – pretty cool!

The flip side to all this is what happens when the recovery process isn’t working so well.

This chart represents recovery gone “bad”:

When we continue to train in a state of “Depletion”, regardless of the reason, the adaptation to super-compensation effect doesn’t occur, and instead of getting better, we find ourselves in a downward cycle. This can happen when we train the same muscle groups too soon, when we haven’t taken the steps described above to recover optimally (sleep and nutrition for instance) regardless of time between training, when we train too hard coming off an illness, etc. The last thing we want to happen is new equilibrium to be established in a downward pattern – not good.

The long and short of it is your body absolutely needs to recover from hard training. Consistently training in a fatigued state results in injury and illness. Your body is an amazing machine designed to put up with a lot, but it was also designed to need rest.

Which leads us to:

Recovery Weeks!

Face it – you can get beat up anywhere. Our responsibility at Get Fit NH is to help you get better!

That includes recovery weeks. We have found that somewhere between 8 and 12 weeks of training is just about right to take a full week off and let your body recover.

That doesn’t mean that you spend your training time on the couch eating bon-bons, but if you insist on going down to PF and hitting the weights or running 10 miles every morning, your body will suffer in the long run, and perhaps even in the short term.

If you find yourself fighting this concept, ask yourself this – Is your unwillingness to take a week off a well reasoned decision based on what you know to be true, or is it that your attachment to training is so strong emotionally that makes it so hard? You will not lose all you have gained by taking the week off, I assure you! Again to quote Coach King, “…if you don’t (take time off)…most of you are going to lose it anyway!”

So now that we have established you are ready, willing and able to embrace recovery week, what do you do?

Glad you asked!

Three Steps for Successful Recovery

1.) Physical Rest and Regeneration

– Our bodies must rest and recover to prevent over-training (or under-recovering) issues so that we can come back 100% healthy and energized for the next phase of the program

– Focus on maintaining and/or increasing flexibility and tissue health by stretching and foam rolling daily. 15-30 minutes is fantastic!

– Daily restorative walks are beneficial during this week. 30-60 minutes briskly walking (not jogging/running) will keep your body refreshed and active, without negating the purpose of this week. Don’t overdo it!

2.) Physiological and Psychological Rest and Regeneration

– We must normalize key anabolic hormones, refill muscle glycogen, increase caloric intake, and prevent any diet induced catabolism (losses of lean body mass) so that we can enjoy greater fat loss for the next phase of the program

– We have taken the road less traveled by being flexible eaters with a long-term approach to success and thus we will take a break from our aggressive fat loss nutrition plans. This is not a free for all, so stay away from your “trigger foods” (junk foods and sweets) that open the door to excessive calorie intake.

– Instead plan (key word) and enjoy 2 or 3 controlled free meals to reward yourself for all of your hard work, but do not overdo it!

– Caveat: If your nutrition habits have been less than optimal, more than likely none of this applies to you. Instead now is the time to plan and prepare to make the changes necessary to see the results you want. Spend some time with a coach and your Jumpstart Nutrition Guide if you need help.

3.) Celebrate the Fruits of Your Labor

– Take some time to reflect on how far you have come since you joined Get Fit NH in terms of improving your overall health, body composition, and performance

– Enjoy your results!


We would just like to take the time to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your hard work and dedication to improving your health and fitness… keep Making It Happen!

​Coach Dean

P.S. If you are serious about maximizing your training/recovery cycle, you owe it to yourself to invest in this! Look further into our Bioforce HRV monitoring program, which measures your systemic stress load on a daily basis, which allows us to fine-tune the recovery process on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can catch up on that by clicking here.

Come Join Us At Our Annual Christmas Brunch!

How does the holiday season sneak up so quickly each year?

I absolutely love the season of friends, family and giving!

Coming up on Saturday December 16th we will enjoy our annual Christmas Party, and we want you there!

 We take great joy in these parties, because we get to come together as one big family. This is an opportunity to bring along your family and share with your loved ones where you have been "Making It Happen."

This is a wonderful opportunity to come together in “regular people” clothes and share a meal and also an opportunity to GIVE.

Last year we started a new tradition of "giving." We used to do a yankee swap each year, but we traded it out to work with a local organization called, "Friends of Forgotten Children." This is totally optional, but in place of a yankee swap gift we would love for you to bring a shoe box with 2 toys and 2 clothing items. Clothing items could be hats, gloves, scarves, etc. During the holiday season we love to share the spirit and make Concord a happier place. Our age range is 10-17 boys and girls. We will assign an age range and gender for each training hour to focus on!

As always this years party will include food, student superlatives (so make sure you let us know you are coming so we know who we are choosing from!), Raffle Prizes (about $800 worth of them!), and lots of laughter and joy!

We do not take for granted that YOU choose to train with US. So, grab your ugly sweater (because oh yeah, that’s a new added feature!) and let us know you are coming.

When: Saturday December 16, 2017

Time: 10:00am until the Party is Over!

Where: Get Fit NH Concord

*No really, don't forget to let us know you are coming! Click here!

Seasonal Depression- It’s Real!

Many of you have probably heard of Seasonal Depression and many of you or your loved ones are affected by this. This is real and you need to be on the look out for symptoms in yourself and in those around you. Since the clocks turned back i have already noticed a DRAMATIC affect in some of our students so that is why this blog is so timely.

When you "Google" Seasonal Depression there are endless articles on how to combat it and get through it, so my blog is not totally biased here! There is consistency in the research. Here are the top 3 things i found when reading about the winer blues...

1.) Exercise. I bet you knew I was going to say that. Exercise recruits all of those happy endorphins and seriously...who leaves the gym wishing they didn't come?

2. ) Stick to a schedule. Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition, Work...all of it. Have consistency in your life, because that has a GIANT affect on you emotionally and mentally.

3.) Get outside. Bundle up and go play outside. Expose yourself to the sun. It might not be a warm sun, but it is a shiny sun and that shiny sun provides the Vitamin D that you are probably lacking! Vitamin D is a happy and energetic piece that we NEED.

Be aware of changes in yourself and changes in those around you. Help someone through it and don't give up. If you are noticing one of your pals is missing more often during these cold months then shoot them a message and let them know you miss them and that you are here for them. This stuff is REAL and we can all use a little more love when it is cold!

Ski Erg World Sprints Results

Last week we had 45 of ya'll take on the ski erg world sprints! This challenge comes around every year and we are so proud every year to send in your results. Please join me in congratulating our 45 participants! 

JodiMattice- Collins
Mae LynnArlinghaus
Mary BethVozzella

Click HERE to see the 2017 results!

We are so proud of everyone- can't wait to compare scores next year!!! 

Raking, Shoveling and Weeding – Oh My!

Today I spent the day getting my yard cleaned up. It is amazing how exhausting this chore can be! My husband made fun of my as I volunteered to rake, because it was better exercise than leaf blowing. Something must be wrong with me! 

As the wind blew and stirred up more leaves where I had just raked I was reminded of how important it is to be engaged in what you are doing...even when it is chores!  I didn't do any kind of warm up and I was thinking about how that was kinda numb, because my shoulders were totally burning. 

Raking will soon be over with and winter will approach quickly so let's think about shoveling. Every year we have so many students come in with a sore back or hurt shoulder from shoveling. There is twisting and bending and tossing involved here. I double dog dare you to wear your Myzone this winter when your are shoveling- it is a serious workout, but do we warm up before shoveling? Doubtful. I know I don't.

How about weeding? Every spring we talk about how much our back hurts after spending hours in the garden. We hold this horrid position for hours- of course it hurts! But dang, our gardens look pretty!! We have to pay attention. We have to be engaged in what we are doing.

This is my reminder to be mindful when you are doing your chores. These are the activities that we train for, right? Breathe, brace, warm up and rest!  Be mindful of your form. We are all on a time crunch, but an extra 5 minutes can save you hours, days, weeks of pain and soreness.

Coach Meagan

Thanksgiving Schedule PLUS Pies off Thighs!

Can you believe it is already November? I can’t believe it. The brisk weather is here and snow is not too far behind, BUT hopefully before the snow comes we can enjoy Thanksgiving. I don’t know about you, but I could do without the 2014 Thanksgiving blizzard!

Thanksgiving week is going to be a little bit different. Family time for you and us is important stuff so make sure you jot down the whacky schedule so you don’t miss out on the bonus training (and so you don’t show up when we’re not here!)

Monday November 20th- Regular Training Schedule

Tuesday November 21st- Regular Training schedule

WEDNESDAY November 22nd- Regular Training Schedule BOTH locations

Thursday November 23rd- No Training

​Friday November 24th- No training

Saturday November 25th World Famous Pie's Off Thighs ALL family training in Concord at 8AM

We hope you enjoy this holiday season with your family. Thank you for choosing to train with us!
Get Fit NH Coaches

Smiling and Sharing the Spotlight

This week the spotlight is special as a pair of GREAT friends are sharing the light. I remember when Heather and Shelly started with Get Fit NH a year ago. I remember how unsure they were and so nervous about getting hurt. I can barely remember the uncertain ladies who sat with me a year ago, because today they are totally different people. The confidence and excitement they have when the walk into the gym each night is contagious. These ladies have helped make 6:45 who they are. The 6:45 group is such an excellent group of people and I truly believe these ladies played a giant role in that. 

As a celebration of a year with Get Fit NH, I asked them each to share their story so far and here is what they had to say...


What made you decide to check out Get Fit NH?  My friend Shelly asked if I wanted to join her for a 28 transformation that she saw on Facebook. After hemming and hawing...I decide to try it with her.

What are you most proud of after a year of training with us? I am proud of the things that are easier for me to do then they were a year ago.  It is not very often that a workout routine is the same at Get Fit. We did one this summer and then again about a month ago and it was night and day for me.

What progress have you made? When I started Get Fit I needed all but 2 of the bands. I am now down to 2.  That shows me how much my body is changing - changes that are internal that I cannot physically see. 

What were you most nervous about before joining? I had never really been into exercise. The most I did was some aerobic classes for a few weeks at a time and a treadmill. I was really afraid I wouldn't be able to do any of the exercises and look silly.

What makes you stay? The coaches make me stay. But also my classmates. Everyone encourages everyone. The 6:45 class has a real fun vibe to it. It is challenging to come to a 6:45 class after working all day and life in general, but that class makes it worth it. 


What made you decide to check out Get Fit NH? I have tried exercise classes and  exercise DVDs in the past and have not had big changes.  I knew I needed to strength train to build muscle, burn more calories and to better myself, inside and out.  After seeing myself in my son's wedding pictures I knew it was time.  I saw a post on Face Book for Get Fit NH offering  a 28 day reboot and I knew I needed to try it.

What are you most proud of since starting training 1 year ago? Very proud that I have stuck with an exercise routine for a year, way longer than any Denise Austin video!  I thought 5 pounds weights were heavy back then but now I can do a bench row with 30/35 pounds.

What keeps you  coming back? There have been times when I would like to just come home after work and tell myself I will walk my dogs, clean, or something, but it never goes that way.  I would just sit, go on the computer, and be non productive, have a few beers and eat unhealthy food.  Get Fit made me realize I don't want to do that anymore, I need to try to better myself, get healthy and strong.  After experiencing my first recovery week, I did not know what to do with myself.  I love my peeps at the 6:45 pm class.  We have fun, support one another, laugh and make sweat angels together.  The coaches are awesome, they remember everyone's names ( we did quiz Brian last week) and some how remember our weakness's and are more than happy to help with a modification.  The nutritional education is very helpful also.  This is where I struggle and will be my next challenge.  I also helps knowing my BFF is there as well.  

What would you want to share with someone on the fence about starting? If you truly want to push yourself, be supported, get your heart rate up and make a change, you have found the right place.  In the year I have been a member of the Get Fit family, I have lost 15 pounds and the 3D scan shows improvement in my fat mass and lean mass.  Get Fit offers 2 weeks free trial, or 28 day reboot, so what do you have to lose...besides weight, or in my case, unhealthy habits?

From the bottom of my heart ladies, thank you! Keep making it happen. I am so proud of you guys.

Coach Meagan

Ski Erg World Sprints are HERE

We’re about 2 weeks away from the 9th Annual Ski Erg World Sprints

What are the Ski Erg World Sprints? Great Question! It is an opportunity to see where you stand against other men and women your age in the Ski Erg world. All you have to do it ski erg 1000 meters sometime between Thursday November 9th and  Saturday November 11th. You can do this before or after training. We might recommend before or on that Saturday as the goal is to complete 1000 meters as fast as you can!

The times will be posted into the Concept2 log book and your time will be ranked amongst fellow ski erg lovers around the world. You will be able to see where you rank based on gender and age. 

Did we mention there are prizes involved? It's true. The winners of each age group will earn prizes and if we (Get Fit NH) submit 20 or more individual results we will be entered in a raffle for a new SkiErg. Which we will then raffle off to those who competed. A couple of years ago our own Karl Edelmann won that prize – this might be you year.

We are going to open the Concord gym up from 8:00am to 9:00am on Saturday the 11th, and we want to get at least 20 of y’all into the books.

Who's in?

Pampered Chef and 31 Party

Our FOURTH  annual Pampered Chef and 31 party is approaching! This party is a cool opportunity to get together, hang out and get some holiday shopping done!

Coach Meagan became a Pampered Chef consultant solely for this annual party. It is an opportunity to share some record time meal prep tricks using  the latest and greatest kitchen tools and meal prep supplies.

And of course, we make sure our prepared food travels in style throughout the holidays and even keep your lunch cold with the fun 31 styles. We have had great success with these parties over the last 3 years. The reason why we participate in these parties is because by hosting so that means we earn FREE stuff which we use as raffle prizes for our annual Christmas party (clever, huh?)

We typically earn about $300 worth of free stuff which we turn around and give away to you guys!

On November 4th at 10AM we’ll gather at our Concord location for some brunch, some laughs and some holiday shopping! Get some Christmas shopping done all while enjoying a free meal and good company

We hope to see you there. If you can’t make it – don’t worry! You can still shop using the links below. Let us know if you need a catalog!

Pampered Chef Party

Date: November 4, 2017

Time: 10:00am

Place: Get Fit NH Concord

287 South Main Street Concord, NH 03301

Coach Meagan

Here is the Pampered Chef shopping link

Here is the 31 shopping link

Pumpkins and Costumes

Halloween is quickly approaching which means it is time to put the kettlebells and dumbbells away and have some fun with PUMPKINS! Squats, deadlifts, press-outs, pumpkin toss, push ups...these are just a handful of things we can do with pumpkins...we will show you just how much fun you can have on the Friday before Halloween! 

Fun Friday, October 27th ALL DAY LONG we are playing with pumpkins (B.Y.O.P) and doing it in style! That's right, test out your costumes early with us. There is no judgement here (unless you don't wear a costume, of course!) We have seen it all- From Richard Simmons all the way to majestic unicorns! 

We can guarentee smiles and laughs on this Fun Friday. So start scouting out your costume and the pumpkin you will bring - the bigger the better, of course! 

Whatever pumpkin you bring must go home with you! We don't need any left overs 😉 

Looking forward to the fun!

Coach Meagan

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