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Pumpkins and Costumes

Halloween is quickly approaching which means it is time to put the kettlebells and dumbbells away and have some fun with PUMPKINS! Squats, deadlifts, press-outs, pumpkin toss, push ups...these are just a handful of things we can do with pumpkins...we will show you just how much fun you can have on the Friday before Halloween! 

Fun Friday, October 27th ALL DAY LONG we are playing with pumpkins (B.Y.O.P) and doing it in style! That's right, test out your costumes early with us. There is no judgement here (unless you don't wear a costume, of course!) We have seen it all- From Richard Simmons all the way to majestic unicorns! 

We can guarentee smiles and laughs on this Fun Friday. So start scouting out your costume and the pumpkin you will bring - the bigger the better, of course! 

Whatever pumpkin you bring must go home with you! We don't need any left overs 😉 

Looking forward to the fun!

Coach Meagan

Eight Years of Shining

The one and only Deb Kaitz! I asked Deb to be in the spotlight because for 8 years she has been consistent, she works her butt off, she is competitive, she is strong, she is supportive and she keeps us on our toes! I would say Deb is one of the top 10 most competitive people in the gym. We love that about her! Her story is fun, because we weren't all here when she started to see how far she has really come. This woman never turns down a challenge and she rocks her goals. I am so proud of her and she is a true joy to coach! Here is what she has to say...

​"I had actually read about Get Fit when it first opened. I was hesitant to do it because I knew I needed to commit and for me the timing just wasn’t right. When they opened in Concord I thought I would give it a try. They had the two week free trial but I also made sure I was going to commit to giving it a good trial so I prepaid for the following month. 8 years later I am still going strong. In my 8 years I have never missed a day of class just because I didn’t feel like going. For me this is the first training/exercise program that I love. I never get bored as it is ever-changing. Unlike when I was at my other gym. I would go walk on the treadmill and maybe lift weights but never saw any differences in my strength or endurance. 

When I started at Get Fit I had really no upper body strength to speak of. I remember when we used to do testing in class. When we did the pushup test I got 0. I couldn’t do a pushup and in my life I had never been able to do one. Determined to get one I worked on this. And by the second testing day 3 months later I could do more than one pushup. When we moved into the “new gym” that had a pull up bar - again I couldn’t do pull ups but again I set a goal that I would get one pull up by the end of the year and I did. I have always been strong willed and if I set a goal I don’t like to fail. I feel like I set reasonable goals for myself and have been able to hit them.
In the most recent movement challenge I set myself a goal of 50 movements during the month. I looked at what we had to do, did the math and knew exactly what I needed to do to reach that goal. The results for me can’t be measured by my weight because I think I weigh exactly what I did when I started. My results are measured in my strength. I play golf and had to relearn all my distances since joining as each club hits so much further. I am excited to say my Iron’s go about 40 yards further than previously. The other benefits for me would be my skiing improved dramatically and I can climb hills on my bike so much better than before training. If you are going to try it, commit - buy a month. 2 weeks free trial will make you sore from muscles you haven’t used, but too short to see results. COMMIT!

8 years strong! Can you remember what you were doing 8 years ago? She is one of many who have been here for over 8 years and we are SO lucky to have these people train with us. Thank you, Deb for you incredible commitment and fantastic competitive "can-do" attitude. You are a rockstar!

-Coach Meagan

Meet Coach Brian

Please join me in welcoming Coach Brian Fox to the Get Fit NH team. At this point most of you have met Brian. We are excited to add him to our team as he is an experienced and passionate coach.  To learn more about Coach Brian keep reading as he shares his story with us!

I grew up in North Conway playing sports from when I could walk all the way through college where I was captain of my cross-country team. Growing up I was seen as the “chubby kid” by all my friends, and sports was my way to escape the way I was seen. I was very dedicated to my training for every sport I participated in and worked to be the best player I could be.

Into my second year of running college country I had an injury which changed my entire fitness career. I got bursitis in my hip which made distance running impossible for myself. I went from running 70+ miles a week to zero, and had to figure out how I would keep my fitness up. I had an amazing influence from a personal trainer that helped me learn about strength training and how I could keep building on my athleticism without running. I was also lucky to have a great athletic trainer to help my recover from my injury. Seeing how both of these people were able to help me in such a hard time was so influential to me, and it helped me decide I wanted to help others on their fitness journey.

I have been in the fitness industry for three years now and it’s been nothing but a blessing! The connections I have been able to build as well as seeing progress from people in their training has been amazing. I am so grateful and to have the opportunity to join the Get Fit NH team and take my knowledge to the next level with an awesome team!

Brian Fox holds an Associate’s Degree in Sports Management. Certified Personal Trainer through the National Council on Strength and Fitness. Level 1 Kettlebell Coach.

A Very Special Spotlight

I recently had the opportunity to train in Epsom and then had an opportunity to coach in Epsom. I had to put the leader of the pack in the spotlight after observing this community. Epsom has something special about them. They are a smaller, more close-knit community. They are hard workers and pushed by the one and only Coach Nancy. While I was training in Epsom she pushed me (a fellow coach) harder than I would have pushed myself. Everyone needs a coach and she is a very special one.

While I was coaching in Epsom I asked the 3 morning classes to finish the sentence and here is what we got...

9AM Epsom: Coach Nancy helped me to achieve...

  • Self confidence
  • Walk without a fear of breaking my ankle
  • Balance
  • A healthier outlook on life
  • Strength and balance
  • Happiness
  • Pushing for more
  • Change my eating habits

6:15AM Epsom: Coach Nancy taught me how to....

  • Believe in myself
  • Behave
  • Think about the food I am eating
  • Drive by the Donut Shop
  • Recognize my achievements
  • At least try it and listen to my body
  • Forgive myself and start over
  • It is always doable
  • Eat healthy and delicious foods to stay energized

5 AM Epsom: My favorite part of training with Coach Nancy is....

  • Positive attitude
  • She is always there for you
  • Chirpees
  • Encouragement
  • Her smile
  • Her energy
  • Always getting bigger weights placed in front of me (I call that the kettlebell fairy!)
  • Making me feel welcome and supported
  • ​Her kind spirit
  • Everyday is the best day ever
  • Wonderfully positive support and encouragement 
  • She always has a positive disposition and smile on her face and I always feel more positive when I leave
  • She has special telepathic capabilities or maybe it is just the mom factor and she just knows when something is wrong or you feel like giving up then BAM she has your back
  • She is a problem solver
  • She is always willing to share her nutritional knowledge and advice
  • She makes me laugh at silly things
  • She plays angry music and doesn't even know it

I can tell you that as a coach myself these are exactly the answers we strive for. This is our mission and our purpose. I am proud of Coach Nancy for making 100 students feel this way each and every day. Thank you for giving me something to strive for, Coach!

Keep making it happen,
Coach Meagan

Show up, Step up, Stick it up IS BACK!

How's THAT for some cool news on a Monday?

Yes,  you read that correctly! Our fall through end of year challenge is back and we are excited to get it rolled out. It doesn't cost you a thing except for time and commitment. If you can handle those two things then you have a chance to win some gnarly prizes...we'll get to that in a bit. Keep reading!

Let's start with the purpose of this challenge and then we'll get into the rules. This is our annual "Show up, Step up, Stick it up" challenge. 

This challenge is all about keeping you motivated through the seasonal stress, encourage you to build the FIT3D to your regular schedule and help you follow through with your goals​. It is important for you to stay on track through the holiday season. We know you don't want you to put on the national average of 10 lbs from October to December. So we're going to help you stay on track by staying accountable! Let's dive into the rules. Every awesome challenge with awesome prizes has to have rules and regulations! 

  • ​Show Up: There are 56 opportunities to train between September 11, 2017 (start date) and December 22, 2017 (end date). In order qualify to win you must attend 50 sessions AND check in to Facebook each session. This piece will need to be initialed by a coach at each training with proof of check in. 
  • Step Up: You must complete a FIT3D scan once per calendar month (1 each in Sep. Oct. Nov. and Dec.) in order to qualify for the win. Just let us know you did it so we can verify and initial your card. The scans can be done anytime of the month between the start and end date.
  • Stick It Up: This will be a monthly requirement in order to be qualified for the win. Each month we ask ya'll to add your initials under a goal up on the "Goal Board." The weeks of Sept 11th, October 2nd, November 1st and December 4th you must show your coach you initialed under a  goal you need to focus on that month. This will be a separate initial on your card that you coach will take care of.


    ​On December 22nd the challenge will end and we will collect all of the cards. The cards are by 7:45 PM December 22nd, no exceptions. We will check to make sure all the required info is there, and all of the qualified cards will be entered into a drawing for some PRIZES!

    The first 3 cards drawn will win a private dinner for each "plus 1", hosted and prepared by Coaches Dean and Nancy, in their home. While dinner is being cooked by Coach Dean, Coach Nancy will be treating the winners to her famous "Crock Pot Freezer Workshop", and everyone will go home with 5 Ready-To-Cook Freezer Meals. Over dinner we will have a special "ask the coach" Q&A, where you can grill Dean and Nancy for all their fitness and nutrition secrets. 🙂 What a great way to set yourself up for success in the New Year!​

    That's just for showing up, stepping up and sticking it up. Who else does that? ​Not to mention right after the holiday season when you are motivated to get back on track from the holiday delight.

    Here are the big take-aways from this blog

    • Monday September 11, 2017 - Friday December 22, 2017 starts our "Show up, Step up, Stick it up" challenge
    • Qualified winners attend at least 50 training sessions with a Facebook check in, FIT3D scan monthly, and set a goal using the goals board monthly
    • You will need a scorecard WITH YOUR NAME ON IT for a coach to initial daily. Keep it somewhere safe where you won't lose or forget it (like in your smelly shoe!)
    • Turn in your card NO LATER THAN 7:45 PM Friday December 22, 2017.
    • Three chosen ones earn  dinner with owner's and Coaches Dean and Nancy AND meals ready to cook AND Q&A with the coaches to kick off their new year!

    Who is super, extra-special, whipped cream with a cherry on top ex-CI-ted? (Coach Dean wants to know!)

    Sarah is Shining Bright

    Sarah Kazakis is shining bright this week and it is well deserved! My absolute FAVORITE part of coaching is watching someone change their body and witness them get stronger on so many levels. Sarah is a perfect example. Every time she walks through the door she has her game face on. She trains hard and she is so coachable! After S3 this year I could see a clear difference in Sarah not only physically, but in her performance. I cannot wait to continue watching Sarah progress and get stronger. I bet she will be on the pull up bar before she knows it! Here is what Sarah has to say...

    "I chose Get Fit NH because I needed a serious push from people who knew what they were doing. I used to be very active, doing mostly cardio. I had started to fall into bad habits, bad diet and less movement. I needed help getting back into a routine and I wanted to feel good again. A friend had started at Get Fit NH and raved about it. She convinced me to do the two week free trial and I never left.

    What results have you earned since starting?

    Healthier habits all around. I eat healthier, drink more water, and am regularly working out. I was taught and now can do things correctly with weights that I never thought I could do without hurting myself. I am SO much stronger than I was when I started and that makes me really happy. Oh, and I have also lost almost 20 pounds since I have started and I think that is really awesome also.

    What has become easier since starting a training program?

    Overall, everything. I just generally feel better which makes day to day easier. I've noticed little things from time to time that have gotten easier like lifting and playing with my nephews has gotten easier and they've only gotten bigger, which means I'm just getting stronger. Lifting my boat or kayaks onto my truck and not struggling.

    What keeps you coming back?

    The knowledgeable coaches. The encouragement that you get from the coaches and also everyone else who trains next to you. I love that I am getting stronger and that keeps me coming back. But one thing that I have told others is that Get Fit is a family. I've seen things that the gym has done for it's members and what members have done for each other. Whether it's a hard time or a time to celebrate, and that means something.

    What would you want to share with someone who is on the fence about joining?

    If you are on the fence, just do it. You will always find an excuse not to if you find one now. You just have to do it. What's there to lose, besides a few pounds or inches (cheesy but true)."

    We are so proud of you, Sarah! Keep up the hard work and thank you for sharing your story! 

    Coach Meagan

    August MOVEMENT Challenge

    In August we are going to have a friendly competition between yourselves and between the training hours. What will you win, you ask? Bragging rights, pride and of course strong muscles! Here is how it works!

    For the month of August (actually starting Monday July 31st) we will have a challenge of the day for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Those who accept the challenge will be given an index card so you can personally record your repetitions. Your training hour will also have a designated "block" on the white board where you will tally your reps each day for your class. This is a great tactic to scare the other training times with your big numbers!

    Monday: Sled push day! For the month of August we will leave out the sled so you can push it (on Mondays) to get points for yourself and for your class. 1 tally is down and back on the green turf. This can be done before or after training. Please just make sure you are cognizant of your surroundings. We don't want to clip any ankles with the sled- youch!  

    Tuesday- Sled pull day​! Again, the sled will be out and 1 tally is the length the green turf down and back. You will mark your points on your index card and also on the white board for your training hour.

    Thursday: Ski erg day! 1000 meters will earn you 1 tally for yourself on your index card and 1 tally for your training hour on the white board!​ You can come in early or stay late to get your Ski Erg meters in!

    Friday is for farmers! Farmer walk with 2 kettlebells or 2 dumbbells the length of the green turf down and back will earn you 1 tally for yourself and 1 tally for your training hour! This can be done before or after training on Fun Fridays! ​

    The challenge of the day must be done on the designated day to earn points for yourself and for your team. If you will not be at training then they cannot be made up. All the more reason to shoot for perfect attendance in August!

    Who will end up with the most tallies on their index card and which training hour will have bragging rights and the strongest muscles of all? We will have to see! Stay tuned for those cards in training!!!

    ​Kicking off: Monday July 31,2017 at 5 AM!

    Wrapping it up: Friday September 1, 2017 at 7:45PM​

    Brittany is Shining Bright

    This week we are highlighting Brittany Collins as our 6:15 superstar! I asked Brittany to share her results with us, because they are pretty amazing and she is quite humble about the progress she has made. I, on the other hand, am going to brag on Brittany for a minute before I share what she had to say. 

    When S3 came around, she was on the fence about participating. Brittany is in the Army Active Reserves so she was scheduled to go to Canada for a good part of the challenge. She asked if she could participate, but not have a partner since she would not be around for weigh ins. She did S3 with no partner and blew it out of the water. She lost 2.2 inches off of her waist and 2 inches off of her hips in the short amount of time she has been training with us (just since April 2017!). These results are excellent. She will share more about her progress below. 

    I want you all to know and Brittany to know that I am SO proud of her and how far she has come. Her body composition is important to her for her job and also her confidence and she looks fantastic and is performing at a higher level than she was in April. She has already screened out of her red band, which is another huge accomplishment worth mentioning. I don't get to see Brittany as much as I would like to since she trains in the morning, but my goodness, there is such a visible difference when I look at her. I am so excited to see how Brittany performs at this time next year! Keep at it! Here is what she has to say...

    What was your absolute biggest challenge prior to starting at Get Fit NH?  
    Nutrition. I would just work out like crazy and eat whatever I wanted thinking I "earned" it. I also struggled with weights, never really knowing what to do I would really only stick to running which from doing it so much would cause pain in my hips.

    What changed after starting at Get Fit NH?
    After I started I realized how nutrition is the biggest part in fitness. I now weigh my food, meal prep, log how many calories and carbs I've had. I also learned how important strength training is and aimlessly running can only get you so far.​

    What specific results can you share?
    So far I've lost around 16 pounds, I'm the lightest I can ever remember being and feel awesome.​

    What would you say to somebody on the fence about starting?
    If you're struggling with fitness and are ready to be given the tools to make real life changes, join.​

    What has kept you coming back?
    I like the group setting and also how knowledgeable coaches are there to help.  I like how nutrition is included.​

    There you have it. Real people. Real results.  Keep making it happen!

    Coach Meagan​

    YOU are invited to our Super Summer Celebration! RSVP Here.

    We like summer. We like food. We like frisbee. Most of all we REALLY like YOU! We thought since we like all of those things we might as well put it all together and have a party! 

    Not just any party though. This is an appreciation party.

    A "We Appreciate YOU" Party!

    Without you we would be able to fulfill our passion every single day. We wouldn't be the family that we are. We wouldn't be the best gym (x8!) if it weren't for you. YOU have made our dreams come true and YOU push us to be better every single day so THAT is why we are going to celebrate.

    This year we are going "off campus." We rented Webster Park in Epsom so we can get out the footballs, the frisbees, the corn hole, and of course the grill and make some fantastic memories.

    Huge fields, a basketball court, a covered pavilion for grilling and eating, a playground for the kids - you won't want to miss coming down and visiting. Stay as little or as long as you want. We have the park for the whole day!  🙂

    Mark your calendars today for Saturday August 19th at 11:00am at Webster Park in Epsom, and RSVP right here

    The whole family is invited; heck bring grandma and grandpa! We want to spend some relaxed time just enjoying each other's company and enjoying the summer.

    Please click the link below to RSVP! Let us know how many are in your party so we can get our shopping list ready! And as always, we are going to do our annual semi-optional side dish competition (c'mon, sharing is fun), so let us know what tasty treat you are bringing! Everyone will vote on which side dish they enjoyed the most and the winner will get a special prize and of course bragging rights for an entire year.

    We would love to show you how much we appreciate you and we hope you will join us! ​

    Get Fit NH Super Summer Celebration

    Saturday August 19th

    11:00am until the party is over

    Webster Park, Epsom, NH

    Ladies and Gentlemen, 2017’s Sizzlin’ Summer Slimdown WINNERS!

    Lori Smith and Evelyn Gaynor were absolutely SHOCKED when they learned they won this year's Sizzling Summer Slimdown transformation contest. We can't quite figure out why they were so shocked because they  walked away with over 13 inches gone from their waist and hips and almost 30 pounds GONE and over $1300 (each) richer!! That is some pretty significant progress in only 6 short weeks! To say I am proud of these ladies would be a total understatement. These two bring positivity, smiles and laughs wherever they go. Here is what they had to say about the big win! 

    What was the greatest take away from S3?

    I realized that I enjoy eating certain veggies and that they are very filling along with my protein, which was often chicken! I learned that I can survive without eating a piece of chocolate daily. I realized how much added sugar I was consuming after the first week when my body went into major detox mode! ~ Lori

    I was truly Blown Away in the difference in My overall measurements from beginning to end. It's really not about how much weight you lose.​ ~ Evelyn

    When you first started the challenge, what were you expecting?

    I was hoping to lose a few pounds and inches by the time the 6 weeks ended. At my midway scan, I was down 10 pounds and several inches and I thought, this actually works! At the reveal party, I was hoping to at least place within the top 10. Never thought we'd win! I'm still in shock. It was very humbling. ~ Lori

    I was expecting to have to eat like a bird or a rabbit. Even though I knew the challenge was about inches lost off waist and hips in my mind I still felt like it was a weight loss challenge because that's what people are always trying to think of losing weight not losing inches.~Evelyn

    When issues hit, where did you turn?

    I turned to Coach Meagan when I was struggling with what I could eat on the fast plan. She re-explained it to me so it made sense. I turned to my partner for constant moral support and encouragement. ~ Lori

    My partner was always there!! But there were times that we both turned coach Meagan! Whenever she or I had something that was confusing or we didn't understand we would bring it to class and talk it out with Meagan. It was definitely super helpful to have somebody to actually talk in person too. the myCoach app was good to ask questions or emails to ask questions or even the Facebook page but sometimes you need a face to face person just to talk something out with. ~Evelyn

    What one tool helped you the most?

    The My Coach app helped with the daily lesson and accountability. Also, food prepping is key!! I tried to prep everything on a Sunday night. Helped so much every morning!

    I printed out the handout book and I referred to it for the recipes. I used those recipes to go and base my shopping list off of which made weekly food planning easier. I also kept track what everybody was saying on the Facebook page that helped a lot just hearing how everybody was doing and getting new ideas. ~Evelyn

    Moving forward what will be easy to keep in your nutrition?

    Ironically, I am continuing to eat frittata or hard boiled eggs with veggies for breakfast and black coffee with a scoop of Ump. For lunch, I'm still eating lettuce wraps with turkey and cheese or a salad. Dinner varies but it's basically what I've been eating during S3. I have cheat meals but I am very aware of my portion sizes. ~ Lori

    Overall I think just eating better foods will be easy to continue. We no longer use milk in our house this is not just helped me but it's also helped my husband and his diabetes. Adding more vegetables is something I've continued to do after S3. It's easy to add more broccoli! 🙂 ~ Evelyn

    What would you say to those who are considering doing S3 next year?

    I would recommend that people go into S3 with an open mind. Try to make small changes to your nutrition 1-2 weeks prior to the official start of S3. That helped me realize what I needed to do and eat everyday. Once S3 started, it wasn't such a shock to my body when I completely cut out the added sugar and carbs that I was used to eating.Be willing to try new foods, especially veggies. Drink a lot of water. Reach out to your coaches, they are here to help us succeed. Work with your partner, they might be struggling just like you. Take it one day at a time. Realize that we are human and if you fall off track, pick yourself up at the next meal and keep going. Finish strong!! ~ Lori

    First if you're in it for the competition like I initially was because I love a good competition don't think you can't win because you're a smaller person my sister-in-law actually goes to the gym as well and she was in the same competition and she truly didn't think that a smaller person could win because in her head,she was thinking "weight loss challenge " like I was. it really touched me when she told me how happy she was to find out that a "smaller" size person could win because it's not all about the weight loss! I really didn't think. I would come in first but I'm not going to lie I was hoping for top 10 at least!!

    The nutrition part to me sounded scary at first but when you really stop to think about it and look at all the different recipes that are out there that you can make and try new things it really didn't get boring and I wasn't just eating salads. I challenged myself to try new vegetables that I would not have normally just gone out and tried on my own and surprisingly I actually like some!All in all, it was worth every penny, as I'm worth it!.... so I'd tell them You're worth it! 🙂 ~Evelyn

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