Body and Mind Transformation Contest Sign Ups are OPEN

We are excited to roll out our annual Sizzling Summer Slimdown Body and Mind Transformation contest.

We have been running this challenge for 12 years and every year we try and make it a little better than the year before! This year we are adding a new element with a huge emphasis on MINDSET. 

Why? Because most of us know what we should be eating, but it's our mind that sets us back over and over again. So we are going to put some work in there through structured journaling!

Here's what you're going to get:

  • 5 weeks of nutrition coaching through email and private Facebook group
  • One Get Fit NH mindset journal 
  • very detailed and completely personalized nutrition plan for you and your specific goals based on your specific body
  • This plan will include exact portion sizes for YOU and a detailed list of foods to eat and foods to avoid 
  • One 10 minute onboarding call with Coach Meagan, Coach Adam or Coach Ashley to determine your specific intake
  • One video weekly  (live on social media and recorded sent through email)
  • A choice to play as a group of 3 or as an individual 

Here's how you win

  • 31 out of 35 pages DONE in your journal. We will use a system called TrueCoach to email you daily asking if you journaled the day before. You (and your group) must check off 31 out of 35 days to be eligible to win and we will want to see (not read, just see) that the pages are filled out if you are deemed a winner. We will be handing out cash prizes so it is important that we confirm.
    • We want the biggest take away of this challenge to be a mindset shift therefore journaling will weigh heaviest to win
  • Greatest percent of bodyweight lost
    • For example: Sally weighs in at 160 pounds and weighs out at 150 pounds losing 6.25% of bodyweight
    • John weighs in at 200 pounds and weighs out at 190 pounds losing 5% of bodyweight
    • Sally wins for losing more
    • This helps us keep it fair for those who may not have as much weight to lose
    • Let's say Sally and John were partners...6.25 + 5= 11.25/2 people = 5.6% as a group
    • We will be working in groups of 3 or as individuals, this was just to show how we will configure winning numbers 
  • Tie breakers
    • We will use social media posts to break any ties! The more you post the more likely you are to WIN the tie.

Here's what you win

  • 1st place 
    • 31/35 days done in journal from the whole group. So that means if ONE person in your group doesn't come through then your whole group is out.
    • Greatest percent bodyweight lost as a group or as an individual
    • Wins 7% of total contest revenue. Conservative estimation around $300 (split amongst the group if a group wins)
  • 2nd place
    • 31/35 days done in journal from the whole group
    • 2nd greatest percent bodyweight lost as a group or as an individual
    • Wins 5% of total contest revenue. Conservative estimation around $215 (split amongst the group if a group wins)
  • The comeback win *NEW THIS YEAR*
    • After the challenge is when results CONTINUE, but only if we keep up on the habits we build during the challenge. So for the first time ever we are going to offer another weigh in the week of 7/18 and 7/22 which is 5 weeks AFTER the challenge ends. Anyone who maintains their loss or loses MORE will be eligible to win a cash prize. 
    • The other kicker? In order to win that client must have a FULL journal (every page filled out) No exceptions.
    • The person (not group) with the greatest maintained percent of bodyweight lost and a full journal will an estimated $215. 
  • Dates
    • Start Date: Monday, May 9, 2022
    • End Date: Friday, June 10, 2022
    • Initial weigh in due by: Friday, May 6, 2022
    • Final weigh in due by: Tuesday, June 14, 2022
    • Kickoff ZOOM meeting: Wednesday, May 4, 2022 at 6 pm 
    • In person celebration and winner reveal party: Wednesday, June 15th at 6pm

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