Charity Event for Best Buddies is Coming!

Before I get into the details about this event I want to share my heart with you a little bit...

In 2010 I married a man with an older brother who had an intellectual disability. My husband's brother is Jon and he is the kindest and the sweetest soul you will ever meet. He is 35 years old and lives at home with his family in Deering. Some of his favorite things to do are cook and call family and friends to chit chat. He is the life of the party and every wedding we have been to with him he has completely torn it up on the dance floor. He is magical. 

Before I married into this family I really did not have any interaction with individuals with intellectual disabilities. I did have these individuals in my school, but they were pretty secluded from the rest of us...

Did you see that word?


That is not okay. 

Fast forward to 2019, where I joined a BNI chapter who was heavily involved with Best Buddies NH. I did not know very much about the program. I understood that two people were matched up and the buddies would go out together and build a friendship and bond. It was not until I was invited to the Best Buddies Gala in 2019 where my heart exploded and i was called to get involved IMMEDIATELY. 

The Best Buddies gala is where a champion and their campaign manager work together to raise money for Best Buddies. This can be done on many fronts. Some do frisbee tournaments,  corn hole tournaments, events, fundraisers, donations and more. The winning champion and their campaign manager raised almost $9,000 at the 2019 gala.

Let me tell you this... I am registered to be a 2020 Best Buddies champion, my campaign manager is my brother in law, Jon Sbat and we are taking this title in November 2020. 

So, the first event we are hosting for Best Buddies will be held here at the gym on Saturday. February 1st at 10AM. We will be playing movement BINGO! This event is open to Best Buddies, Get Fit NH peeps, kids, families, and the general public. We are encouraging you to bring a buddy...any buddy. Someone to play buddy BINGO with! This is not going to be your typical sweat fest charity training. This is an INCLUSIVE event. Everybody deserves to move their body and our typical group setting does not work for everyone.

Donation cost is not set. Donate what you are able to. Please come and bring a buddy. This is a powerful community event. If you would like to respond on the Facebook event you can do so here

Help us make it happen,

Coach Meagan.

Tell Your Friends!