How to Build Strength/Muscle

We all have goals and reasons why we exercise. Some may be more specific like trying to get to a certain percent body fat, while others more broad as to improve general health and fitness. Whatever your goals, you exercise to try and improve yourself. The same is said if your goal is to get stronger and build more muscle. 

Weight training, as you probably already know, is a big part in building strength and muscle. Kettle-bells, dumbbells, barbells, trap-bars, any kind of weight that you can move can help train your muscles. Even your own bodyweight is a great tool to use for a killer workout. But when it comes to progressing, I’m sure most of you think to lift heavier. Which is not wrong, but it's not the only way to help you get stronger. 

If you were to increase the amount of weight you lift in a particular exercise, that workout would become more difficult for sure. But you can also increase the difficulty of your workout by increasing other factors as well. You can do this by doing more repetitions of an exercise. Adding more sets onto a particular exercise. Increasing your work time while decreasing your rest time. All these factors can help increase the intensity of your workout and help fatigue the muscles further. Which in turn will help you get stronger and build more muscle once you recover. So make sure you are progressing your workouts by increasing your intensity and training volume. Let's get after it! 

Coach Dylan

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