Upcoming B.A.M. class with PT Sarah and BONUS VIDEO: Do you experience wrist pain?

Body. Active. Mobility. B.A.M. Course will be returning for 2020!

Staying healthy is a continual effort that should continue into the new year! Come join Sarah Coulombe, a Physical Therapist from Performance Health, as a guest instructor at our gym. She brings a unique body control class . Due to her background as a physical therapist and certified functional strength coach, her knowledge base is extensive to help you reach your goals! 

Do you wish you had more mobility and flexibility? Do you constantly feel stiff and immobile? Or do you feel very unsteady like you don’t have control over your own body? The purpose of this course is to increase body awareness through active mobility using body weight exercises and minimal equipment.  Learn your joint limitations and how to best promote optimal movement and health of your joints. Maintaining and improving upon joint mobility as we age can be a struggle! Let this class show you how you can intervene!

  • January 22nd at 6:30 AM
  • February 19th at 6:30 AM

Classes are $25 each. Sign up here!

Bonus content below about wrist's and what lack of movement can cause!

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