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Building a Base for Athletic Success: Mobility

Next up in the Building a Base series is mobility. Mobility, like flexibility and strength, is a major part of building the elite athlete as well as developing the active child. Mobility is, to put it simply, the ability of the joints to move in a full range of motion. Some major contributors to lack of mobility in kids as well as adults is most often lack of movement. Sitting for hours on end creates lack of mobility in the hip joint. Constant forward posture leads to lack of shoulder mobility. The other cause of lack of mobility can be inflammation from injured tissue.

Why is this important to athletes? Lack of mobility leads to a lack of power development, quickness, and also increases the risk of injury. Since the joint cannot go through a full range of motion it cannot take full advantage of the stretch and contraction of muscle tissue which will limit the amount of power that can actually be created.

The next big dip in performance comes from lack of quickness or agility. Let’s use the hips for example. The hips are the most important part when it comes to most any sport. If you are not able to open up the hips when changing direction, it will take much longer to do so. An extra second to change directions can mean the difference between first and last place.

The last major problem that we see from lack of mobility is injury. The joint is meant to move a certain range, the muscles that move the limb about the joint are a reflection of that. If the mobility of the joint is decreased, not only are we putting more pressure on the surrounding muscle tissue, but we will also have to make up the movement somewhere. Let’s stay with the same example of the hips - if hip mobility is decreased, then often the small lower back muscles have to pick up the slack. These much smaller muscles are not meant to take those big loads and this will often lead to injury.

-Coach Adam

Building a Base for Athletic Success: Flexibility

The first of the three parts of the base to athletic success is flexibility. It has become a little bit of a joke in Athlete Academy because literally every male participant I have had join the program has tight hamstrings. The hips, in general, are tight. This makes sense for a number of reasons - during this age is when growth spurts begin to happen, which will make flexibility more challenging. The other reason is that kids sit in school all day and are not getting out and playing as much anymore. This plays a vital role in athletics for a few different reasons, but the two I am going to focus on are explosiveness and injury prevention.

In terms of explosive ability, it can be thought of as the properties of a rubber band - the more a rubber band can stretch the faster it snaps back. The same is true of muscle. Explosive movements in sports are essentially a series of loading (stretching the rubber band) and exploding (the recoil of the rubber band after being stretched). The more you are able to load, the more force you can create when you recoil. There is more to it but that is the best place to start.

The second major role is injury prevention. Let’s take the same example from above, the rubber band - what happens when you stretch a rubber band beyond how far its supposed to stretch? It breaks! Just like a rubber band, muscle has a certain amount of stretch before it’s just to much and injury occurs. This is why it is important to stay flexible. The more flexible you are, the greater distance you can stretch before causing injury.

The moral of the story is stay flexible, or get flexible, and it will greatly improve your performance. Stay tuned for my next post in the Building a Base series talking about mobility!

-Coach Adam

Building a Base for Athletic Success

Have you wondered what exactly the philosophy is that builds what we do at Athlete Academy?

If you have, then wonder no longer! The purpose of our Athlete Academy program is to build a base for continued athletic success. That base is made up primarily of 3 things, much like with our adult programs. Those three are:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Mobility
  3. Strength

These three physical traits must be present in the athlete for several reasons. If these three things are not present, then we cannot build the attributes that we most often associate with sports performance. Things like power, speed, agility, and quickness. All of these have to have a solid base of the 3 traits mentioned above in order to really be developed. The biggest risk of building things like power, speed, agility, and quickness before the other three is that often the risk of injury goes up substantially. Over the next few weeks, I will break down exactly how each one of these fits into the overall athletic puzzle. Stay tuned!

-Coach Adam

If 10,000 Hours Creates Greatness, Can 20,000 Hours Derail It?

What if I told you that there can be too much of a good thing, even in youth athletics?

What if I told you that doing too much can be just as harmful as doing too little?

Find out how to apply these principles correctly and not overwork, overtax, and burn out your youth athlete before they even have a chance to reach their goals.

Location: Get Fit NH Concord, 287 S. Main St, Concord, NH 03301
Date: Wednesday, September 20th
Time: Training session 6-7:15PM, Parent Education Seminar 7:30-8:30PM

For any questions please contact Coach Adam either by email at or by phone at 603-340-7281.

-Coach Adam

Can You Create the Competitive Fire in Your Athlete?

Can you teach mindset? What makes some athletes perform better when the lights are the brightest while others crumble?

The mental battle is just as important, if not more important, as the physical one when it comes to athletics.

Learn how you can teach your youth athlete how to perform mentally when in competition.

Learn how you can keep your athlete competitive year round to build the confidence they need to perform in the biggest situations.

All this and more will be discussed at our Parent Education Seminar presented by Get Fit NH’s Athlete Academy.

Location: Get Fit NH Concord, 287 S. Main St, Concord, NH 03301
Date: Wednesday, September 20th
Time: Training session 6-7:15PM, Parent Education Seminar 7:30-8:30PM

If you have any questions, please contract Coach Adam by email at or by phone at 603-340-7281.

-Coach Adam

Can You Over Train Youth Athletes?

That question might be something that parents don't ask themselves when thinking about their child's athletic goals.

While children are indeed often more resilient to over-training than adults, it can still happen in developing athletes. This can greatly hinder their performance.

Learn more about how to best approach building the complete athlete at our Parent Education Seminar presented by Get Fit NH's Athlete Academy!

Location: Get Fit NH Concord, 287 S Main St, Concord, NH 03301
Date: Wednesday, September 20th
Time: Training session 6-7:15pm, Parent Education Seminar 7:30-8:30pm

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Adam by email at or by phone at 603-340-7281.

-Coach Adam

Does Your Child Want to Excel in Athletics?

Join us as Athlete Academy presents a parent seminar to help their children improve their athletic abilities on Wednesday, September 20th, from 7:30 to 8:30pm.

During this hour, we will be looking at strategies to increase your child's performance.

We will address common misconceptions that may actually be hindering your athlete's ability.

That's not all! Our Athlete Academy program will also be on display before the start of the seminar, from 6:00 to 7:15pm, so you can see for yourself how we roll many of these factors into our program.

That's still not all! This training session will be open to allow your kids to try out the program for themselves prior to the seminar.

So join us at Get Fit NH and find out how to help your son or daughter reach their full athletic potential!

Location: Get Fit NH Concord, 287 S. Main St, Concord, NH 03301
Date: Wednesday, September 20
Time: Training Session 6:00-7:15pm, Parent Seminar 7:30-8:30pm

If you have any questions, contact Coach Adam by email at or by phone at 603-340-7281.

Giants Hockey Player Shines in the Spotlight

Alex spent a couple months training with us in our Athlete Academy program. During those months, he made tremendous strides in his strength, mobility, and flexibility. He went from deadlifting barely the bar, to being able to lift over 150 lbs in his deadlift from the floor, an amount of weight that is well above his bodyweight. Alex worked extremely hard and it showed in the incredible progress he made. I asked him a few questions about his experience and he provided me some short sweet answers about his time in our Athlete Academy program.

"What changes have you noticed since starting Athlete Academy?

Not only am I becoming more physically enabled, I'm also progressing on pushing myself and being responsible.

What outside of Academy has gotten easier?

Playing sports and doing other competitive activities.

What have you accomplished since joining Athlete Academy?

I'm able to lift weights that I never thought I could and do things I never though I would be able to do. And I'm also learning new things.

What is your favorite part of Athlete Academy?

Going in and becoming familiar with routine and then I am able to push myself in a environment where I know I can.

How has Athlete Academy affected your performance?

I feel a lot stronger and more solid and have an easier time keeping up."

Great job, Alex! Keep up the hard work and you will keep on getting stronger!

-Coach Adam

Singers Sing, Birds Fly, Kids Play… Or At Least They Need To

As my knowledge base has grown when it comes to human physical development over the years, I always realized how important physical activity was. However, only in the last little while, especially while preparing for our Athlete Academy for ages 9-12 this summer, have I realized just how important it is to kids. As I coach more and more kids and visit schools, I see things I honestly cannot remember from when I was younger. Kids don’t seem to know how to “play” and, consequently, they don’t seem to move well.

All those things we did as kids, without even thinking about it, are the things that helped teach us how to move well and be active. How many of you reading this remember there being as many kids as there are that don’t like being active? Kids that hate gym, that take no joy in it whatsoever? I understand that some of us liked it more than others, that some were better at certain sports or games than others. Maybe instead you enjoyed hiking, climbing trees, or riding bikes. Either way, you were active. How many kids do we see today that enjoy none of those things? I would wager a pretty healthy amount.

I believe this problem comes from a lack of confidence or enjoyment from doing active activities. A kid that hasn’t played and hasn’t developed some semblance of coordination or physical ability will have more trouble in physical settings and be prone to being embarrassed and not want to do it at all.

The flip side comes from the development side. I want you to think about something before you continue - which was more challenging, your 1st squat thrust or burpee? Or your 100th? (Not in a row, but over time). It is the 1st, right? Your body wants to work as easily and efficiently as possible, but it has to learn how first. This is why the first time you do an exercise it may feel impossible, but in repetition it begins to be less challenging. If children don’t move, play and experience different movements, even hiking or bike riding will be pushed away because they require so much more effort than they would for you or I who have experienced it over and over again.

If you live in a town or area that your kids can’t really get out and play, help them out - do fun things outside in the summer. Go hiking, run along the beach, go out back and play catch with different balls. Just help your child get moving in different ways. Whether they realize it or not, you will be helping them out for years to come.

-Coach Adam

Free Athlete Academy Summer Combine on July 22nd

For those of you who have or are athletes in the 13-18 year old range, this event is for you! The combine will be comprised of 5 events that kids all over the country are also doing in order to test their power, quickness, and speed.

The best part is this event is completely FREE!!! I want to get as many kids as possible in here to pack the building and test their skills. 

If you have any questions about the event or any other part of the Athlete Academy program, please contact me (Coach Adam) or just come down on July 22nd and participate. See you all then!

-Coach Adam

Athlete Academy Summer Combine for Ages 13-18

Date: Saturday, July 22nd

Time: 12:00pm

Location: Get Fit NH Concord