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Pumpkins and Costumes

Halloween is quickly approaching which means it is time to put the kettlebells and dumbbells away and have some fun with PUMPKINS! Squats, deadlifts, press-outs, pumpkin toss, push ups...these are just a handful of things we can do with pumpkins...we will show you just how much fun you can have on the Friday before Halloween! 

Fun Friday, October 27th ALL DAY LONG we are playing with pumpkins (B.Y.O.P) and doing it in style! That's right, test out your costumes early with us. There is no judgement here (unless you don't wear a costume, of course!) We have seen it all- From Richard Simmons all the way to majestic unicorns! 

We can guarentee smiles and laughs on this Fun Friday. So start scouting out your costume and the pumpkin you will bring - the bigger the better, of course! 

Whatever pumpkin you bring must go home with you! We don't need any left overs 😉 

Looking forward to the fun!

Coach Meagan

Eight Years of Shining

The one and only Deb Kaitz! I asked Deb to be in the spotlight because for 8 years she has been consistent, she works her butt off, she is competitive, she is strong, she is supportive and she keeps us on our toes! I would say Deb is one of the top 10 most competitive people in the gym. We love that about her! Her story is fun, because we weren't all here when she started to see how far she has really come. This woman never turns down a challenge and she rocks her goals. I am so proud of her and she is a true joy to coach! Here is what she has to say...

​"I had actually read about Get Fit when it first opened. I was hesitant to do it because I knew I needed to commit and for me the timing just wasn’t right. When they opened in Concord I thought I would give it a try. They had the two week free trial but I also made sure I was going to commit to giving it a good trial so I prepaid for the following month. 8 years later I am still going strong. In my 8 years I have never missed a day of class just because I didn’t feel like going. For me this is the first training/exercise program that I love. I never get bored as it is ever-changing. Unlike when I was at my other gym. I would go walk on the treadmill and maybe lift weights but never saw any differences in my strength or endurance. 

When I started at Get Fit I had really no upper body strength to speak of. I remember when we used to do testing in class. When we did the pushup test I got 0. I couldn’t do a pushup and in my life I had never been able to do one. Determined to get one I worked on this. And by the second testing day 3 months later I could do more than one pushup. When we moved into the “new gym” that had a pull up bar - again I couldn’t do pull ups but again I set a goal that I would get one pull up by the end of the year and I did. I have always been strong willed and if I set a goal I don’t like to fail. I feel like I set reasonable goals for myself and have been able to hit them.
In the most recent movement challenge I set myself a goal of 50 movements during the month. I looked at what we had to do, did the math and knew exactly what I needed to do to reach that goal. The results for me can’t be measured by my weight because I think I weigh exactly what I did when I started. My results are measured in my strength. I play golf and had to relearn all my distances since joining as each club hits so much further. I am excited to say my Iron’s go about 40 yards further than previously. The other benefits for me would be my skiing improved dramatically and I can climb hills on my bike so much better than before training. If you are going to try it, commit - buy a month. 2 weeks free trial will make you sore from muscles you haven’t used, but too short to see results. COMMIT!

8 years strong! Can you remember what you were doing 8 years ago? She is one of many who have been here for over 8 years and we are SO lucky to have these people train with us. Thank you, Deb for you incredible commitment and fantastic competitive "can-do" attitude. You are a rockstar!

-Coach Meagan

Life Is Beautiful

It is not always easy. It is often filled with pain, and struggles, and tears.

And yet beautiful it remains.

One of the most beautiful things to ever happen in my life is captured in the picture to your right.

For those of you who don't know him, this is our son Derek, born November 7, 2001. He was a big surprise in our lives, born over 14  years after son number two, Jeff.

And then he was gone, taken by SIDS less then a year later, on October 14, 2002.

As I am writing this, the 15th anniversary of that date is tomorrow.


Such a enigmatic word.

For with tomorrow comes new hope that just maybe it will be better than today was. As the book of Lamentations says, there are new mercies that come with the rising of the sun each morning.

But tomorrow all too often in our lives serves as a convenient way to put off today, as we slave away to the tyranny of the urgent.

We fool ourselves into thinking that we will get it done "tomorrow", when the truth is, if we let it, something else will come up that further delays our good intentions.

I'd like to sit here and share that Derek's death took care of that once and for all in my own life. 

It didn't.

God chose to give us three more beautiful children after Derek was gone, and I can't even imagine not having Andrew, and Karalynn, and Amy in my life. 

I have seen my two older boys follow the paths God has given to them, and also be shaped by the events of those days. I am so proud of them for the men they have become and love their wives and our grandchildren dearly.

And what can I say about Nancy? We have been through some wars together. No man could ask for a better life partner, soul mate, and friend. Without her I am nothing.

And yet so often the very people that make life worth living are pushed aside, as all the things that I "have to take care of" are given priority, as if my family is just a task I can move down my list.

I won't lie. It's been a tough week around the Carlson household. Emotions run high this time of year. I haven't been the husband, father or boss I should be this week. I am grateful for the patience and mercy that has been shown to me. 

When it comes down to it, I think anniversaries such as these are a mercy in themselves, as painful as they may be.

They serve as a reminder that no matter how much time I think I have, in reality I have no control whatsoever.

As I walked out the door to go to work that crisp autumn Monday morning I never expected to get a call less than 5 hours later that my son was dead.

Some would call what happened 15 years ago a tragedy.

But the real tragedy would be to forget.

To learn nothing from the journey we have been on since that day.

I could fill pages with stories of the kindnesses that were shown, the struggles that we shared, and the lessons that we are still learning.

If there were no Derek, life would have been very different. 

But avoiding that heartache would have cost so much more. A price too steep to pay.


Someday for each of us there will not be another one. We all know that, but it is so much easier to push it into the back of our minds and not think about it. I am right there with you.

But today I am going to think about it for awhile as I celebrate Derek, whose short life made such a lasting impact on my own.

And Your Today?

Hug someone a little longer. Take steps to mend a relationship. Let someone know you care about them. Say "thank-you" to someone for a kindness shown. Ignore another's offense toward you. Work hard to become the person you want to be, for there is joy in the journey.

Don't put it off to a tomorrow that may never come.

- DC

The real cost of getting and staying lean (Infographic)

Is It Worth The Trade-Off? It's Your Choice.

by Dean Carlson, Pn2

We have a picture in our head of the "ideal body". But are the pictures in the magazines a realistic picture of what is achievable? Do you have to look like superman or a supermodel to be healthy? And at what cost?

Regardless of your goals, there is going to be work - hard work - to lose fat and get leaner. And there are amazing health benefits to doing do. But there are trade-offs, particularly as you get leaner and leaner. This infographic outlines them and shows you what's involved. We'll take a look at the extremes on both sides, and then have you consider what's healthy and achievable.

Click Here for a fully printable version of this Infographic

For a complete explanation of the infographic, including a review of the research by our friends at Precision Nutrition, check out the accompanying article: The cost of getting lean: Is it really worth the trade off?

Building a Base for Athletic Success: Mobility

Next up in the Building a Base series is mobility. Mobility, like flexibility and strength, is a major part of building the elite athlete as well as developing the active child. Mobility is, to put it simply, the ability of the joints to move in a full range of motion. Some major contributors to lack of mobility in kids as well as adults is most often lack of movement. Sitting for hours on end creates lack of mobility in the hip joint. Constant forward posture leads to lack of shoulder mobility. The other cause of lack of mobility can be inflammation from injured tissue.

Why is this important to athletes? Lack of mobility leads to a lack of power development, quickness, and also increases the risk of injury. Since the joint cannot go through a full range of motion it cannot take full advantage of the stretch and contraction of muscle tissue which will limit the amount of power that can actually be created.

The next big dip in performance comes from lack of quickness or agility. Let’s use the hips for example. The hips are the most important part when it comes to most any sport. If you are not able to open up the hips when changing direction, it will take much longer to do so. An extra second to change directions can mean the difference between first and last place.

The last major problem that we see from lack of mobility is injury. The joint is meant to move a certain range, the muscles that move the limb about the joint are a reflection of that. If the mobility of the joint is decreased, not only are we putting more pressure on the surrounding muscle tissue, but we will also have to make up the movement somewhere. Let’s stay with the same example of the hips - if hip mobility is decreased, then often the small lower back muscles have to pick up the slack. These much smaller muscles are not meant to take those big loads and this will often lead to injury.

-Coach Adam

Wanna Have Coffee With Me?

I'm inviting you to have coffee with me (you'll have to make your own, though, because we are on a teleconference) 🙂

We can talk about anything. Well maybe not anything, but if it has to do with training or nutrition it's all fair game. 

  • Maybe you have a question you've always wanted to ask about "why do we do that?"
  • Maybe you're stuck on a plateau and wondering what could be next
  • It could be that you are just starting this thing of better health and just needed to be pointed in the right direction. 
  • Or you might just not get enough of me through the week and want to hang out (that's what I am guessing anyways)

The cool thing is we are going to do it all online. Thats right, you can have coffee with me while you are in the comfort of your favorite cozy chair and I'm in my kitchen. In the past we have had a great crew show up, great conversation, and a lot of fun. Show up early, because only the first 25 can get in!

When: Saturday, October 21

What time: 9:00am for an hour or so

Where: Meet me here virtually through this link.

Shining the Light on Dedication

Today the spotlight shines on one of the Symmes, and this time the honor belongs to Riley. Riley has been an extremely dedicated and hard working student who always pushes himself during class and barely misses a class. Enough from me, read below to see what Riley has to say about his journey.

"Why did you choose Get Fit NH?
I joined Get Fit after a bit of peer pressure what from what seemed like the entire rest of my family who was already participating. I've never considered myself a big "working out" person even though I love to be outside and be active. I discovered that it was becoming harder for me to enjoy those activities as much as I once did, and that was enough to get me over the ledge and join.

Riley receiving his "I Survived" shirt on the right!

What changes did you notice in the first few weeks?
I didn't notice too much physically right off the bat, just that I seemed to have more energy in general during the day. Sometime during the first month I was there, I went for a small hike and noticed that instead of getting winded fairly quickly I was just able to cruise along with very little issues.

What outside of Get Fit NH has become easier since starting?
General fitness and recovery has changed drastically since starting Get Fit. I can easily go out and do an activity such as skiing 2 or 3 days in a row and feel pretty positive that I won't get too sore or be too tired to go out the next day.

What are your goals?
When I started at Get Fit one of my main goals was to get in shape for ski season, before the season actually started. I has purchased a season pass and I wanted to take full advantage of every day on the mountain-not stop every couple hours to take rest. I didn't quite get to where I wanted to be before the season, but it didn't take nearly as long as it had in the past for me to get into the shape where I could ski a full day or two start to finish.

My goal from here is to continue to build on that progress and have an even more fun season than the long as we get some snow. I also just want to continue to be a little healthier than the previous month, although I am under no illusions that its now football season.

What is your favorite part of Get Fit NH?
My favorite part about Get Fit is the accessibility. It is not far from my home or work and I know exactly how long I am going to be there each day. The multiple class times make it easy to fit into the week, regardless of what else I have going on. It really gives me very few excuses to not make it to a class everyday, and I'm not sure I would have been able to consistently keep up otherwise.

Great job, Riley! Keep up the hard work!
-Coach Adam

3 Dangers of Self Pity

Did you ever have one of those days where you are wondering why the universe is against you? Your car is making a funny noise, inspection month is coming up, and oh look identity theft! Clearly your life totally sucks so what better way to treat frustration than with binge watching Netflix with a carton of Ben & Jerry’s during your training hour...

Okay, that was an excessive illustration. Obviously I was having too much fun with that, but you get my point!

Danger #1

Obsessing! You cannot change what IS! You cannot change the fact that your car broke down or you ate like garbage last week or you missed an entire week of training because of work commitments. You cannot change it, you can only learn from it!

Maybe this will hit home with what I am trying to get across- you cannot change the fact that your doctor diagnosed you with diabetes or put you on medication for high blood pressure or anxiety. You cannot change that, but you can sure as heck learn from it and DO SOMETHING about it! If you don’t like the outcome then it is time to make a change.

Danger #2

Keep doing the same thing that left you with a negative outcome. Do what you always did, get what you always got! That is what my favorite coach, Martin Rooney, says! You know the definition of insanity, right? If not, look it up. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know I used some examples that can be genetic. Maybe the outcome will not be totally reversed, but it can most definitely be improved! Nutrition and training control a lot more than looking good naked (no offense!).

Danger #3

Throwing in the towel. So you got some bad news? You are mad because you have been doing EXACTLY what you should have been doing, right? Training, eating supportively, taking your vitamins, sleeping well, etc and BOOM pre diabetic! Well, a lot of good this has been doing you, right? What the heck! Might as well go on a sugar bender since all the veggies are trying to kill me!

Slow your roll! You have a team of coaches ready to talk you down and get you on the right path. You are not in this alone. Bad news totally stinks, but you can’t leave yourself in a puddle of sorrow. You can’t change the cards that have been handed to you right away. It takes time and it takes consistency and commitment.

If you don’t like where your health is headed, then do something about it! We are here to help you get to training, train smart, train hard, be consistent, eat well, sleep well, get educated and get results! Everyone needs a coach and don’t ever forget that!

-Coach Meagan

Protein Powder – OOOHH the Possibilities – Register Today!

There’s no doubt there are many mixed messages on the food we should or shouldn't be eating to be healthy. In searching google you can find: 'The Top 5 Power House Foods' and in the next article 'Avoid the Dirty Dozen'. How are we suppose to know what is our best choices?

Combine that with today’s hectic lifestyle that makes “grab and go” a lot more likely than “sit and relax”, and you’ve got a mess.

“Protein Powder- OOHH the Possibilities” is being hosted by Coach Nancy at Get Fit NH Epsom on Wednesday October 18th from 6:00 to 7:00pm. Registration closes on Monday, October 16th, so don't put this off. 

This “Hands On Protein Powder Workshop’ will introduce you to the basic points of nutrition and what key elements our bodies need. We’ll be sampling a wide variety of your favorite recipes, from “traditional smoothies” to “Chocolate Peanut Butter in a Cup” to "Cinnamon Rolls".

You’ll walk away with enough information and recipes to fuel your body properly, plus all participants will get a choice of a 2 pound container of UMP, SFH, or PlantFusion Vanilla or Chocolate so you can start creating your own quality smoothies right away. (Make sure you check out the bonus recipe below)

​This workshop is coming up quick so don't wait until the last minute. Coach Nancy is going to make some of these recipes, she'll need to know you are coming. 

​BONUS: Sign Up Now and we will send you our Refrigerator-Ready "Smoothie Guide" as well as our exclusive "Smoothie 101" Recipe Book!

Protein Powder- OOHH the Possibilities

Location: Get Fit NH Epsom
Date: Wednesday, October 18th
Time: 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Cost: Just $49 (includes your choice of Ultimate Muscle Protein, SFH Pure Whey, or Plant Fusion in either chocolate or vanilla flavors, and loads of recipes). You'll need to sign up by October 16th.

Try This Awesome Recipe!

Pumpkin Bars

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1 cup almond flour
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
½ teaspoon cloves
1 ½ teaspoon cinnamon

  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 cups coconut milk

  • 2 cups pumpkin

Heat oven to 350. Place butter into a 9×13 pan and let melt in oven while it is preheating. In the meantime mix the oats, flour, and the brown sugar. Pour over the melted butter and press down with a spoon. Bake for 12 minutes. While crust is baking, heat the milk until steamy along with the spices. Stir in the pumpkin and then the eggs followed by the protein powder. Pour this over the crust and bake for another 20 minutes or until the pumpkin filling is firm to the touch.

This Spotlight Holds a Bonus for You

I’ve been waiting to do this spotlight for months. The mix of two moms, who run and own their own businesses, it can get tricky. Amy and I have that in common. I am fortunate to have Amy in my life. She provides a calming presence for me at Get Fit NH but also with her love for helping the human body work as it should. Amy owns Chichester Massage. I was able to turn to Amy for help many times but the most significant was when my daughter had Lyme. A 10 year old should not ache from head to toe. Amy was able to help Karalynn when she (and I) needed it most.

Amy tells her own story here. Two sides of the same coin. She tells how Get Fit NH helped her when she needed it most.

"I started training at Get Fit NH after meeting Dean and Nancy in a business referral group that I had joined to promote my business Chichester Massage. As a massage therapist, their integral training program made sense to me combining cardio, core, strength/resistance exercises to maximize the potential of your muscles. The best way to refer someone to a business is to try it yourself so I decided to give it a go. I did not struggle with maintaining my weight but I became winded very easily and felt pretty weak so my goals were to improve in those areas. I remember being very sore in the beginning but also excited as I noticed my energy increase, endurance and strength develop so everyday activities were easier.

At age 38 I felt like I was in the best shape of my life thanks to Get Fit NH and then I became pregnant. I was worried that I would lose all I had gained but I soon realized it was the best thing to set myself up for success. Despite my age my doctor didn’t consider me “high risk” because of the shape I was in and the training actually prepared my body and the baby for the birth process. I trained until the day before I had my daughter, with modifications of course, but I believe that had a huge impact on the ease of my pregnancy and getting back in shape post baby.

These days I struggle with balancing the responsibilities of being a mom, wife and business owner but my main goal is keeping up with my 5 year old (who is starting kindergarten, yikes!) and being a good role model for her with healthy eating and exercise. Since there never seems to be enough time in the day I have found meal planning to be essential these days. Nancy’s crockpot workshop and all the sharing of recipes for meals, smoothies etc have been invaluable and have taken me out of my comfort zone to try new foods. I love the support and encouragement from Nancy and the 9am ladies. Even when training is challenging there is lots of laughter. Get Fit NH has been a wonderful asset to me both personally and professionally. I have been a massage therapist for 20 years and keeping my body strong and healthy has contributed to the longevity of my career.

As a massage therapist I would like to share some of the ways massage therapy can benefit you especially when you are exercising regularly.

1. It enhances your post-workout recovery
You spend your time tightening and toning your muscles as part of your workout but muscles need to recover and be lengthened out again to restore flexibility and perform at their best. A therapeutic massage helps loosen up your muscles allowing you to recover from the impact better and faster than you normally would.

2. It soothes the pain of sore muscles
Your muscles can really ache after an intense workout but massaging and stretching them can help work out the knots, flush out the toxins that contribute to the "ouch" factor and get the blood flowing again so they don't hurt so much.

3. It makes your muscles work better
Regular exercise not only puts a strain on your muscles, ligaments and tendons, but also connective fibers under the skin known as your fascia - which help the muscles work smoothly and efficiently when they're in good shape. The fascia can get really gunked up with repeated exercise and that makes it harder for muscles to slide past each other easily. Massage helps by loosening up those fibers and releasing restrictions so the muscles are doing what they're supposed to with much less effort.

4. It helps you feel better, mentally
You have been working hard and a massage is a healthy way to reward yourself. Not only does it feel good but studies show massage lowers blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels proving it to be an excellent stress reliever.

Fitness is all about meeting new challenges as you work to improve your physical and mental well-being. As part of a balanced program massage can help you get to where you want to be."

Don’t forget as a member of Get Fit NH you receive 10% off at Chichester Massage!

It might not be recovery week but don’t wait to take advantage of what massage can do for you.

Thank you Amy for all you continue to do,
Coach Nancy

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