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The S3 REVEAL Party!


Is that you? Could be!

We have officially started the planning process and we are getting so excited! The reveal party is where (you guessed it) we will be revealing the teams who had the most points over the 6 weeks. I can tell you simply by judging the halfway scans that the competition is FIERCE!  

We will be handing out over $5000 in cash prizes- wowza! Remember it is the top 3 teams who walk away with the green and you MUST BE PRESENT to get the moola. We'll provide the S3 compliant grub, you just bring yourself (and your family if you want!)

So, the details!

Saturday, June 24th at 10 AM we will get started with food and socializing then we will get right into results, top 10 teams and WINNERS (and cash of course!) We promise not to keep you too long on a Saturday, but we do want to celebrate a job well done by all. Please join us for the celebration!!!

Check out last year's winning team!!!

You Asked For It! Online Jumpstart Nutrition Coaching Seminar Saturday June 17, 2017


For the first time ever we are bringing our Jumpstart Nutrition Coaching Seminar onto the Interweb! 🙂

We know it can be a challenge for you to get out of the house one more day, AND since we are nothing if not a little adventurous, we are going to give this whole Webinar thing a whirl. And if it works well, we will probably do it again.

On Saturday June 17 at 9:00am (you don't even have to get up early) you will have the opportunity for some world class nutrition coaching from Coach Nancy Carlson, Pn2.

Our Jumpstart Nutrition Coaching Seminar is our FREE introductory nutrition coaching seminar, and we encourage all our students to take it at least once. 

If you are training with us, you have made the commitment to get healthier by getting your body moving well, getting stronger, and building cardiovascular endurance.

But the secret to FAT LOSS, to getting that lean, toned body is always going to be good eating habits.

Do you have these questions when it comes to all the conflicting info out there?

  • How much do I need to eat?
  • Carbs? Protein? Fat? How much is enough? Too much? Too little?
  • How do I find time to make it fit into my busy life?
  • How do I get my kids to eat healthy? Can they eat this way too?
  • Everything in moderation, right?
  • Will you do my cooking for me? (umm....sorry)
  • And much more.

While we can't answer every question, we will take a solid hour, go through our Jumpstart Nutrition Manual (you'll get your very own .pdf copy after the seminar), and take time to answer your questions.

The Jumpstart Nutrition Coaching Seminar is hosted by Coach Nancy Carlson, Pn2, who is truly a master at helping busy people fit healthy eating into their crazy busy lives.

IMPORTANT: We only have space for 20 students, and you must pre-register for this FREE coaching opportunity. 

Don't delay, we want to see you on our first ever nutrition coaching seminar!

Friendly Foes Facilitate Fun-ner-er Fridays! (and win prizes)

If the headline caught your attention then you DEFINITELY appreciate a challenge and a little competition, so wait until you hear what we have in store for you now!

In April we ran a class wide attendance challenge. The challenge was for EVERYONE in the training hour to show up OR contact a coach before a coach contacted them and 5 AM made it happen, which was pretty amazing. Because of their dedication they earned a big breakfast made by yours truly! It was great fun. It was so much fun that we decided to give it another go except with new and improved rules (we know how much you love rules!)

This one is SPECIFICALLY for Fun Fridays! We have calculated the average attendance for each training hour on all Fridays in May and they can all use a little love 🙂 so we are here to intervene! We are looking to INCREASE the average over the next 6 weeks. 

Each week we are going to count up the numbers and report each training hours increase (or decrease). If you attend a different training hour it still positively impacts YOUR training hour. If you are not able to be here it will NEGATIVELY impact your training hour UNLESS you have a MYZONE and you show us a movement that day on your activity calendar OR if you take a training selfie and send it to us 🙂 (Hey we all need to be accountable, right?)  If you train two days per week your attendance will NOT negatively impact your training hour, so keep doing what you are doing!

Fun Fridays are too amazing to miss! We promise to make it the best hour of your day! Just show up, work hard and wear your RED shirt for Red shirt Friday!!! 

Happy Training! 

A BIG GIANT Thank You!

Monday was AMAZING! Thank you for joining us on Memorial Day for a super fun training hour. 82 of you all in the house. It truly amazes us and fills us up with great joy to see that many of you spend an hour of your morning with us. 

We always do a fundraiser at our Memorial Day training to support the Veteran's who are still with us, but struggling. Operation Hat Trick is a fantastic operation who provide incredible support to our struggling NEW HAMPSHIRE Vets!

On Monday we raised almost $600 to send to this amazing organization!

We do not take for granted how amazing you are- Thank You!

Rock N Race Pick Up and Meeting Area

This Thursday is the Rock N’ Race – where did THAT come from?

The shirts and bibs have been retrieved! They will be ready for pick up WEDNESDAY between 2pm and 8pm in Concord for those who train in Concord and between 12pm and 8pm for Epsom friends

DON'T FORGET: We are open Wednesday afternoon and evening this week and closed Thursday afternoon so we can all participate! Morning training hours will remain the same Thursday!

Meeting Place and Time: We will meet up to pass out remaining shirts/bibs and get a team photo at the Eagle Square Clock at 5:30pm. We will be the team with the white Rock N Race shirts ;-)! 

If you have any further questions please let me know!

Coach Meagan

Memorial Day Training

Mark your calendars for a schedule change and a family training opportunity! On Memorial Day we get together as one big happy family. This year we are combining our Memorial Day family training with   Training for a Cause! Brilliant, right? Memorial Day is about honoring our nations men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom so it just makes sense to take this opportunity to donate to Operation Hat Trick (OHT). For those of you who are not familiar with OHT they are dedicated to American service members as they recover from the visible and invisible wounds of war. They help them move past the traumas of battle so they can focus on their lives and families at home. Donations are appreciated. We especially love that all of the money raised stays in New Hampshire to help our own. So mark your calendar, dig out your red, white and blue and let’s have some fun while doing some good!

When: Monday, May 29, 2017 

Time: 8 AM - 9:15 AM

Location: Get Fit NH Concord 

Jumpstart Nutrition Coaching – Getting Yourself Going on Your Goals

I love cookbooks. I love to make people happy with cooking. I love to eat food. Food makes me happy. 

I also get agitated because cooking takes a long time. I forget to plan and prepare so I end up stressed and rushed. ​I often serve the same thing over and over. Am I truly making anyone happy for a lifetime with my food skills? Do I know what foods should be on my plate? How much do I need to eat? Can my kids eat the same thing I do? What foods will make me healthiest? What foods can harm my body? 

Jumpstart Nutrition Coaching is your one stop for the answers to these questions. While we can't solve every issue in an hour, we can get a good jumpstart on them.

Begin Your Jumpstart

Date: Wednesday, April 12th

Time: 6pm sharp to 7pm

Place: Get Fit NH Epsom

See you there, 
Coach Nancy

Rock N’ Race Custom T-Shirt Deadline!!!

Man that snuck up on us FAST!

You are running (see what I did there) out of time to register for the 2017 Rock N' Race and get your custom "Get Fit NH & Beat Cancer" t-shirt. 

Do you really just want to have a plain t-shirt when you could get a sweet customized one?

Don't be that guy.


Click Here N.O.W. NOW and register!​

Please do your part and honor Jim, Catherine and ALL the deserving folks that need our help. The deadline is April 18th for your custom shirt!

P.S. - It's a BLAST!

P.S.S. - We shut down the gym for the race, so you might as well come! 🙂

Sizzlin’ Summer Slimdown “Clean and Lean 2017” Is Here!

Sizzlin' Summer Slimdown "Clean and Lean" 2017 IS Here!


Sign Up Now. Registration Closes April 26th! 

The Earlier You Sign Up, The Better. Instant Access to all your materials, get your initial Fit3D scan done early, and get a great head start on your prep work. 

What is the Sizzlin' Summer Slimdown "Lean and Clean 2017" Challenge?

S3 is our annual "Summer Is Coming" transformation contest. This is a great opportunity to focus in, stay accountable and get some work done. We have done different kinds of S3 challenges over the years and what we have learned is that we work better on a team. Last year we had record breaking results and a fantastic celebration at the end. We plan to break last year's records and have an ever bigger celebration!

Here's What You Get

Before I go any further I want to whet your appetite, so here's a rundown of what you get when you signup:

10 Brand New 1-Page Challenge Guides for you to download, print and keep forever. Details below!

Exclusive Downloadable Sizzlin' Summer Slimdown Handbook (.pdf), which includes:

  • Super Simple Daily Meal Plan
  • Chart Your Own Course Meal Plan
  • Coach Nancy's Sample Weekly Meal Plan
  • Meal Plan Templates
  • Grocery List
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Recipes
  • Super Shake Guide

7 weeks of nutrition accountability, education and coaching using Habit Catalyst

"New": Pinterest page with bonus healthy and tasty recipes​

7+ weeks of Private Facebook support

How Much For All This Awesomeness You Ask?​

Only $39 for Get Fit NH Clients!​

Not a current Get Fit NH Client?

We got you covered!

For the first time ever we are offering two options for non-clients to play - sweet!

Option #2: Friends and Family $77

You get all the same great support, accountability and tools that our clients are using, plus you get to experience all that Get Fit NH Awsomeness for a crazy low price!

Option #3: 6-Weeks Training  for $367

We are opening up three of our training times, one in Epsom and two in Concord*, so you can experience Get Fit NH's award winning Smart Group Training during the contest! You will receive all the care and attention our training clients receive, as well as all the great S3 tools.

S3 + Training = Awesome Results!

*7:25am/6:45pm Concord

9:00am Ladies Only in Epsom

Here's How It Works (Please read and follow carefully)

Once again this year we are doing the S3 Partner Challenge. You will need to find a partner, but if you don't have one, don't worry!

THIS IS IMPORTANT EITHER WAY: After you register you will receive an email with a link to the "Team" form. Just type in "need a partner (or N/A)" when you fill out that form and we will find you someone to buddy up with. If you do have a partner then you will fill in their name and your team name. (My favorite one from last year was "Thelma and Louise") 

This contest is all about teamwork, lifting each other up and helping each other out. You can only win the contest if both partners give it all they got!

This Years Contest Tools

Manual and Guides

This year we are adding 10 Brand New one page guides for you to download, print and keep forever! These handy guides cover everything from weekly menu planning to creating the ultimate breakfast. The Challenge Checklist is a handy reference to help you eat clean and track your progress. You will also get a copy of our famous Sizzlin' Summer Slimdown guide and cookbook, full of tasty and easy to make recipes. 

Habit Catalyst

Habit Catalyst is our nutrition education and accountability tool. Every day you will receive an email asking you this one question "Yesterday, did you eat ONLY real foods?" along with a lesson to help you do just that. Around 50% of the scoring for the contest will depend on you checking in daily and get the habits done. You can go back and read the lessons at any time, but you cannot go back to check off your habit.

This year we are also including a bonus "Prep Week" to help set you up for maximum success, so you are actually getting a full seven weeks of professional nutrition coaching - BONUS!


Fit3D is an innovative 3D body scanner that captures a 3D, 360° image of the human body and extracts the most commonly used measurements tracked for fitness progress, all with just a 40 second scan. You will be using Fit3D three times during the contest to measure your waist and hips; once before the contest, once at the mid-point, and at the end. The more you lose off your waist and hips, the more points you score!

How Does My Team Win?

Scoring Habit Points

You earn points for your team based on your percentage of daily habit tracking compliance using Habit Catalyst. Each team members score will be calculated, and then the team will be awarded the average. Here's the scale:

  • 90% or greater compliance = 100 points
  • 80 - 89% = 80 points
  • ​70 - 79% = 70 points
  • ​60 - 69% = 60 points
  • 50 - 59% = 50 points
  • <50% = 0 points

Here's an example:

Thelma achieves a compliance score of 92%  = 100 points
Louise achieves a compliance score of 78% = 70 points
The team would score the average = 85 points​

Scoring Results Points

This one is really simple. You earn 10 points for each % average that you lose off your waist and hips. Each team members score will be calculated and added to the team total.

Here's an example:

Bruce loses 4% off his waist and Wayne loses 6%. The average is 5%, so the team earns 50 points.

Bruce loses 3.5% off his hips and Wayne loses 1%, so the average would be 2.25%, or 22.5 points.

The team total "Results Points" would be 77.5 - easy peasy!​

Bonus Points

Your team will earn and additional 10 points each by completing the mid-contest Fit3D scan by May 27th. Those 20 points could be huge, so don't miss them!

Double Bonus!

Every week we will be sending you a brief (3 or 4 question) Check-In survey. You will earn another 10 points when you fill out 5 out of 6 of those. That could be another critical 20 points total.

So what would team "In It All The Way" Final Score be? 85 habit points + 77.5 results points + 40 bonus points (they were really on top of things) = 202.5 total points. Can you beat that? 🙂

And yes, there will be CASH prizes!

This year we are going to split the pie up a bit, and offer cash prizes to the Top Three Teams!

Like last year, we are going to split the entry fees, with the winners getting 50% of the entry fees, and the remaining going toward expenses for running the contest and the HUGE party we will have at the end!

Here's the breakdown:

  • 1st Place Team splits 25% of the Pool (last year that would have been a couple grand - true story!)
  • 2nd Place Team splits 15% of the pool
  • 3rd Place team splits 10% of the Pool

Are coaches eligible to win? I think I am going to enter a team myself. CHA-CHING!

Key Dates To Remember:

  • Monday April 3rd:    Sign ups open
  • Wednesday April 26th:   Sign up cutoff
  • Saturday April 29th @ 10:00 AM:  Kickoff meeting, First scan due, and Meals Made Easy workshop at Get Fit NH Concord
  • Monday May 1st:   S3 begins with "Prep Week"
  • Saturday May 27th:   Halfway scans due. We will be open 8-10 AM. You can also do them during regular hours anytime that week. Count for 10 points per teammate.
  • Saturday June 17th:   S3 ends and we are open 8-10 AM to get final scans done
  • Tuesday June 20th:   Last scan due by 7:45 PM
  • Saturday June 24th:   Reveal Party @ 10:00 AM in Concord

Registration Opens April 10th!

Get Fit NH Clients

Same price as last year

  • 10 New Challenge Guides
  • Sizzlin' Summer Slimdown Manual
  • 6 Weeks of Habit Catalyst Nutrition Coaching
  • Bonus: Prep Week Lessons
  • Fit3D scanning
  • Private Facebook Group and Coaching
  • Cash Prizes for more teams!


Your Guides Are Sent Immediately!

Friends & Family

Teamwork makes the dream work

  • 10 New Challenge Guides
  • Sizzlin' Summer Slimdown Manual
  • 6 Weeks of Habit Catalyst Nutrition Coaching
  • Bonus: Prep Week Lessons
  • Fit3D scanning
  • Private Facebook Group and Coaching
  • Cash Prizes for more teams!
  • This is a great option to see what we are about and is the best way to support those you care about. Do it together!


Your Guides Are Sent Right Away!

6-Weeks Training

New Clients Only

  • 10 New Challenge Guides
  • Sizzlin' Summer Slimdown Manual
  • 6 Weeks of Habit Catalyst Nutrition Coaching
  • Bonus: Prep Week Lessons
  • Fit3D scanning
  • Private Facebook Group and Coaching
  • Cash Prizes for more teams!
  • 6-Weeks of our Award Winning Smart Group Training


You Guessed It. We'll Send Your Stuff Too! 🙂

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