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Samantha Shines While Taking Responsibility for Her Health

I love how Sam has included in her spotlight how she took responsibility for her actions. She knew she had to make time, she knew she had to change what she was doing and what she was eating. Get Fit NH is part of who Sam is. She makes us part of her scheduled day. By making herself a priority, she is changing herself and helping those around her change too. Get Fit NH wants to make the world a happier place. It automagically happens when we get healthier. Take it from Sam- it’s working.

What was your absolute biggest challenge prior to joining Get Fit NH?

My biggest challenge prior to returning to Get Fit was making time for training. My work schedule could be pretty unpredictable. I had convinced myself that I never had time to work out.

How did that challenge make you feel?

I admit it, claiming I had no time to exercise was a cop out!

What changed after becoming a member of the Get Fit NH family?

After becoming a member of the Epsom 6pm class, I committed myself to at least 2 days of training a week as well as participating in 5k races. I also utilized time during my work day to take walks with co-workers and compete in minor challenges, like the squat challenge. But, the physical aspect was really just one piece. Committing to learning healthy eating habits has improved results.

What specific results can you share?

"Results" can be measured in different ways! I can say I've lost 17 lbs since February (which I have) but the more meaningful results are changing the bad habits that were ultimately holding me back from doing the things I wanted to do. I see no issue in drinking water all day or not eating bread (ok, the bread thing is pretty difficult). What I love the most is how easy it is to get friends and family on board with healthy habits! Some people will help you get moving and some will commit to clean eating. I've utilized my entire network in some way.

What would you say to somebody on the fence about joining?

Results lie in your hands. Get Fit can help you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be, but it starts with you. If you need help with healthy eating, they can do that. If you need modifications due to prior injuries, they will work with you. If you want to find a network of goal minded individuals, they've got that. You will feel sore! But you may even like it! (It means it's working!)

Anything else to add?

Have I said "thank you" yet?! 🙂

Keep the great work and attitude going, Sam!
Coach Nancy

Attention Parents of Kids Ages 9 to 12. You Asked, We Delivered!

We have been training athletes ages 13+ for years, both in our Summer Academies and our year round Long Term Youth Development training programs. 

For about the same length of time parents of younger kids have been whining "But what about uuuuuuussss?" 🙂

​And while we have been listening, we just didn't have the capacity to do anything about it.

Until Now!​

We are pumped about introducing our Summer Youth Academy, and it's right up your alley if you have kids ages 9 to 12!

It's no secret. Our kids are just not as active as we were at the same age. There are so many more distractions - 500 channels on TV, Xbox and Playstation, Facebook, iPhones and Android - you get the picture. None of these are harmful in and of themselves, but add them all up and you have a whole lot of sitting and not much movement. Add into that the fact that PE is limited in our schools, and we have kind of a "movement mess" on our hands when it comes to our kids.

Where is your child on the "get out and move spectrum"? You see, moving well is the foundation for a lifetime of activity and enjoyment. And while we all want to think our kids is going to "go pro", the fact of the matter is that ALL our kids need to learn that activity and exercise can be fun. For some that means winning on the playing field, for others that means going to the skate park, and for others keeping up in gym class would be really cool. No matter the ultimate goal, kids need a foundation on which to build.

A foundation which includes:

  • Coordination
  • Reflexes and reaction
  • Proactive flexibility training
  • Strength training basics
  • Power developlment
  • And of course tying it all together with game plan and fun!

Get Fit NH's Summer Youth Academy is for girls and boys ages 9 to 12, and will run six weeks, from July 10th to August 17th, on Monday and Friday's from 11:30am to 12:30pm.

It's a great chance to get the kids out of the house a few hours a week and into a environment where they can learn, laugh, build confidence and have a great time.

Tuition is only $199 for the six-week summer session, and we are capping the class at 12 students, so don't sleep on this one.

All you have to do is click the "Enroll Now" button below to send in your payment and reserve your spot. As soon as we receive your enrollment, we will contact you with our registration and health history forms for you to fill out with your child, and set your first coaching appointment. It's that easy!

Questions? Contact us here, or give Coach Adam a call at (603) 340-7281

See you (and your kids) there!

The World is Brighter Because of Jennifer

Today I got an email from Rock Star Jennifer. She had just tried a new recipe. She made Jashbrowns (no, I didn’t spell that wrong). Jennifer had used a vegetable called Jicama. She used shredded Jicama to make a variation of hash browns for her breakfast. Now you can see why they are called Jashbrowns. Served with 2 eggs, they had made a wonderful meal she just had to share with someone. I was one of those lucky people.

In fact, this is not unusual for Jennifer. We talk food a lot. Jennifer is has been training with us for almost 5 years. She’s made a lot of changes physically but her kitchen skills have changed too. While she has always been an amazing cook - her kids rave about her meals - the type of foods she fixes have changed. I’m proud of Jennifer. She is helping to change the world. She keeps working at eating healthy for her and her husband. She shares her new found kitchen gadgets with those next to her in training, and she sends recipes out over emails and Facebook.

Jennifer has taken hold of new eating habits and translated her knowledge into a healthier world for her and her husband. But since she doesn’t keep that to herself, she shares it with her children who live across the US, she is changing the world one family at a time.

Here is the recipe for Jashbrowns from Jennifer:

"Very easy - I modified it from a cookbook called “Necessary Food”. Since the amount of jicama differs depending on the size, it’s hard to make an exact recipe. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to doing it.

Jash-browns​ with Eggs

  • Butter or ghee
  • Peeled and grated jicama
  • Salt & pepper
  • 2 eggs

Heat a dollop of butter or ghee in a skillet on medium high heat until it starts to brown. Add as much grated jicama as you want, spreading it out into a thin layer. Let the jicama fry uncovered so the moisture can escape. Fry for several minutes, flipping once in a while. As the jicama loses its moisture, it will start to get brown. When your jashbrowns have enough of a sear for your liking, season them liberally with salt and pepper and set them aside to keep warm.

Fry two eggs in some butter in your skillet, season them with salt & pepper, and serve them over the jashbrowns.

Like I said, very easy! I was surprised at how easily jicama shredded and how much there is in one small one! I shredded the whole jicama. Since I didn’t want to eat it all today I froze the rest. I also added garlic salt to the jicama along with the salt and pepper before freezing. Jashbrowns are very interesting, with a crunchy texture and just a little hint of sweetness. I can’t wait to serve this again."

I’d like to help Jennifer change the world to a healthier place. We all know healthier people are happier people and the world needs more happy.

Who is joining Jennifer and I?

-Coach Nancy

Keep It Simple

Most of you that know me know that I hate cooking. Because I hate cooking I am not patient, which means when I cook it doesn’t always come out as planned, because I tend to miss important steps. Anyone else like that? For years I have tried to overcome this hatred, but here I am still not enjoying it.

Here is what I do- I am totally one of those people who CAN eat the same thing over and over, BUT eventually it will get old. Each week I make a meal plan. On that plan, I include ONE brand new (easy) recipe. If I like it then it gets added to an index card and I file it in my recipe box, if I don’t care for it then it gets trashed. The rest of my meals are pulled from the front of the recipe box then I make my grocery list. I ALWAYS cook the new recipe on a Wednesday or a weekend when I have more time to pay attention.

Once the week is over and I am ready to make my new meal plan I file the week’s recipe cards in the BACK of the box (with or without new recipe if I liked it) so that I am keeping it fresh, with what I know I like and what I know I can cook. And I am gradually growing my recipe bank.

What is your system? Is there a system or are you constantly on Google trying to find next week's meal plan? Don’t reinvent the wheel each week- keep it simple!

Coach Meagan

Enough Is Enough (Exercise That Is)

To some of y'all it might seem strange that as a gym owner and physical prep coach that I would suggest you can get too MUCH exercise, but it's true. 

​With our next scheduled recovery week coming up, I want you to explore further with me the concept of "enough" in relation to exercise.

​It seems counterintuitive - do less, gain more? Well, as the answer to many exercise related questions;

It Depends.

There are two sides to the story. On the one hand some of us don't have the skill (and sometimes will) to push ourselves hard enough to make progress. Skill? How hard can it be to sweat? When I speak of skill I mean being able to cleanly move through an exercise pattern with proper form. You know what I mean. You get a lot more "bang for your buck" when you can do a full range squat than just a little "halfsy" right? That's why we ​work on cleaning up your movements; so you can do them safely and with maximum effectiveness.

On the other hand some people are just exercise junkies. Seriously. Strenuous exercise releases endorphins, which are chemicals that make us feel good. Endorphins are why we can feel so good even though we just got our butts kicked. The downside is they can literally become our "drug". Pushing our bodies to the limit is a high we start to seek.

​But too much of a good thing is a bad thing. There is a point of diminishing returns. There comes a point when excessive exercise along with too low of calories will become a vicious cycle of fatigue, injury and even weight gain. UGHHH! 

Learning to push harder is good. Exercising hard and pushing it to the max, every so often, is a very beneficial thing to do as we seek to hit new goals and discover what we are capable of.

But there are limits on both the intensity of exercise and the frequency of exercise.

We've talked about the "hierarchy of training" before.

In other words, which type of exercise will give me the most bang for my buck, depending on the number of hours I have to allocate per week?

I absolutely love this graphic from our partners over at Precision Nutrition. It perfectly illustrates this concept.

MORE isn't better, BETTER is better.

Here's the focus points I want you to get.

  • Resistance Training comes first
  • Intervals or Sprints come second
  • Active recovery (swimming, yoga, walking, mobility work) is important, but not above the first two.
  • Leave time to do the fun stuff you enjoy.
  • There is an upper limit to how much actual training you should do, no matter how many total hours you choose to be active.

We structure our training in the gym around these principles. The big rock is going to be strength training. You see that manifested in dedicated strength training days, and also on other days where we do "metabolic resistance training" - training that uses resistance (all the tools; dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, suspension trainers, etc.) but where we move at a faster pace. Our finishers revolve around the interval and sprint work, and we also get some mobility and flexibility work in there as well, which is part of your active recovery.

And then there is recovery. Training hard and under-recovering is bad mojo. Eventually there is going to be one too many straws on the camels back.

​That's why we schedule Recovery Weeks as part of our Training Program. They are not willy-nilly, random, or unnecessary. They are an integral part of each training cycle. (You read last Tuesday's post, right?)

Recovery. It's up to YOU to Make It Happen!

Coach Dean​

Lessons from the Super Bowl

I would imagine many of you watched or at least heard about the recent Super Bowl. What an epic performance. As many of you know, I am no athlete. If you throw a ball to me, I will most certainly duck. Despite the fact that I am not an athlete, this year’s Super Bowl performance taught a powerful lesson that I believe is worth talking about.

First and foremost, how about the “why” this Patriots team shared. Not only was this the biggest and most meaningful game to them, but it was a chance for Tom Brady to make history. History was made for many reasons that night. Because of this “why”, the team fought with every ounce of strength for every second of that game. What is your why? Is it big enough that you are willing to fight for it every second of every day- even when it seems nearly impossible?

Pushing through even when odds are against you. When I fell asleep on Super Bowl Sunday, the score was 28-9 in the third quarter. There was no way the Patriots were coming back from this. Never, in the history of super bowls, had any team come back from such a score. I was honestly wondering if the Patriots were throwing in the towel, because there was no way they could recover from this (because let’s get real, for a little while they didn’t show up to that game!).

I woke up to my husband jumping up and down and Tom Brady on his knees, because he had just won his 5th super bowl. Despite the odds, despite the naysayers, despite the challenge they pushed through, because they wanted to win that bad. Do you want to reach your goals that bad? Where absolutely nothing will stand in your way? So bad that when someone tells you there is no way, you find a way?

Every second counts. Man, did the Patriots prove that or what? Even with 3 seconds left on the clock Bill was calling a timeout to get one more play in in hopes that he could get some points on the board. And did you see the fourth quarter? Even with less than 3 minutes left they were still down. Those guys played with every bit they had left, left it all on the field and walked away champions.

Are you paying attention to the other 165 hours per week that you are not in the gym? That is crucial time and if you’re not paying attention then you’re not going to get very far.

Learn from the Patriots. They are a successful team because they are coached by the best and they give it their all every time!

Coach Meagan

3 Reasons Life is Easier When You Weigh Less

I wrote this blog a couple weeks ago as I was approaching the end of my pregnancy (which came a little sooner than expected!). I was taking time to reflect on how different my body felt, so its from the perspective of when I was still pregnant.

The human body is a pretty incredible machine. Over the past 8 months my body formed another human- craziness! A true miracle, indeed. The human body capability is unbelievable. I am currently 22 pounds heavier than what I was 34 weeks ago. My body has changed and it feels different in many ways. While many differences are pregnancy related – others are not. What used to be simple is now a struggle for no other reason than I am heavier than what I am used to. Here are three big changes in life just because I am heavier.

1. Getting up and down off the floor. What a simple part of the day this used to be. With all the classes I coach on a daily basis, this was a mindless activity I never really thought twice about it. Before I get up now I have to carefully roll myself on to my side and use my hands and sometimes knees to stand myself up. When you are not overweight, getting up and down off the floor is not a chore.

2. Training enjoyment. Because I am heavier, I am winded quickly. I am not able to lift as much as I know I am capable of because my range of motion is limited. It is overall more exhausting. When the weight comes off training is easier and more enjoyable.

3. Confidence. Yes, pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but when you’re heavier and don’t feel as “in shape” as you once were, your confidence takes a beating. I don’t walk as fast, I don’t do stairs as fast, I get out of breath easier and that can be kind of embarrassing. My clothes fit, but not like they used to.

I know this blog has the potential to be misperceived. While many of the things mentioned are directly related to growing another life, my intent is to help you understand that life is easier when you are carrying less weight around.

My intent is to help you understand that the human body is INCREDIBLE and your genes are not likely the reason why the weight is not coming off.

My intent is to help you see that life CAN be easier and things like getting up and down off the floor, training and self-confidence are not impossible.

If you want it – you can make it happen. The only person giving you a “no” is YOU!

The only person saying you can’t or won’t is YOU!

I can find a BIG family of supporters who can encourage you and assure you that YOU CAN!

-Coach Meagan

Lean vs. Bulky

Ladies, you are NOT going to get bulky by lifting heavy!

This misconception is all too common these days. I want you to think about the body shape of our female coaches- does bulky and buff come to mind? Bulky doesn’t happen to ladies unless you work REALLY hard and go out of your way to make that happen. And even still, it is VERY challenging. There is a lot of food and supplementation involved to look like a figure competitor or body builder. Trust me – only a fraction of those bodies have anything to do with lifting heavy.

As ladies, we just don’t have the testosterone in our body to build muscle that way, so rest assured and lift heavier!

What does strong and lean look like?

Don’t think skinny, think lean. They are very different body shapes. Skinny people look great with clothes on, lean people look better naked. Those are the facts. Blunt? Maybe, but when have you known me to be shy?

So, how do you achieve lean and strong?

There are a number of factors that play into that, but I am going to focus on the training floor for the purpose of this blog!

Pick something up worth picking up. If it was easy and you could have goblet squatted many more reps once the timer goes off- pick something heavier up next time. You should feel like there was no way you were getting another rep in- THAT’S how heavy it was! If you are on MYZONE or Polar, you should be able to get your heart rate up based on the heavy weights in your hands. Yellow is a totally doable zone when lifting enough. On farmers walk- stay away from the small weights. If you don’t grunt a little just moving the kettlebell then it probably isn’t heavy enough 🙂 ! Finish the set. Every second counts. Muscle fatigue is one thing, but stopping at “3” is silliness! Don’t do that. Lean people move with a purpose. They don’t lollygag. They pay attention to speed of movement. They take the warm up and cool down seriously, because they know they need it to get better, get stronger and recover

Put the bulky fear behind you. It is not going to happen. If you want to achieve that body shape then we need to talk in order to get you there, because it just won’t happen naturally.

Coach Meagan​

The Spotlight is Shining Again!

And this time it's Leslie Thompson that's thrown right into the middle of the it! Leslie has been a student of ours since before I even became a coach. I can tell you, however, that just in the time I have been coaching at Get Fit, I have even seen a change in her. Screening out of bands left and right, working hard and having a positive attitude every time. Always enjoying coming in. Here are some words from Leslie herself about her journey...

"I chose Get Fit NH because my neighbor, Sheila, recommended it. I was looking for something for me. Something that I could do for myself. Plus, I was sick of feeling achy all the time and really out of shape. So I thought I'd give it a try. My first few weeks I was really, really sore. But I liked that feeling, I still do. It makes me aware that my body has muscles. And that they are meant to be used. I began to feel strong and flexible. Everything in my life started to become easier. I could run laps around my old self at my job. I had so much more energy. And my body began to feel looser but stronger at the same time

My goal at Get Fit NH is to continue. To continue to go. To continue to commit to myself and my health. I love it. Sure, when I get there at 6:45 pm, I am usually crawling in. But, I am always glad that I went, glad that I trained. Glad that I spend that hour on myself. Get Fit NH has helped me in so many ways. Physically, of course. But mentally and emotional as well. I am stronger and more assertive, in a good way. I am my own advocate now. This is my life and it is what I make of it. My favorite part of Get Fit NH is the fact that I LOVE to go. It is a strange concept, I know. But I am hooked. And I am thrilled about it!"

Like I said above, just in the time that I have been at Get Fit I have seen a change in Leslie. I wanted to make sure people were made aware of how hard she works and what she has accomplished. I am extremely proud to be her coach! Keep up the hard work, Leslie!

Coach Adam

Goal Setting is a Skill

In December and January we have been experimenting with assigned monthly goals using the mystery box. I have to tell you- the response and compliance since we tested this out has been much better than when students were setting their own goals- why is that?

Goal setting is a skill. We expect a lot from ourselves sometimes. Like losing 10 pounds in a month. That’s a huge goal. Achievable- sure for some, but certainly not likely unless something else in your life changes. Meaning training alone ain’t gonna melt those pounds and inches off.

Or sometimes we don’t expect ENOUGH from ourselves. Meaning you are avoiding the areas that truly need the attention. So where’s the balance? How do you know what is right for you? Well for starters- that is what your coach is for, but also focusing on habits /behaviors not numbers.

The purpose of assigning goals is to get away from the numbers like losing X inches, losing X pounds, etc. That is all well and good, but it is the habits and behaviors that make those numbers change. So as we migrate back to setting our own goals I want you to take that into consideration. The numbers will change if the behaviors change.

Make it happen,
Coach Meagan

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