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6 Years and Shining Bright

Kim Lapomardo is shining bright after 6 years of training! I asked Kim to be in the spotlight because her attitude is so positive, her results are real and her mindset is spot on. Training is a forever game. Ultimately we are all training to make life on this earth easier and more enjoyable - Kim totally gets that. She gets in here, she works hard every single time and she is receptive to coaching. I love having her in our 6:45 training hour. This is what she has to say:

1. What was your absolute biggest challenge prior to starting at Get Fit NH?

Fear!! I’d have to say my biggest challenge prior to joining was my fear of failure. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to stick with the program and end up quitting. Or that I would be surrounded by a bunch of intimidating bodybuilder types. Or that I just wouldn’t fit in. I was definitely scared.

2. What changed after you started?

Within the first month my confidence had definitely improved and the fears I had were nonexistent. I attribute this to the welcoming nature of the Get Fit family.

3. What specific results can you share?

Having been at Get Fit NH for 6 years now, I’ve achieved many small goals and some major ones. I think the result I am most proud of is training through two pregnancies. It was so incredibly hard some days, and I won’t lie, sometimes I didn’t even make it in. The fact that I pushed through lended itself to two easy births and speedy recoveries. If you had told me 3 years ago what I was going to achieve I wouldn’t have believed you, I didn’t think I was strong enough!

4. What would you say to somebody on the fence about joining?

Just come! The worst that could happen is that you find the program isn’t for you. The best thing that could happen is that you find a welcoming bunch of people that you look forward to seeing and working out with each day!

5. What has kept you coming back all these years?

Over the years there have been many things that kept me coming back. Sometimes I’m working towards a specific weight loss goal, or working on picking up heavier weights. At one point I was getting in shape for my wedding, then prepping to have a baby. Now as a stay at home mom I make sure to get into the gym for my mental sanity! Generally, though I keep coming back because I really do miss training when I’m not there.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, Kim. Real people. Real results. You too can make it happen! 

Coach Meagan

A Touching Message from a Student Sends Her into the Spotlight

This week’s student spotlight is a little different than normal. It features Lauren Sullivan who has been part of the family for a while now. In emailing her briefly over recovery week, she sent me an email back that I think everyone needs to read. I have cleared it with Lauren to share, so please take 5 minutes out of your day to read what she has to say.

"Thank you so much, coach Adam! I really appreciate that! I love it at Get Fit, and I actually like working out now (which I never thought I would be able to say) hehe. You guys have made a real difference in my life! Thank you for helping me get my health and well being back on track! I first joined because of Amy, of course, but what I don't think I ever shared is that I was looking for something like this at that time. Specifically I was looking for some type of outlet. My Father passed very unexpectedly because of going into anaphylactic shock from an antibiotic he took daily. This took place in October before I started and I was having a super tough time with his death, including coming to terms with how and why he passed. So I decided to see a grievance counselor for just short of a year, and also knew I needed to find my own outlet to release some of the built up emotions. I feel I was brought here for a reason, and I have always felt welcomed, supported, and never judged - 3 things I would have never imagined I could have found, but learned quickly that I had actually found a place that embodied just that! The culture that you guys promote, the support of all the staff, and the personal touch goes above and beyond! I am so grateful and appreciative I found Get Fit as an establishment!

Lauren is in the middle receiving her "I survived" shirt!

I saw Cherie at Sandy's the other day and we often do end up talking to each other about different things relating to and supporting one another after both losing our fathers, and this particular day I ended up talking about how Get Fit and also you, have made SUCH a difference in my life! We talked all about the fact that a lot of my reasons for continuing at Get Fit was because of your support and encouragement, as well as being inspired by you as a coach and a mentor. As you know, when I first came to Get Fit it was evident I hadn't worked out in years lol! But, that was a part of my fear, and because of you and the team, the fact that I hadn't worked out in forever never held me back from wanting to get better (which has been a factor in the past of not sticking with things I had tried)! I had 101 fears when I first started from things like not being accepted, or about being judged, feeling a lack of confidence in my ability, and even fearing I would I wouldn't stick with it based on my level of ability and hoping I wouldn't be ostracized by other members for it. As I'm sure you know, no member of Get Fit will ever have to worry about that- or any of those things for that matter! I love it at Get Fit, and so much of that is because of you and your support! I feel a part of a community, and I couldn't be more grateful for the experience I've had! I told Cherie that, and it made me think I should probably tell you, because your coaching has really impacted my journey here in a positive way! So, thank you very much! I appreciate it! This experience as a whole has made a huge difference in my life!"

It took a lot of guts to not only share this with me, but to also allow me to share it with all of you as well. Lauren deserves a big hand for doing so. I hope that Lauren's story can help you all in some way or another, I know it helps me!

-Coach Adam

A Short, Sweet and Specific Spotlight

I met Robie just over a year ago. She has made me smile every day since. I think it is her goal to make others happy. She has a wit that makes you think and always leaves you chuckling. While she might not be the loudest at the 6pm training time, she knows how to bring it. She was kind enough to let me interview her. 

Coach Nancy: Why did you choose to come Get Fit NH?
Robie: Honestly, it was local and I thought "what do I have to lose, so why not?". I can do anything for 2 weeks, right?

Coach Nancy: What did you learned after you first 2 weeks?
Robie: That this is possible. The first two weeks are your chance to learn about how Get Fit works, but they are two weeks of active participation. You will get the encouragement and education you need to succeed, even if it is at your pace or you are complaining in a witty way that I am sure does not sound like complaining at all.
Coach Nancy: How do you feel after almost 12 months into your training?
Robie: I have had some set backs, but I feel better as a human being. I am one of those who has to do things when I want to commit to them. I am committed to working out, so I work out. GET FIT is where I want to workout and where I want to learn to be a better me. I am working on wanting to take complete advantage of all the nutritional knowledge that Get Fit has to offer. I do listen and try, but as it is said "its me, not you".
Coach Nancy: Describe your overall experience at Get Fit NH.
Robie: Dean and Nancy have created the most positive, inclusive and goal driven "gym" I have ever been a part of. The push to be better, do better with constructive encouragement and a little bit of competition, to me, make this the perfect gym.

​Robie has survived much more than her first month at Get Fit NH. She is just earned Hall of Fame Status in March. Congratulations and thank you, Robie.

People are talking…

A couple of weeks ago I posted a few questions on my Facebook page for some of our students to answer. I wanted to share with the world WHY our students ever walked through our doors, WHY they choose to stay and what results they are most proud of. Today's world is being taken over by obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and it is up to US to help spread the good word and change the world! Here's what people are saying...

Katie says: ​ I kept driving past it A LOT and was in the market for a new gym as the Y was not cutting it for me. It has all of the components that make exercise successful for me. Incremental instruction, boat loads of encouragement, and lots of fun and laughs along the way. With a dose of competition thrown in. I am constantly surprised with what my body really can do given the right environment and encouragement. And I've found it is my new form of moving meditation. It keeps my mind engaged enough that I actually find relaxing while challenging at the same time. Thank you!

Audrey says:  I knew Dean from 6 years ago and I know his story.  I figured he reached his health and fitness goals so why not learn from him! I stay because I like the variety and all of the trainers and it is fun! I am most proud that I have stuck to faithfully going and healthy eating.

Heidi says: I came to Get Fit NH because of the free trial period. I love the variety of trainings, the people and the coaches!  I am most proud that I can now do a real chin up! 

Karen concurs with Heidi, except she is most proud that she can hang on the chin up bar for more than 10 seconds!

​Kim says:  I chose Get Fit after a bit of online research. I knew I wouldn't stick with any old run of the mill gym. I needed a program. I stay because I have made real friends who are like family and I look forward to seeing them. Now that I have two kids I also go for my sanity! I am most proud that I have tuck with it for 5 or 6 years now!

​Stacy says she started because a friend told her about it. She stays because of her 6:15 family and she is most proud of her new eating habits!

​Brenda says: I started because I was caring for aging parents . If I can be strong and fit now, then I will go into my own senior years in a much better place than they are/were. I stay because I NEED someone to tell me to pick up more weight, do just one more squat thrust, keep going, keep going, keep going. I am not good at a gym where I'm given a program and expected to do it on my own. I NEED coaches to COACH me and motivate and encourage me! The thing I am most proud of is that I stick with it....4 days/week for 2 years now. I have never ever been this successful at a fitness's the coaching and the changing routines and the camaraderie.

Emma says: I came to Get Fit NH because of my mom- the one and only Trish! I really enjoy the support I get from the coaching team. It's like "Cheers". I go where everyone knows my name. I am So. Much. Stronger. Like so much.

Scott says he came to Get Fit NH because he saw the Get Fit mobile. He stays because he loves the training variety and he is most proud of the strength he has gained and the way he looks!

Brian is here because of the Best Bar Ever- especially the cookie dough!

Real people. Real results. What are you waiting for?

Make it happen!
-Coach Meagan​

Patty is One Amazing Lady

Patty is one amazing lady. I know she doesn’t see it as much as I want her to, but she stands out in a room. She is the one with a positive attitude no matter what is on her calendar or how she feels. When I asked her to allow me to do a spotlight on her, she wasn’t thinking she had a story to tell. But Patty is just like me in so many ways. She works full time, has a wonderful family and grandchildren that she wants to play with for many years to come. She works hard in the gym just like so many do. Yet Patty is also a hero. She doesn’t give in to discouragement when the drive to training becomes an hour each way. She doesn’t stop trying to eat healthy when she is down with a cold. Life goes up and down but Patty keeps getting up and brining others up right along with her. I know many of you will relate to Patty’s spotlight because in many ways you are like her.

“I have read every spotlight Get Fit has posted, so when Nancy asked me to write something up about me, I was very surprised. I don’t see myself as any of those prior spotlight people. They are all huge success stories. Me, well, hmmmm. I like to think of myself as more of a “keep trying” kind of girl. I am more of the turtle in the race with the rabbit. I have had my successes, but I have also had my setbacks, but like the turtle, I keep on going.

The reason I started at Get Fit was all because of a friend/coworker, Michelle. She had started at Get Fit and when I started complaining that my scale must be broken because it never went down any more, she said I should go with her. Still not convinced I wanted to go, she again shared her wisdom with me by saying, “Patty, just go…what are you going to do at night anyway? You will just go home and lay on the couch” (that Michelle, she is a very smart lady). So, off I went and you know what? Yeah….I hurt like a son of a gun those first couple of weeks. I knew I was out of shape, but seriously, that was bad. It taught me that I never wanted to get that bad again, so I continued on.

I have done the detox several times, the S3 (one of my personal favorites), and several of the nutrition workshops. The nutrition part is big for me. I am not a huge fan of veggies, I know, I know…they are good for me. Nancy took that information and challenged me by telling me I had to try two new veggies the next week. Scary thought, but I did it. Who knew spaghetti squash and daikon are really good. Daikon now replaces the pasta I would have put on my soups and spaghetti squash now replaces the pasta in my spaghetti dishes. Might not be a big win for some, but for me, it is huge.

So, I have been at Get Fit for over three years and one of the things I love the most is the people I work out with. They push me to pick up more, changed my attitude from “I can’t do a push up” to a “Yes I can” (even if I still struggle with this, Glenn!). I was working out the other day and someone looked over at my weights and said “you can do more than that”. They were right, imagine that. I picked up more the next time and I struggled, but I did it. It’s the people at Get Fit that have me driving a lot of miles to work out. I can’t imagine a place where you will get that kind of feedback from someone who isn’t even the coach.

Here is my advice to those struggling, or just feeling like they are not making huge progress. It’s okay, just keep going. Never give up on yourself. You are worth it and even if you don’t see huge results, the results are still there.“

I told Patty her next vegetable to try is Jicama. I know she’ll like it, especially if she makes Jash Browns.

Keep on making it happen, Patty!

Coach Nancy

Another Spotlight is Shining

And this time it's shining on Julie Robinson!

Although Julie has only been with us a little over a month at this point, she has been a great positive addition to class! She works hard and is very accepting of ways to improve and keep getting better. Here is a little more information about Julie’s journey at Get Fit NH in her own words…

Julie is pictured on the far left getting her "I survived" shirt!

“I heard about Get Fit NH on Facebook. I read about the 28-day metabolic challenge and it spurred my interest. I have always loved working out and am always looking for new ways to improve my overall health and flexibility and decided to give it a try. I am a runner, but like anything else, if that is all you do your body becomes accustomed to the effort and you stop seeing results. I also have been doing cross fit training for many years now but know there is always more you can learn and add to your workouts. One of the great things about Get Fit NH is the team of coaches. They are always cheering you on and giving you pointers on better form to get the most from the exercise and not injure yourself.

I have been at Get Fit NH now for about 6 weeks and have found that I have more stamina and a bit more flexibility. I have also learned that for many years I have been doing a lot of my exercises wrong! I have severe scoliosis and have difficulty straightening my back, I tend to round my shoulders to compensate. With Coach Adam and Coach Cari's help I am improving on my form. This has helped me when not at the gym too because I am now more aware of my poor posture and find myself constantly working to improve it.

I also like the nutritional portion of the Get Fit NH program. I have a very restricted diet but have learned a lot already on how I can add some variation to my often times bland diet. What is really nice about the program and the staff at Get Fit NH is they are always giving you options on how you can improve physically and nutritionally and explaining how you will get your best results by incorporating both into your routine. I have met some wonderful people through Get Fit NH, it is fun to work with people that have the same goals and needs. It truly is a great group of people and I am enjoying it very much!”

Keep up the great work, Julie!

-Coach Adam

Spotlight Shines on the Other Half of the Doyle Household

We put Amy in the spotlight a few weeks ago, and this time it's shining on her husband, Jim. Like Amy, Jim has been a fantastic addition to the Get Fit NH family, someone who always comes in with a positive attitude and works his butt off time in and time out. Jim tells us a little more about his time with Get Fit NH...

Why did you choose Get Fit NH?

My wife Amy had heard about Get Fit from some of her co-workers at Bow Memorial Middle School. They raved about what a great program it was, and she really wanted to try it. We had a membership at the Concord YMCA, but hardly used it at all, and both wanted to find a workout solution that got us excited and motivated to be in the gym. It seemed like Get Fit was making it happen for her friends, and so we decided to give it a shot. What a great decision!

What changes did you notice in the first few weeks?

Well the first thing I noticed was how out of shape I was…ha! But it wasn’t long until I remembered just how great it felt to be in the gym and exercising regularly. You get through that initial sore period, and then everything starts to feel much tighter and better. Feeling better and better like that becomes its own form of motivation (at least for me!) I enjoy working out, but haven’t always had the best discipline. Get Fit has really helped me with that. I never thought I would be “that guy” who gets up at 5:30am to go workout, and yet now I’m doing it on a regular basis (4:30am on Mondays and Fridays!).

What outside of Get Fit NH has become easier since starting?

One of the biggest impacts I noticed had to do with my annual participation in the Reach-The-Beach Relay. I’ve run in it since 2012, but almost every year I would end the relay with some kind of nagging injury or pain (plantar fasciitis, patellar tendonitis, shin splints, etc.). Keep in mind, my only preparation for the relay was running. However, when I ran in it this past fall (after having been at Get Fit for just 3 months), I felt much stronger than in any previous year, and I finished with absolutely zero aches and pain (and that was even with a grueling 9 mile run with plenty of hills!). I credit that largely to the workouts we do at Get Fit. The full body strength and conditioning that Coach Dean and his team prepare have a huge impact on my overall fitness level.

What are your goals?

I was really big when I was younger (topped the scales at 280 lbs. my freshman year in college), and so weight has always been an issue for me. I have a tendency to yo-yo when it comes to my weight. As everyone knows, the older you get the harder it is to keep the weight off. I’ve set a long-term goal to take charge of this area of my life and make a permanent commitment to proper weight management and control.

What have you accomplished so far?

I started at Get Fit last August, and so far I’ve managed to lose 15 pounds as far as the scale reads, and have seen a 5% drop in my overall body fat composition. I’ve also gone from an XXL down to an XL, and feel like I can confidently set my sights on getting back into an L before July of this year.

What is your favorite part of Get Fit NH?

The coaches and the workouts they design. One thing I really appreciate about the coaches is how encouraging they are, gently pushing us to strive for more, but never making us feel like we aren’t getting to where we need to be. I guess what I mean is that they take the time to get to know you, it’s not a cookie cutter approach. They understand each one of us is different, and we are doing “our” workout even though everyone else is doing the same thing. It’s like the old adage “the weight is not the goal…the weight is the tool you use to achieve your goal.” To that end, I also really appreciate how vigilant they are about making sure we are using proper form so we don’t hurt ourselves.

Great job, Jim! Keep it up!

Coach Adam

The World is Brighter Because of Jennifer

Today I got an email from Rock Star Jennifer. She had just tried a new recipe. She made Jashbrowns (no, I didn’t spell that wrong). Jennifer had used a vegetable called Jicama. She used shredded Jicama to make a variation of hash browns for her breakfast. Now you can see why they are called Jashbrowns. Served with 2 eggs, they had made a wonderful meal she just had to share with someone. I was one of those lucky people.

In fact, this is not unusual for Jennifer. We talk food a lot. Jennifer is has been training with us for almost 5 years. She’s made a lot of changes physically but her kitchen skills have changed too. While she has always been an amazing cook - her kids rave about her meals - the type of foods she fixes have changed. I’m proud of Jennifer. She is helping to change the world. She keeps working at eating healthy for her and her husband. She shares her new found kitchen gadgets with those next to her in training, and she sends recipes out over emails and Facebook.

Jennifer has taken hold of new eating habits and translated her knowledge into a healthier world for her and her husband. But since she doesn’t keep that to herself, she shares it with her children who live across the US, she is changing the world one family at a time.

Here is the recipe for Jashbrowns from Jennifer:

"Very easy - I modified it from a cookbook called “Necessary Food”. Since the amount of jicama differs depending on the size, it’s hard to make an exact recipe. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to doing it.

Jash-browns​ with Eggs

  • Butter or ghee
  • Peeled and grated jicama
  • Salt & pepper
  • 2 eggs

Heat a dollop of butter or ghee in a skillet on medium high heat until it starts to brown. Add as much grated jicama as you want, spreading it out into a thin layer. Let the jicama fry uncovered so the moisture can escape. Fry for several minutes, flipping once in a while. As the jicama loses its moisture, it will start to get brown. When your jashbrowns have enough of a sear for your liking, season them liberally with salt and pepper and set them aside to keep warm.

Fry two eggs in some butter in your skillet, season them with salt & pepper, and serve them over the jashbrowns.

Like I said, very easy! I was surprised at how easily jicama shredded and how much there is in one small one! I shredded the whole jicama. Since I didn’t want to eat it all today I froze the rest. I also added garlic salt to the jicama along with the salt and pepper before freezing. Jashbrowns are very interesting, with a crunchy texture and just a little hint of sweetness. I can’t wait to serve this again."

I’d like to help Jennifer change the world to a healthier place. We all know healthier people are happier people and the world needs more happy.

Who is joining Jennifer and I?

-Coach Nancy

Crista is Shining in the Athlete Academy Spotlight

Another Athlete Academy spotlight going out, this time to Crista. Crista joined our Athlete Academy program a couple months ago and I have already seen big improvements. She has come in with a great attitude, a willingness to be coached and overall just to get better. She has a goal to be doing chin-ups in the immediate future and with every week I see serious improvement so I have no doubt she will get there. Enough from me, here is some of Crista’s experience in her own words...

"Why did you choose Athlete Academy?

I chose Athlete Academy because I was really interested in becoming a stronger version of myself and strengthening parts of my body that I've never felt the need to invest time into before.

What changes did you notice in the first few weeks?

Within the first few weeks I began to feel stronger, especially in my upper body. I've never done specific upper body workouts and so I definitely noticed an improvement.

What outside of Athlete Academy has become easier since starting?

Outside of Get Fit NH I've noticed improvements in strength in soccer games and I've also noticed it when I go for runs. Personally, with working out comes the motivation to eat healthier and stay motivated in other aspects of my life and so that's also been great.

What are your goals?

A major goal that I have for these sessions is to improve my muscle strength, especially in the legs and arms and, so far, I've been able to do that! I've felt much stronger in both of those areas. I also would love to excel in the upcoming track season and I can't wait to see how I've improved from last season!

What is your favorite part of Athlete Academy?

My favorite part of Athlete Academy is the people, everyone was so accepting when I first started. The atmosphere is fun and everyone pushes me to work hard.

How had Athlete Academy affected your performance?

The academy has affected my performance positively both physically and mentally. I felt stronger over the past weeks in soccer games as well as when I run to prepare for the outdoor track season. During the trainings I've also pushed myself mentally to work harder than I think I can and that's shown outside the gym.

Overall I've absolutely loved joining, I've felt the improvements in outside sports and I know I will only get stronger! :)”

Great job, Crista! I am impressed at the progress you have made in such a short period of time and the mentality you approach your training with!

-Coach Adam

Audrey Survived the 21+ Nutrition Challenge – Here is What She Has To Say!

Audrey is shining in the spotlight today talking about her success with the latest 21+ nutrition challenge. I knew Audrey must have been successful, because she was one of the most active participants on the Facebook accountability page. She posted updates daily about how she was feeling, what was challenging, and how she was overcoming obstacles. During this challenge she even spent time out of her home and in the hospital with her father as well as in living arrangements that were not her own. She made a plan and made it work. I am proud of Audrey for finding a way to make it happen when it would have been SO easy to find an excuse. Her positive attitude, energy and smile are all very contagious. We are lucky to have her in the Get Fit NH Family. Here is what she has to say.

Audrey is pictured on left

Audrey is pictured on left

"Absolute biggest challenge? For sure was meal planning. I broke up the week and planned meals from Monday-Wednesday, and then planned again for Thursday-Sunday. Breaking the week up made it not so overwhelming.

What changed after starting the 21+ Day Challenge? I always love a challenge. The no sugar and no dairy was the biggest change. I love to bake so this was difficult, I just decided to not bake at all. I took out every unapproved food in my house so I am not tempted at all.

What results have you seen? Weight loss - finally. I love that I have not starved myself. I am working on changing my thought pattern to use food to fuel my body, not just eat for pleasure. I've also lost inches and I know I'm gaining muscle (thanks to the awesome workouts). I feel healthy from the inside out, not just looking for weight loss.

What would you say to someone on the fence about starting? I would tell them it's not easy but so worth it. To write down their goals and make a plan. I would tell them I've tried everything in the past and there are no shortcuts. Something worth having is worth all the work. This is a life long journey not a sprint.

What keeps you coming back? To have success you need support, and Get Fit is the best support I have ever had with a gym. The accountability is awesome and something I absolutely need. Dean and Nancy, as well as every trainer, practice what they preach. I love how they keep it exciting and challenging - always mixing things up. I especially love that the gym talks and educates us on healthy eating - not just working out. 

People ask me what the price is to go to Get Fit. They say Planet Fitness is only $10 a month. My response is you get what you pay for, and Get Fit NH is worth every penny!"

Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us, Audrey. Keep at it- we are so proud of you!
-Coach Meagan

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