What is FitRanx?

FitRanx is a comprehensive standardized ranking system used for gauging individual fitness levels. This is not a system based on how long you have been training or how much you or your coach THINK you have improved. This is a REAL system that took years to develop that helps you work toward and achieve your fitness potential.

How does FitRanx work?

FitRanx works through standardized fitness testing. There are 8 FitRanx levels with corresponding colors that represent each level. This means a level 5 in Concord and Epsom, NH has accomplished the same tasks and ranking as a level 5 in Los Angeles, CA. 

This Revolutionary Fitness Ranking System gives you clear and specific goals to work toward while ensuring you are achieving balanced, full body-fitness. You stay motivated, and your technique is coached by qualified and expert coaches, ensuring that if you put in the work, the results will come. 

You put that hard work to the test by participating in a standardized fitness test that uses specific exercises to determine your level of strength and conditioning. 

A World Wide Ranking Data Base?

At Get Fit NH we are believers in healthy competition. Many of our "Fun Fridays" are built around game play and teamwork. One of the other cool things about FitRanX is that you aren't just achieving and testing with others in our gym, but with people all over the world. How cool is that?

Why is FitRanx a good fit for me?

As a coach, many of my clients tell me they aren't really competitive, and you may be thinking the same thing. But FitRanX isn't about beating the next guy, it's about having a "next step" throughout your fitness journey, and progressive goals to achieve. I also find most of my clients are a LOT more competitive than they think they are. Healthy competition and peer accountability are two great ways to stay motivated, and working your way up the FitRanX is motivating and addictive!

FitRanx and Smart Group Training

Like chocolate and peanut butter, FitRanx and our Smart Group Training system fit perfectly together. As you progress through the FitRanx levels, you will need to work diligently to screen out of any SGT bands that apply to your next level test. For instance you will need to work to get out of your yellow band before you test the Kettlebell Swing. It's a true win-win as you see your movement quality improve and move up the ranks all at the same time.

Recapping FitRanx

  • Keeps you Motivated!
  • You have clear short term goals to reach.
  • The positive energy around testing days is contagious, you don't want to miss one.
  • The Get Fit Family all helps each other reach our true potential. 
  • You work for and see Results.

Be on the lookout for the next testing day, and ask your coach how to get in on the action!

Get Fit NH FitRanx Testing and Awards

Get Fit NH FitRanx Achievement Board

Patti Johnson

Kate Fox

Amy Roberge

Terri George

Jayne Millerick

Steven Meier

Laurie Vallee

Andrea Folsom

Doreen Mathison

Alison Timmins-Ordway

Marie Oosterman

Lindsey Petersen

Mike Trask

Cristina Kearns

Sara Balassone

​Carlene Reusenberg

Kristin Wolfe

Becky Lovell

Scott LeBrun

Peter Dow

Tom Barker

Lori Preve

Wayne Preve

Scott Decker

Coach Meagan

Coach Nancy

Coach Adam

Coach Lars

Coach Dean