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April 11, 2017 - Get Fit NH’s Smart Group Training is “Best of the Best” workout in New Hampshire. Get Fit NH voted “Best of the Best” Gym in NH for fifth straight year.

Get Fit NH, with locations in Concord and Epsom, won three awards in this year’s Hippo Press “Best of NH” voting. Voters have once again named Get Fit NH “Best of the Best” gym in all of New Hampshire as well as voting their “Smart Group Training” the “Best of the Best workout class” in the state. Coach Nancy Carlson earned the “Best of the Best” Fitness instructor award. This makes five “Best of the Best” nods in a row and eight “Best of…” overall for the popular training gym, well known for its unique high quality group training format. Coach Nancy’s “Best of the Best” Fitness Instructor in all of New Hampshire honor is her fourth straight and her sixth since 2010. “All of the coaches at Get Fit NH consistently work hard and take great pride in what we do for our clients. We never stop learning and finding new ways to make Get Fit NH and our clients better every day. We work hard to consistently offer the smartest and best training available so earning these awards year after year is especially gratifying to us and to our amazing team of coaches, who are deserving of all the credit we can give.” said Nancy.

Get Fit NH is built on the philosophy that if the training isn't fun, safe, and effective, clients won't come back. "Fitness technology is huge these days," Co-Founder Dean Carlson says. "It makes training interesting and helps both our clients and us see and track progress, as well as make quicker adjustments to the training program as needed." In the last few years, Get Fit NH has added new innovations at the gym such as BioForce HRV heart rate variability testing, which monitors readiness for exercise, Fit 3D body scanning for viewing and tracking progress over time, and MyZone, which allows coaches and clients to monitor degree of effort while training.

Get Fit NH is one of only a handful of gyms in the country to have earned Smart Group Training (SGT) certification. SGT is built around the Functional Movement Screen which allows personalization of the routine within a group setting to maximize each client’s results. Get Fit NH asks each new student to come in for a 2 week free tryout before joining to see if the gym, coaches and training are a good fit. These two weeks allow them the best chance to see for themselves what taking advantage of the innovative approach at Get Fit NH will do for them.

The success of Get Fit NH is due to their continuous drive to do what it takes to make their clients better. To this end they offer professional group fitness training, nutrition coaching, and seminars at two locations in Concord and Epsom. See their website at or call 344-2651 today.

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