10 Pounds – 1 Pant Size = 0 Excuses!

Right before recovery week Scott received his “I Survived Get Fit NH” gray T- shirt. Scott made a simple comment to the 4pm “Happy Hour” that everyone needs to hear.

“10 Pounds and 1 Pant size”. Short but oh so sweet!

I asked Scott to write down a bit of the story behind his fantastic accomplishment.

“I broke my ankle really bad in a fall from a ladder about 13 years ago and have lost full range of motion in my ankle joint.  This has led to bio-mechanical issues in my hip joint which suffers from arthritis today. 

However, this has not prevented me from committing to staying fit and active since turning 50 earlier this year. 

With the help of Nancy and Get Fit NH Bootcamp, I’ve lost 10 pounds and a pant size in 6 weeks.  The workouts and stretching we do at Bootcamp have actually reduced the pain and stiffness in my hip.  So don’t let an old injury prevent you from “making it happen.”  If I can do it, you can too!” – Scott Decker

Each of our individual goals are met with support at times and difficulties at others. It is the constant day to day activities over the course of time that form habits which lead us to meeting our goals.

Great work Scott. Keep making it happen!

Coach Nancy




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