12 Action Steps to Get You Focused

Do you ever read those articles in magazines labeled “6 weeks to reach a perfect body” or “5 steps to 6 pack abs”? Yeah, me too. Those articles infuriate me, because they are SUCH bogus!

You know what isn’t bogus though? Habit building.

Imagine what your body could look like or feel like one year from today if each month you just focused on ONE thing. And imagine what changes you would see if you maintained those new habits month after month after month?

It isn’t easy to take the reigns, but we can simplify it. Here is an entire year’s worth of action steps to get you focused and keep you moving toward your goal:

  • Perfect attendance - January
  • No takeout food - February
  • Keep a food log - March
  • Eat breakfast everyday - April
  • Eat lunch everyday - May
  • No snacking after 7pm - June
  • Eat three meals per day - July
  • Protein with each meal - August
  • Veggies with each meal - September
  • Healthy fat with each meal - October
  • No added sugars - November
  • 80 ounces of water per day - December

This is just an example outline. You can go in any order, but I challenge you to start somewhere!

-Coach Meagan

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