Are You in Pain? Make an Appointment

“It’s not witchcraft, it’s not made up, it takes no super special equipment or radical amount of time or money. So if you are in pain, don’t make excuses, make an appointment.” –Coach Adam

As you may have guessed, I just thought that quote up as a lead in to this blog. How many times have I talked about being hurt? How many times have you been hurt? Whether it is from something you did outside the gym, something that you have always had, or something that has just sort of creeped up on you. Guess what, we have someone in this facility who can help.

That person is CJ, and if he can’t help, he can point you to someone who can. What do you really have to lose? I can promise you it is not going to make matters any worse, it can only make things better. I have been hearing a lot of people self-diagnosing recently and not getting the issue looked at to pinpoint what is actually going on. When I bring up CJ, they look at me like I just told them to rub snake oil on it and do a rain dance. The things that CJ does to help isn’t hokum, it wasn’t spelled out on an Ouija board (although some of you that do it often might think it’s demonic). Its actively working on the muscle groups to figure out what is causing the pain you are experiencing.

It’s $10 for 10 minutes of your time. Do some research and see how much you can get out of 10 minutes of your PCP’s time. I’m sure it’s also a heck of a lot more expensive than $10. Most of the time from your PCP, you get sent somewhere else for imaging which they schedule a month from now. A majority of the time you get through your MRI just to discover it showed nothing. So what’s next after that? You pay more money for PT, which you have to wait another week to get in to.

Here is your other option: you pay $10 to see CJ and he has a look. If it’s not something he himself or someone at Performance Health can help with, they will refer you to someone else for the next steps. This isn’t some marketing, snake oil salesman scheme by bringing CJ in. If we didn’t think having him in here could help out our students, he wouldn’t be here. So stop overthinking it and thinking it’s some sort of gimmick and make an appointment to see him.

Make it Happen
-Coach Adam

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