Who Is Going to Win MARCH MADNESS, Get Fit NH Style?

marchmadFebruary 29th we will kick off our first and very own version of March Madness. Whether you watch college basketball or not, you have most likely heard of March Madness. March Madness is college basketball’s crazy playoff tournament where the winner is the national champion. We have decided to give into the fever. So beginning the first week of March (the week of 2/29/16) teams will compete for ultimate bragging rights as well as some sweet CUSTOM T-Shirts (and did we mention bragging rights??)


Here’s how it works! Every week two teams will go head to head, whichever team has the most MEPS by the end of the week will advance to the next round until only two teams remain. Additionally, running at the same time, will be a consolation bracket. If you do not make it out of the first round you can keep it going. If you don’t have a MYZONE, but you love March Madness and want to have some fun. Sounds like a perfect reason to take your training to the next level.

For this challenge we are selling the new MZ3 MYZONE belts for LESS than what we pay! That’s right- $60! If you have one of the older belts, those are great and work fabulous. The upgraded belts (MZ3) record activity in real time. So let’s say you are out skiing – if you have you belt on then your MEPS will update immediately rather than recording on your bean until the next time you return to the gym. Also you will be able to see your effort stream (meaning your tile) in real time rather than going back to see how you did.

Every Tuesday you can check out the team board to find out your result and which team you are taking on next.

So find your team members, get your team registered by filling out a team card located next to the MYZONE leader board, and start the smack talking! Registrations are due by February 23rd.

Did you think we forgot about you? WRONG! You guys have a special March Madness challenge too. It’s so special that Coach Nancy won’t even share with the rest of us what it is! If you want to know what it is then you gotta show up to training to hear her talk about it 🙂

Start Date: Monday February 29, 2016
End Date: Friday March 25, 2016
Cost: Just a little Blood, Sweat and Tears 🙂
Registration deadline: Tuesday February 23, 2016


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