The Spotlight is Shining!

The spotlight is shining bright on 4:15 superstar, Vickie Carrier. If you have ever trained at 4:15 you have probably heard Vickie’s contagious laugh, clapping push ups and encouragement to those around her. She is known for keeping the boys in her corner in line and directing them to the next exercise. Vickie is a leader and an inspiration to many. She is constantly challenging her neighbors and is so determined to be the best. Vickie has accepted every challenge I have thrown at her and excelled at so much. I am so thankful that Vickie chose to check out Get Fit NH. She is a valuable part of this family and I think you will find her story pretty inspiring!vickie

“Last year in April I was asked by a friend if I would be interested in participating in a Spartan Super race (8+ miles long). I didn’t even know what a Spartan race was or what one consisted of and so initially I was hesitant and unsure. But then if any of you know me, I’m always up for a challenge so I agreed, figuring, “what do I have loose?”

So after doing a little research, I realized I was going to have to focus more on my physical strength and endurance. I felt like I was in good shape. I was working out independently at a gym 6 days a week attending one supervised class that provided me with guidance on building up endurance, but the rest was on my own.

As the June race date got closer I started to get nervous and began searching for other training options. I had a friend mention Get fit NH to me back in February but the timing was never right, and then another friend said they use to workout there before they moved. So in May I made the call and spoke to Nancy who was very friendly, she set me up with Coach Meagan for a meeting.

Meagan tested me and we went through the initial screening process. She asked what my goals were and I told her I needed to do more weight training to prepare for a race I signed up for. I was still attending another gym so I chose the two day a week option.

Initially I was a fish out of water, I was use to working out by myself and getting results. Now there were lots of people in a room. Erin was my coach and I loved her sense of humor but down to business attitude. I loved the fact that somebody was constantly checking my form to keep me injury free so I could focus on the exercise and pushing myself harder, and for the days that I needed it they would motivate me to add more weight or do the next level of an exercise. Now instead of me pushing alone toward my goals I had a team of experts helping me out.

I performed my first race and finished in the top 50% for my age group. Not bad for the first time. Then I got this idea, wouldn’t it be great to do one race of each length, 3 total, to get a trifecta medal? But of course! The next race was scheduled for September at Killington Mountain. They say the race can be 14+ miles, well I can tell you first hand it was just shy of 19.5 miles. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t know this before the race, since I already knew I needed to up my training at the gym.

I became more focused on building strength and muscle, I talked to Coach Adam and Coach Meagan and asked for pointers on how to improve grip strength and honestly looked forward to days with farmers walk, sleds pushes, pull ups and burpees. I became religious about body comp days and making sure to intact enough protein. I was on a mission to be ready for this race.

I finished the second race in 9 hours but still at the 50% of my age group. It was a long day, but it was an amazing feeling. Not only were the views spectacular but so were the people on the course. If I wasn’t training at Get Fit NH I honestly do not believe I would have achieved those same results. I was fitter, stronger, leaner, and more conditioned after six months of training just two days a week at Get Fit NH, imagine what four days a week would do?

I finished my final race in November. It was a sprint, a walk in the park after a beast, right? I injured my wrist doing burpees after jumping rope, and got tennis elbow along the way, can you believe it? All the coaches were great on my return, we modified some exercises but I continued to build strength.

Shortly after the last race I finally became a full time member at Get Fit NH. It wasn’t because I questioned if it was the right place, because by this time I knew it was exactly where I was suppose to be, I simply had to play by the old gym’s rules to get my pardon to leave.

I’ve been at Get Fit NH less than a year and the coaches here know me better than the ones at the gym I spent my last eight years at. The coaches at Get Fit NH not only know my name, they understand my personal goals, they now what motivates me to push me harder and when I’ve asked for additional exercises or drills to improve my race performance they think about it and come back with solutions. I don’t know where else you can go to get this.

With all the educational seminars, gatherings and group activities you eventually begin to feel like a family. The familiar faces now have names, and on the days we don’t have workouts I truly don’t just miss the workouts but my Get Fit NH friends and family.

Just because I’m fit doesn’t mean I’m not challenged at Get Fit NH. My weight might not change much, but my body fat and muscle mass have and continue to do so. The new 3D scan, while daunting initially is another great tool that Coach Dean has brought on board. Get Fit NH not only provides great coaches but great tools to help everyone, no matter what your exercise level is, to achieve great goals. Thank you to all the coaches and yes a shout out to my 4:15 family that make working out fun and rewarding and for that I’m thankful.


So there you have it! Vickie came to us in great shape and has still managed to get great results. At her most recent body composition we found that she has dropped 5.3% bodyfat and gained 2.5 pounds of lean muscle and that is only since May! We are so proud of her and all of her hardwork and dedication!
Keep making is happen,
Coach Meagan

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