The Spotlight is Shining Again!

This week’s spotlight is shining on Karen Juall. Karen has made major strides since joining us here at Get Fit NH. She has made a habit of coming in consistently and taking advantage of the tools available to her. Here are some of her own words about the changes that have occurred for her since joining Get Fit NH.
karen juall spotlight
“My shoulder pain is practically gone! Between the expertise on specific movements and CJ, I can now work-out with almost no pain in my right shoulder! This makes me energized and confident in the GFNH coaches.

So many previous times, I joined exercise classes only to stop because of pain/injury – they pushed me too hard – I was left to myself – no one cared to help me work through it in such a way as you did. I am amazed not only with the fact that I have almost 0 pain now, but that I have achieved this miracle by still working-out!

I credit GFNH, especially Meagan, who quickly referred me to CJ who I am still not finished with. Quite an impressive TEAM, all of you!

When it came to the ladders, I went from being totally inept to being able to jump all the way through – and I did it several times!

All of you are so accepting of my limitations while continuing to help me with proper form. I’m in awe of your collective abilities.

My MyZone has given me the confidence to stress my heart and watch it come down. Remember the day when I was dizzy and had to sit down? I have come a long way in a short time. You guys are miracle workers!!”

I am extremely proud of how far Karen has come and how hard she has worked at it. Great Job Karen and keep up the good work!

-Coach Adam

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