What Else Can I Do?

I want to address a rather common question we hear…

“What else can I do when I am not at Get Fit NH to get results faster?”

This is a long answer. Often the question is in regards to training. Should I be running and training on my own on Wednesday and weekends? The answer to that is NO. Absolutely not. You hired a coaching service and you participate in a training program that doesn’t require any additional training to get results. It works.

Ready for the long part?

Here is what you could be doing and should be doing to get your results in gear…meal plan, grocery shop, meal prep. That will always be my answer if you are wondering what else you should be doing outside of these walls. You will never out train poor (or pretty good) nutrition. Wednesdays and weekends are your opportunity to set yourself up for success for the next 3-4 days. If your goal is fat loss and all you’re doing is training, then you are probably getting pretty ticked off with your results. Sure, you can lose some weight and get stronger without changing your nutrition, but it won’t last. Coach Nancy talks about the bicycle. The front wheel is nutrition and the back wheel is training. If one wheel is rolling and the other is not, where are you going? Not very far, if anywhere, right?

No one likes that answer when I tell them that. So if you are frustrated with your results and you just don’t know where to start, then jump on the next 21 Day Jumpstart. We are always running a detox. If you are not willing to change your nutrition, then you are not willing to change your body.

Do you want to make it happen?
Coach Meagan

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