Yet Another Awesome Spotlight

This week I am pleased to share Carlene’s success interview with you! Carlene is pretty humble, so I am going to take the opportunity to really shout out how far this woman has come. I think your jaw will drop too. You will read in the interview that Carlene says she has lost about 20 pounds, but let me put that in perspective for you and for her too.

Carlene is good about having her body composition done regularly. Since her first body composition in September she has lost 22 pounds of fat. Yes, that is 22 pounds of excess fat. The kind we all want to go away! She is making that happen. Oh and lean weight? Yeah, she has 8 new pounds of lean weight- 3 of those pounds being muscle! Forget about pounds for a minute and let’s talk about body fat. Carlene has dropped 9% body fat since September.

How is she doing it? Hear it from her!

– Why did you seek out Get Fit NH?

I wanted to get into a regular exercise routine, because at the time, I wasn’t doing much of anything, and I’m not disciplined enough to do things on my own!

-What did you learn after your first two weeks/since you have been training with Get Fit NH?

So many things! I know in the first two weeks, I realized that my body wasn’t in the shape my mind thought it was in. I had to mentally accept where I was, and work with that. I’ve also learned that I’m generally a pretty competitive person, but the best thing for me is to compete with myself, and not compare myself to the people around me. Once I was able to do that, I’m able to accept myself for where I am, and where I can be, and know that it’s just steady persistence to get there. I still sometimes wish I could do things that others around me can do, but I also know I’m doing more than I was doing when I first started. It also feels good to encourage people who are new to keep at it, and they’ll see themselves improve.

-What results have you seen since training with Get Fit NH?

I’ve lost about 20 or so pounds, but I can also tell that my core strength has gotten MUCH better! I’ve surprised myself with what I’ve been able to do in my last couple of workouts! For example, I was able to hold myself over the chin bar for two seconds and slowly come down for almost three sets! I did it without even thinking about it the first time around. That’s an improvement over just holding myself up when I first started! I’m really looking forward to the weather being more consistent so that I can get out and ride my bike—I think I’ll see a big difference right away that I’ll be able to go longer distances and up more hills much sooner than I was able to when I started riding last season.

– How did you earn those results?

I’ve built my morning routine around making sure I come in to train every morning. I think I’ve only missed a session three times since December, and that was because I was sick. When I come in, I know I’m going to challenge myself to do the best that I can do, no matter how I feel. Also, I did the 21-day jumpstart detox in January, and that helped me get on track with nutrition. I learned that I can’t eat a lot of carbs or else I get off the rails and start gaining again. Proteins make my workouts go SO MUCH better!!

Why do you continue to train at Get Fit NH?

I enjoy the people in my class, and I like the way I’m getting a full body workout without having to think about it. I enjoy the variety of things that we do, and that I never know what we’re going to do until I walk in the door. I also want to train to do a century ride at this year’s Pedaling for Payson, so I need to keep up the strength in order to do that

– What would you want to tell someone who is thinking about starting?

I’ve been telling people that it’s really fun, because there are a wide variety of things that we do. I really appreciate the fact that the coaches are very attentive to making sure that injuries don’t happen by focusing on each individual’s form and range of motion. Even with a big class, there’s still a lot of individual attention. This isn’t like any other gym … everyone there, coaches and clients, wants everyone to succeed.

Carlene is a superstar. I absolutely love her work ethic and positive energy. She brings so many smiles to our 7:25 family. Carlene has taken advantage of all of the tools and you can too! I am so incredibly proud of Carlene and her dedication to get better!

Keep making it happen!
Coach Meagan

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