21-Day Detox Challenge – You Done Good!

21_day_coverWe can’t express adequately how excited we are to see, hear and read the amazing results from the 21-Day Detox Challenge. Pounds melting away, clothes fitting looser, and people just feeling great.

That was worth 21 days of effort, wouldn’t you say?

Before we announce the winners, I just wanted to give some highlights of what a few of you had to say about your experience eating the “21-Day Detox Way”. We are not claiming this is a miracle or the answer to all your nutrition and health problems, but based on these comments it sure made an impact for some people, and we are glad it did.

“My husband Paul and I participated in the 21 day detox and LOVED IT! I believe I already let you know how life-changing it’s been, We are still following it perfectly with no urges or cravings to reintroduce anything at this time. I received a call from my Lupus/rheumatoid doc and had to share the news with you. My inflammation markers in my labs, ALL of them, have not been this low since 2004!” – Mary C.

“Better sleep, clothes def fit better. Really enjoyed eating more veggies and just generally felt “cleaner” in eating…also, facial skin tone really improved and cellulite looks less…maybe my imagination, but it looks that way to me.  Hair also seems a little more healthy.” – Susan L.

“I became very mellow and experienced better sleep and more energy.  Workouts were better and clothes got a bit looser.  (I think I lost 10 pounds!)  The food was good and I even got my husband to eat dinners that I prepared.  I learned a lot about the foods I hadn’t eaten before – mostly the non-sugar condiments and the non-gluten flours, etc.  Although I’ve had celiac disease for several years, I wasn’t experimenting with the alternative flours and oils, so that was very helpful.” – Maura C.

“Lost 10 lbs. I see increased muscle definition. Slept well & had good energy. Found out I love green tea! 3-1/2 weeks later & don’t miss the coffee.” – Dennis M.

And these are just a few of dozens of great “Detox Reflections”. If you have not sent yours in yet we would love to hear it!

Hang in there and keep reading, the winners will be announced soon (no cheating by scrolling down).

I know we said weight loss on this plan was a happy side effect, but it was a pretty BIG side effect.

We had 149 people that weighed in at both the beginning and end of the challenge.

Those 149 amazing people lost 1083.6 pounds, for an average of 7.27 pounds each…that is over half a ton!

Not bad for 21 days work, eh? 🙂

To remind you we are awarding 2 prize packages.

  • Total Pounds Lost
  • Highest Percentage of Weigh Lost

Once again we want to thank our sponsors:

  • Diane Bottcher from Ahhscentials: All natural body and skin care selections.
  • Christen Scanlon from Peace & Balance Body Therapies: 60 minute massage, Signature facial and scalp treatment
  • Sonia Cormier from Thirty-One: One Thermal Tote and One Deluxe Duffel

So with no further adieu…

The winners are…

With a Total Pounds lost of  19.6 – Sue Brouillet

and with a Total Percentage lost of 8.19% – Peggy Crisman

Just an incredible job by these two ladies! Please congratulate them when you see them.

And here’s something else to think about.

Over the last 21 Days.

  • Did you learn something?
  • Did you try something new?
  • Did you discover something about yourself?
  • Did you start to believe that looking and feeling great is possible?

If any of those things are true, and I am confident they are, then you need to be congratulated on a win too. It’s about getting a little better, every day, and that’s what you did.

We appreciate you all for working so hard to make yourself better. At Get Fit NH we are committed to helping you keep the momentum going, so stay tuned – there is more coming!

Keep Making It Happen.

The Get Fit NH Health Team



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