3 Reasons Life is Easier When You Weigh Less

I wrote this blog a couple weeks ago as I was approaching the end of my pregnancy (which came a little sooner than expected!). I was taking time to reflect on how different my body felt, so its from the perspective of when I was still pregnant.

The human body is a pretty incredible machine. Over the past 8 months my body formed another human- craziness! A true miracle, indeed. The human body capability is unbelievable. I am currently 22 pounds heavier than what I was 34 weeks ago. My body has changed and it feels different in many ways. While many differences are pregnancy related – others are not. What used to be simple is now a struggle for no other reason than I am heavier than what I am used to. Here are three big changes in life just because I am heavier.

1. Getting up and down off the floor. What a simple part of the day this used to be. With all the classes I coach on a daily basis, this was a mindless activity I never really thought twice about it. Before I get up now I have to carefully roll myself on to my side and use my hands and sometimes knees to stand myself up. When you are not overweight, getting up and down off the floor is not a chore.

2. Training enjoyment. Because I am heavier, I am winded quickly. I am not able to lift as much as I know I am capable of because my range of motion is limited. It is overall more exhausting. When the weight comes off training is easier and more enjoyable.

3. Confidence. Yes, pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but when you’re heavier and don’t feel as “in shape” as you once were, your confidence takes a beating. I don’t walk as fast, I don’t do stairs as fast, I get out of breath easier and that can be kind of embarrassing. My clothes fit, but not like they used to.

I know this blog has the potential to be misperceived. While many of the things mentioned are directly related to growing another life, my intent is to help you understand that life is easier when you are carrying less weight around.

My intent is to help you understand that the human body is INCREDIBLE and your genes are not likely the reason why the weight is not coming off.

My intent is to help you see that life CAN be easier and things like getting up and down off the floor, training and self-confidence are not impossible.

If you want it – you can make it happen. The only person giving you a “no” is YOU!

The only person saying you can’t or won’t is YOU!

I can find a BIG family of supporters who can encourage you and assure you that YOU CAN!

-Coach Meagan

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