3 Reasons Training on Fridays is Important

Since today is Friday, I thought I'd share why training on Fridays is so important!

1. Mentality - Probably the most important part of why training is important is the mentality, or the mental strength, that is required to do so. On the flip side, it’s important to avoid the bad habits you’re reinforcing to yourself if you skip it. I’m not talking about skipping one Friday if something comes up and you just can’t make it. I am talking about Fridays upon Fridays of skipping. It teaches, even if its just subconsciously, that it’s okay to not finish what you start, that after three days of training “okay, close enough” is acceptable. That is a dangerous sentiment to have. It’s the same as taking the opportunity to do 21 days of clean eating and on day 20 saying, “Well, I made it 20 days, how big of a difference is 1 day going to make?”. Nutritionally and training wise, maybe not much…at first. However, it’s a slippery slope. At first, it’s just one week. Then the next week you think, “I skipped Friday and felt fine, I don’t really feel like going this week either”… then the trend continues. Missing one class might not have a huge impact on training, but if that trend continues, that’s 4 classes a month and 48 classes a year. Don’t give yourself an excuse to not finish what you started. It starts with one thing, but we are all humans - if we give ourselves an inch, we will take a mile. It may start with training, but before you know it it’s bleeding over into nutrition and general life responsibilities.

2. Training Results - The programming at Get Fit NH is designed to affect your system in different ways to elicit an overall training response. Many of you already know this, but training is written as 2 days of metabolic work (most closely resembling cardiovascular training) and 2 days of strength work each week. That means that the training is written to work as a whole, balanced program over a week’s span, so missing a Friday leads to an unbalanced week of training. For the best training effect, we have to take advantage of all of it. Can you really tell me that missing 48 trainings in a year wont effect you?

3. Accomplishment - Its no secret that Friday's trainings are challenging, and on Friday you are tired, stressed, and ready to end your week as soon as possible. The sense of accomplishment you will feel after making sure you gave it your absolute all and saw the week through to the end will be great.

Fridays are important, too! Don’t give yourself an excuse, because it probably will not stop there.

-Coach Adam

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