3 Reasons You Should Journal and 3 Things Worth Tracking In That Journal

This has been a hot topic in our accountability group recently. I have been harping on the importance of keeping a journal and how it could seriously change your attitude and help you embrace self-love. Diaries and journals might be outdated or seem immature, but I am here to tell you why they are NOT and how answering 3 simple questions to yourself each day could truly make a difference in your quality of life!

First, let me outline WHY you should journal:

  1. It’s an inner therapy session. Releasing your feelings and your doubts, guilts, etc can help you let go. Rather than keeping negative energy built up inside, you can release it by “confessing” to yourself and giving yourself the opportunity to move on.

  2. You can set yourself “mini” goals each day that make you feel successful. These mini goals add up into big results and a person who feels PROUD of themselves.

  3. You can reveal trends about yourself If you are journaling daily that you got 3 hours of sleep then you can use that information to set yourself a “mini” goal like, “Screens off and In bed by 9PM” Small changes like that build up to big results and a well rounded, happier and healthier human

Here are three things you should ask yourself everyday as well as some examples of what those answers look like

  1. What did I do GREAT today?

    1. I made it to the gym!

    2. I drank 80 ounces of water today and even though I was in the bathroom more than normal, I feel hydrated and energized

    3. I ate ALL of the meals on my plan today and stayed away from the donuts in the breakroom

    4. I shut my screens off by 10pm and did not check my email until after I worked out this morning

    5. I made a meal plan!

    6. I scooted past the cookies at the grocery store!

  1. What did I struggle with today?

    1. Emotional eating- rough day at work (Explain what happened or what DIDN’T happen) for example, I was so stressed at work today because we were short handed I came home and ate an entire bag of tortillas and salsa OR I came home and ate an entire bag of chips and salsa, because I didn’t have a PLAN

    2. Traded gym time for extra sleep or because I got stuck at work

    3. Didn’t follow through on my meal plan- got take out instead

    4. Went to the grocery store starving and loaded up on the good stuff, but also ice cream and chips that will taunt me until they’re gone

    5. Threw away half my groceries from last week because I had take out every night

    6. Drank nothing but soda today and ended  up with a massive headache

  1. What am I going to do better tomorrow?

    1. I’m going to make it to the gym at 5AM

    2. I’m going to get 32 ounces in by 10AM

    3. No take out. Eat my meal plan!

    4. Screens off by 10pm

You will notice that the goals for the following day are SPECIFIC and MEASURABLE so that next day when you go into your journal you can check off that you did do it or you did NOT do it.

Answer to yourself. Figure out what is holding you back and overcome it by setting mini goals each day. Show yourself forgiveness by admitting to yourself where you are struggling and celebrate yourself by patting yourself on the back where you are crushing it. We are all a work in progress!

Coach Meagan

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