3 Way to Improve

Strength training has endless benefits to your overall health and quality of life. One of the most appealing benefits that I think we can all agree on is that it helps us keep our independence. Strength training keeps us out of a walker for longer. It keeps us getting up and down off of the floor and gives us the energy to keep up with all those grandbabies! If that isn’t enough motivation to keep you training for life, then let’s chat about what does motivate you!

Here are 3 ways to advance your training to the next level:

1. Be Engaged

Coming in and going through the motions each day does not require a whole lot of effort. I assume if you’re here it is because you want to change something about yourself and get better. So what do I mean by be engaged? Pay attention to how much weight you are picking up. Pay attention to speed of movement. Count your reps. Be coachable. Ask questions and challenge yourself. If you want to see your body change, then you have to make it change.

2. Be Coachable

Again, assuming if you are here, then you want to be coached (that’s why you hired us, right?). So let us do that. If we push you to sink lower in your squat- don’t roll your eyes like we’re bullies! We’re coaches and we know if you’re getting in here then you want to make a change and we are responsible for holding you to that. Embrace the coaching- that’s what makes Get Fit NH different from any other gym in the area.

3. Be Smart

Did you know that you are a part of a SMART group training program? What makes us smart? The Functional Movement Screen. This is again one of the many things that makes Get Fit NH different than any other training program around. Look at the Functional Movement Screen as a measuring point. It gives you another way to measure improvement and be sure that you stay in the training game. I know some of you look at the bands as a punishment, but I promise they are what keeps us training you safe. Your coaches have bands too and there are exercises that are simply not appropriate for us too.

Keep making it happen,
Coach Meagan

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