3 Ways to Get in Control

If you have been with us for longer than a month, than you probably know we talk a lot about nutrition and we offer nutrition coaching as well. If it wasn’t important and 100% necessary for results, then we would not waste our breath. Keep that in mind if you are a student struggling with results, but haven’t jumped on the nutrition ship yet.

It isn’t an easy leap, but I can assure you Coach Nancy has poured her time and heart into simplifying for you. In case you are new to our blogs, allow me to remind you, you cannot out train poor eating habits. Below are 3 ways you can get in control and start making steps in the right direction. These are habits and won’t feel natural right away. Start with one and work your way up until one, two, or all three become part of your routine.

1. Meal plan. Your family should be involved in this. It can be done while watching TV. It takes almost no effort to figure out meals that everyone likes. There are plenty of recipes that can be tweaked to make smart choices. Ever tried almond flour chicken fingers? It is a favorite in this house!

2. Make your grocery list from your meal plan. When I make my grocery list based off the plan it reassures me that I won’t forget anything, because I checked to see what was in the house. To take it a step further, I always make my list based on the layout of the grocery store. This way I am not tempted to go down any additional aisle. When I go to the grocery store with a scattered list, I ALWAYS forget something which can quickly lead to a bad choice if you don’t have what you planned for.

3. Meal prep. My husband teases me, because when I get home from the store I take everything out of the bags and line it near the fridge or cabinet where it goes. I put everything that can go away in it’s spot and prep everything else that I can to make my week easier. Chop veggies, boil cauliflower, cut meat, etc. Because of my schedule I usually prep on Sundays for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Wednesday I have more flexibility so I prep for the rest of the week at that time. You know your schedule. Do what works best for you.

You don’t have to do all of that, but start somewhere! Jumping aboard the nutrition ship can seem like a ginormous leap, but with small steps you will find that you are ready to step up. We are here for you!

Coach Meagan

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