3 Years and Still Shining


The spotlight is shining on Marie Oosterman from 5 AM Concord! I asked Marie to share her story with us, because she is a fire cracker. She gets in here every single day and works her butt off. She will be one of few that braves a snow storm even all the way from Hopkinton to make it happen. Over the past three years I have had the opportunity to watch Marie grow as an individual and become significantly stronger. We both remember when I used to tell her, “hips up!” on her push ups and front planks and now she rocks out push ups like she has been doing them her entire life. Marie’s story is humble, so allow me to brag a little on her behalf. I am proud of how far Marie has come and I am thrilled that I have been her coach for the past three years. Here is what Marie has to say-

“My name is Marie from 5 AM in Concord. I joined Get Fit NH 3 years ago because I wanted to lose some weight and gain muscle. I have successfully been able to do that. I also learned to eat healthier and I have built up my confidence. I have formed some great friendships and this truly is the highlight of my day. Each training is so different. I love how I am encouraged to train hard and the encouragement from my coaches- even just a “great job, Marie” means a lot to me. I love how they care about their clients.”

It has been a pleasure to coach Marie for the past 3 years. I look forward to many more!
Thanks for making it happen, Marie!
Coach Meagan

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