40 Reasons And More!

The other day at our Get Fit NH team meeting we were discussing “The Get Fit NH” difference. Together we came up with 40 reasons how we are more than just a gym and we wanted to share those reasons with you. We want you to be proud you train with us. We want to make you proud. We want you to share “The Get Fit NH difference” with your friends and family too!

  1. Coaching.

  2. Periodized, progressive, planned training

  3. Functional Movement Screening

  4. Fit3D

  5. Heart Rate Monitoring

  6. Health History Review and Medical Releases

  7. Doctor’s notes and communication with outside health professionals

  8. Education

  9. Relationships and Referrals with outside health professionals

  10. Hands on approach

  11. All-in ability – meaning we can train anyone at any level under any circumstance

  12. Modifications, regressions and progressions

  13. Accountability

  14. Monthly goal setting

  15. FitRanx

  16. Welcoming Atmosphere from coaches and students alike

  17. We value our students – no one is just a number

  18. 2 week free trial

  19. 24/7 access to a coach via email, text and phone

  20. Emphasis on warm up, mobility, flexibility, strength and cardio health

  21. Career centered facility

  22. Newsletter/blog and rock’n website

  23. Technology- from timing apps, to music to projector to heart rates

  24. Disco Ball!

  25. We know your name

  26. Preparation

  27. No Machines

  28. Coach Catalyst

  29. Private Facebook Group

  30. Relationships

  31. We seek and act on feedback

  32. Consistent training in both locations and all training times

  33. Training time and location flexibility

  34. Clean facilities- yes, we have a professional cleaning company who comes twice a week!

  35. Nutrition education

  36. Air conditioning

  37. Emphasis on life skills and functional movement

  38. Workshops and seminars

  39. Student Appreciation Parties

  40. Anniversary Celebrations that start a one month and continue each year!

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