6:45pm Couple Hits The Spotlight

audreyericFor my next spotlight, I want to shine the light on two students who continually and consistently are a staple of my 6:45 class. Those students are Audrey Langevin and Eric Hastings! They always make the effort to get here with the exception of extreme circumstances. They also are prepared to come in, challenge themselves and work hard every class every week. Great job guys!
“Hi Adam,

We Chose Get Fit because the fitness place Eric & I was attending closed. I researched online several fitness places in Concord area and Get Fit seemed the best fit for us, plus we could try it for two weeks to see if we liked it. Although I had worked out at the other fitness center for 7 years which was a “kettlebell boot camp”, I quickly realized I had not been working to my full potential. For me it was like starting from ground zero. I was so weak I couldn’t do a plank. It took me a couple of months to get the hang of the routines and to change a lot of incorrect form.

The biggest change for me was when I started the Whole 9 Whole 30 program. I did it for 90 days before I started to reintroduce some foods back into my diet and I still do a modified version of it and haven’t gained the weight back.

Picking stuff up from the floor or ground got a lot easier for me. I used to bend over to pick stuff up now I just squat down, retrieve and I’m up and moving.

My goals are to continue working towards strength and balance. I would also like to get to the point were I’m close to 95% whole foods all the time. 

My favorite part of Get Fit is how I feel getting dressed in the morning, everything fits and its a size smaller than a year ago.

Thank you Adam.



Hi Adam,

Why did you choose Get Fit NH? My wife and I had been attending a different type of workout in the Concord area for the previous 7 years but the owner had to close due to a change in his daytime job hours. We wanted to continue with some type of workout but expand it into something more varied that included a balance of cardio and weight training. We researched a few places online and felt that, not only did Get Fit NH offer the variation that we wanted, but Get Fit NH would also let us try it at no cost for two weeks. This would give us an opportunity to see if it was the type of workout we wanted to be part of.

What changes did you notice in the first few weeks? We found that we WANTED to go to our workouts because we enjoyed the workout variation so much along with the instructors and the other participants. Next month will be one year since I joined Get Fit NH. About 6 months after I joined, my doctor noticed a big improvement in my overall flexibility during a physical examination, especially in my hips.

What outside of Get Fit NH has become easier since starting? After a few months of steady participation, I noticed that the everyday activities that require a strong core were easier to do. I could actually feel that the strength was coming from my core and not from my lower back. I truly believe that my body learned to shift the need for strength from my lower back to my core, which of course did away with those occasional lower back issues that I had learned to accept as part of life. My wife and I are long time kayakers and the first time that I went kayaking about 3 months after starting the Get Fit NH program, I noticed that my stronger and more disciplined core made kayaking easier and more enjoyable. 

What are your goals? To continue participating in this well thought out and disciplined workout for as long as we are in the Concord area.

What have you accomplished so far? I feel that I have added a high level of cardiovascular fitness to my life, something that I was missing. I have always worked to keep my strength up but I did not pay attention to my cardiovascular fitness and my core strength. Get Fit NH has such a well rounded approach to working out along with the dietary classes and guidance that they also make available.

What is your favorite part of Get Fit NH? The whole Get Fit NH experience is my favorite part. As I mentioned previously, I enjoy the varied workouts, the instructors and the other participants very much. Add to that, the number of time slots available to work out, the discipline and timing used by the instructors during the entire workout session, and the cleanliness of the facility make the entire Get Fit NH experience my favorite part.

Eric Hastings”


Keep up the fantastic work and effort!

-Coach Adam

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