A Challenge from S3 Winner Sue Perry

Hello Fellow Get Fit NH Boot Campers,

I was thrilled to win the S3 challenge last spring. The competition was great and gave me incentive to make changes in my diet, but the real thrill for me was what the challenge did for my health and life. The real thrill was fitting into clothes that I was ready to get rid of, finding it easier to do chin-ups with less weight, having more energy and fewer sinking spells….feeling better in general! I had been training at Get Fit NH for over a year. I was so much stronger, but I was the same weight and I wanted to lose LBs and needed to make a shift in my eating habits to make that change happen. So when S3 came along, I jumped in with both feet and realized results that were beyond what I expected.

I ate so much food! Loading with veggies and healthy portions of lean proteins primarily, I ate at least 5 times a day. I cooked extra for dinner so I could have good meals during the day. The larger amount of veggies and cutting out the starches and simple carbs were the biggest changes for me. I allowed myself a “splurge” here and there and still the LBs dropped off. 23 in all. Adhering to the S3 principles changed not only my weight, but how I approached food……PPW3-style (protein, produce and water every 3 hours)……and the size I shop for now!

I kept this going over the summer, and even with a few extra splurges, I was happy to see that I maintained my weight. S3 really did stick; the habits, the results and my attitude toward food. Breakfast has changed. 3 eggs and half a plate of asparagus did not appeal to me much before. I’ve grown to really enjoy it. A hamburger without the bun? Open-faced on a grilled portabella mushroom is an upgrade! And now, if I have something that’s high in simple carbs/starch, I’m satisfied with a much smaller portion than I used to be. I honestly don’t miss them on a regular basis. If it’s not going to be incredible, I’m happy to stay away and I never thought I’d be able to say that.

A wake up call hit this fall though. At the end of August my work kick into full gear again and I slacked off on packing my meals for the road. I was missing “eating opportunities” going way too long without eating and occasionally substituting with not so good substitutions. 7 weeks into that and I’m up 5 pounds from not sticking to the PPW3 principles. Wake up call! I’m back to packing the veggies and protein and getting on top of my nutrition, confident that PPW3 will get me where I want to be and help me to remain there.

So we’ve begun another challenge at boot camp based on the same principles as the S3. I know I’m ready to rev things up again and get back on track and “Eat My Way Right Through the Holidays.” If you doubt whether or not to get into the game, go for it, “Make It Happen” and it will! The principles work.

Sweetly but sugar-free,

Sue Perry

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