Addiction is a Nasty Thing

Yours truly used to be addicted to cigarettes. Back in my Marine Corps days the smoke pit is where I met a lot of my friends – it was a social thing and it soon became a daily habit. I set myself a “done date.” I always said I would quit the day I got out of the service. On May 12, 2012 I got out and haven’t touched a cigarette since. I didn’t even think twice when it came time to quit. I just did it. I was mentally prepared and ready. I still have days when I crave a cigarette unfortunately. Even though I kicked the habit 4 years ago the addiction still haunts me. There are a lot of reasons I don’t turn back, but a big one (and relevant to where I am going with this) is that I have come so far and my lungs are happier! I don’t get sick as often and I smell much better!

Addiction is addiction. Whether you are addicted to cigarettes or sugar, it’s an unhealthy daily habit that is haunting you. You KNOW that if you stop you will feel better, but you just haven’t been able to do it. Why is that? Let’s set you up with a “done date.” The next 21 Day Jumpstart is your answer! Are you going to have bad days- YES! The first few days will be extra, extra hard, but you have to push forward. Then you may have sporadic cravings, but you will be able to look at how far you have come and feel victorious!

You are not alone. We have 300 and some odd sugar addicts who train under our roof- you are not in this alone. We will fight this together. We will feel better together. We will have good days and bad days together and together we will keep moving forward. And when we relapse? We forgive and we pick ourselves up and keep pushing on. Addiction ain’t pretty, but you have come to the right place to regain control!

Are you ready to make it happen?
-Coach Meagan

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