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maelynnWhen you walk into a gym you usually don’t think, “How is this place going to help me to eat better?” Get Fit NH strives to help you with just that. The first time I talked with Mae Lynn, she wanted to know how Get Fit NH could help her with running. Once she started and now over three years later, Mae Lynn gives us a little insight into more of the things Get Fit NH has helped her to change.

I asked Mae Lynn one question after our Sizzlin Summer Slimdown Challenge ended.

What do you find was the easiest new habit to change and which one was the hardest?

“Easiest? I found changing my cooking and shopping habits to be very, very easy. It simplifies the shopping process so much when you don’t have complicated recipes and long lists of ingredients to deal with. I go in, grab eggs, bacon, one or two big cuts of meat and 5 or six fresh veggies and fruits and that’s it. Maybe a package of salad and grape tomatoes. I always keep cans of olives and roasted peppers and artichokes in the pantry, and frozen peppers and onions in the freezer. It’s easy to stick with shopping this way when you find you are eating leftovers a lot and therefore cooking less! One big roasted chicken or a pot roast and two big pans of roasted veggies? Boom. Several meals.

Hardest? At first, probably the no added sugar beverages. I never drink soda anymore, I gave that up cold turkey years ago before I even did Weight Watchers. But when I gave up soda, I would still enjoy sweetened iced tea or lemonade especially in the summer. Now I have lemon water, unsweetened green tea, etc. I think people don’t realize real change takes time and often needs to be gradual. I quit soda in something like 2009, did the other sweetened stuff for a few years, and eventually got here.

I think that once you have the basic habits ingrained, having some treats once and awhile isn’t the end of the world.

Once and awhile I still have a sweetened iced tea and I almost always have chocolate milk after a long run. But it’s all about balance, and I feel okay with that as long as what I USUALLY do is a good habit. I have to remind myself it wasn’t always this way! I used to have soda or a sweetened beverage with every meal! Those things add up. When people ask me what they can do I always say change that one thing first. Now I always have water with my meals, and drink a lot of water during the day. If I do ever have a sweetened iced tea I’ll water it down, or ask for half sweet half unsweetened on the rare occasion I’m getting one at Dunks. A little sugar goes a long way for me now.

By the way, I love the new accountability idea. One comment I made on Facebook is that I will probably end up asking for more body fat assessments because my scale really hasn’t moved all that dramatically since I started with you guys, but I have gone from a size 12 to a size 4. Every summer, without exception, I have to buy new summer clothes. The lady at Eddie Bauer couldn’t believe it when I told her I lose weight over the winter.”

Keep on surprising all of us Mae Lynn!

How would you answer that question? 

What do you find was the easiest new habit to change and which one was the hardest?

Another noteworthy piece Mae Lynn added was,

“For as long as I can recall, my cholesterol has been high, and every health professional who ever had the opportunity has ‘strongly urged’ me to get on Lipitor. One stress test technician, after I ran the equivalent of Heartbreak Hill on the treadmill and passed with flying colors, was still downright nasty to me when I told her I intended to continue trying to handle it with diet and exercise and that I simply didn’t agree that statin drugs, designed to indiscriminately remove all fat from the blood, are a good thing for anyone. She said I was being irresponsible and that ‘some people are genetically predisposed to high cholesterol.’ Given that many relatives were on Lipitor, I might have had to concede that point.

So this past week, after three years of training at Get Fit NH and not a lot of change in my blood results and absolutely no change in my feelings about drug therapy,  I was beginning to run out of things to say to the doctors, and I was dreading my yearly physical and ‘the talking to’ from my doctor. Imagine my genuine surprise when the nurse presented me with results she said needed ‘to be bronzed!’
My good cholesterol, or HDL, target level more than 39, once 40, is now 61! My triglycerides, which many consider one of the better indicators of heart health, target level less than 150, previously topping out at 256 pre-GFNH, are now 82! As long as I’m throwing numbers around, my weight has not changed dramatically, but my clothing size? I’ve gone from a size 12 to a size 4.
I am so happy to finally see these results, and I wanted to share them because It demonstrates that real change takes time and consistent effort. I’ve been running since 2011 and training hard twice a week at Get Fit since 2012. In February 2014 and again this past year I did the Detox challenge and have been following the Whole 9 habits consistently. It took that long for me. Imagine if I had decided two years of hard work was enough, I was never going to see results, and thrown in the towel?
What kept me going, besides my addiction to running and desire to get better, stronger and faster? You guessed it. Being a part of the Get Fit NH community! As my training buddy Mark put it on Facebook, ‘I ask you, who wouldn’t want to be a part of the Get Fit family?”
We could not be more proud of Mae Lynn for following through and earning great result! You can make it happen too!
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