Another Motivating Success Story by Terri

I asked Terri George to talk about her experience and results since training with Get Fit NH, because her motivation and strength inspires me. She is so humble and I am not sure she even realizes how many people she inspires each time she trains. This woman takes on any challenge, she is STRONG and she is consistent. I appreciate how no matter what kind of mood Terri may be in, she brings the same heat to each training and absolutely kills it. Her attitude is spot on and I think we could all benefit if we changed our outlook just a little bit to imagine training into our 70s as Terri mentions. Here is what she has to say...

How long have you trained with Get Fit NH?

I began training at Get Fit NH 4 years ago. A colleague, Muriel Hall, encouraged me to try Get Fit. She raved about how great it is here and I was at a point in my life where I was ready to focus on increasing my health and fitness.

I have always been an athlete and considered myself fairly strong. Even as an adult, I kept active in a coed softball league, weekly volleyball, and ladies basketball but as I approached 50 years old, my physique was changing. I added daily elliptical training yet noticed no significant change. Time to try Get Fit NH. After only a short period of time, I could see and feel the difference. My body fat declined and my lean muscle mass increased. The ultrasound body composition testing and the 3D body scans are so encouraging because you can see the data to back up the changes that you feel as you get stronger and more fit

What has helped you be successful over the past 4 years?

Probably the most helpful aspects of Get Fit NH are the coaches. Meagan and Adam are both fun and motivational. I tend to push hard and challenge myself but there have been times when they knew I could do more and I would have an additional sandbag loaded on or a heavier weight brought to me. I thoroughly appreciate being pushed, but they are also very watchful. So often, I feel a hand on my shoulder and coach telling me to “relax my shoulders,” or some other correction so that my posture is appropriate. I know this is what prevents injuries, and I am so thankful they are so aware and attentive. Every interaction I have had with them has been with a smile, fun-loving attitude and genuine concern.

In addition to the training, I have appreciated the competitions and challenges. One of the most powerful changes, second to training 4 days a week, was the 8-week habit challenges. During the first 8-week challenge that I participated in, I began to learn more about what my body needs to be fit and healthy. The first week of the challenge, one healthy habit was incorporated. The following week, another habit was added and at the end of the 8 weeks, healthy eating habits were part of my life style. No more diets. It is a life style change: Vegetables at every meal, lean protein at every meal, 72 or more ounces of water/day, non-caloric drinks only, neither added sugar nor sugar substitutes, and no starchy carbs. What a difference this has made in my life. I have a family history of diabetes, and my body had become insulin resistant. Starches simply are not good for my physiology. The eight-week challenges have allowed these changes to become a way of life for me. I’m not saying I never have starches, but they are not a regular part of my diet.

What advice would you want to give someone just beginning their journey?

Don’t give up. It is tough in the beginning to push through the days you do not feel like training, but do it. You will be glad you did. We are all here to encourage each other, and you will love the camaraderie we share here at GET FIT! Training is a priority in my life. It is not an optional activity I do when I have time, but an appointment I keep 4 days a week. It is as automatic as getting up for work in the morning. If you want long lasting change toward better health and fitness, it has to be a priority.

Just this past summer I had the pleasure of competing in the strong man/strong woman competition with my oldest son. He won the men’s competition and I took second in the woman’s. What a wonderful experience to enjoy together. My adult children are proud of their mom and I know that I am being a good role model for them too. Training gives me the energy to play tag, and run and play with my granddaughter, and I am looking forward to still training at GET FIT in my 70’s and having the balance and strength to resist falls and injuries and having the stamina to keep being active and playing with my grandchildren and family.

Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us, Terri! Keep making it happen!

Coach Meagan

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