Another Spotlight is Shining

And this time it's shining on Julie Robinson!

Although Julie has only been with us a little over a month at this point, she has been a great positive addition to class! She works hard and is very accepting of ways to improve and keep getting better. Here is a little more information about Julie’s journey at Get Fit NH in her own words…

Julie is pictured on the far left getting her "I survived" shirt!

“I heard about Get Fit NH on Facebook. I read about the 28-day metabolic challenge and it spurred my interest. I have always loved working out and am always looking for new ways to improve my overall health and flexibility and decided to give it a try. I am a runner, but like anything else, if that is all you do your body becomes accustomed to the effort and you stop seeing results. I also have been doing cross fit training for many years now but know there is always more you can learn and add to your workouts. One of the great things about Get Fit NH is the team of coaches. They are always cheering you on and giving you pointers on better form to get the most from the exercise and not injure yourself.

I have been at Get Fit NH now for about 6 weeks and have found that I have more stamina and a bit more flexibility. I have also learned that for many years I have been doing a lot of my exercises wrong! I have severe scoliosis and have difficulty straightening my back, I tend to round my shoulders to compensate. With Coach Adam and Coach Cari's help I am improving on my form. This has helped me when not at the gym too because I am now more aware of my poor posture and find myself constantly working to improve it.

I also like the nutritional portion of the Get Fit NH program. I have a very restricted diet but have learned a lot already on how I can add some variation to my often times bland diet. What is really nice about the program and the staff at Get Fit NH is they are always giving you options on how you can improve physically and nutritionally and explaining how you will get your best results by incorporating both into your routine. I have met some wonderful people through Get Fit NH, it is fun to work with people that have the same goals and needs. It truly is a great group of people and I am enjoying it very much!”

Keep up the great work, Julie!

-Coach Adam

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