Are You Giving Yourself a “No”?

The past couple of weeks I have been playing the jumping chin game! I have been challenging some of you to give them a whirl. At first with the bench and then without.

Every single student I challenged was able to perform at least one jumping chin- score!

Quite a few told me I can’t do a jumping chin! My response? How do you know? If you have never TRIED? How do you know if you are unable to do something right now?

Here is my challenge to you…

Stop giving yourself a no before you really, truly try. You really, really want to try a jumping chin…what’s the worst that is going to happen? You won’t be able to pull up. You want to deadlift Batman, but it looks kind of intimidating? Try to pull it off the ground (safely) the worst that will happen is it won’t budge!

If you want something you need to BELIEVE that you CAN! No more telling yourself someday or I can’t because

I believe that anyone who walks through these doors will be able to lose fat, gain muscle and feel amazing. I really truly believe that, but if you don’t believe that then we are going to be stuck….

What do you believe you can do?

Coach Meagan

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