Audrey’s Turn to Shine!

This student spotlight is shining bright on Audrey Fischbein. Besides brining a great sense of humor and hard working attitude to class, Audrey has seen results and has enjoyed her time at Get Fit. Below is a short segment from Audrey’s own experience since joining the family.

Audrey is on the left getting her I Survived shirt!

Why did you choose Get Fit NH?
I met Dean about 6 years ago - his story was very inspiring! The results of others were also incredible so I figured it's time to do something for myself!

What changes did you notice in the first few weeks?
My love for exercising returned. My energy increased and I started to feel strong!

What outside of Get Fit NH has become easier since starting?
I focused on my eating as well so I don't have that tired time in the afternoon! And I can easily get all my groceries in one trip up 2 flights of stairs lol

What are your goals?
Lose inches and get my BMI down! Look as healthy on the outside as I am on the inside.

What have you accomplished so far?
20lbs down. Much better diet, thanks to Nancy and all the nutrition help! Also I have learned to love feeling sore ALL THE TIME!

What is your favorite part of Get Fit NH?
The coaches! How it's always different and fun. The accountability! The challenges! I love how it offers not just the exercise piece but also the nutrition piece!

Great job, Audrey, taking the opportunity and making the absolute most out of it!

-Coach Adam

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