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March Movement Challenge

We are looking to bring in a little March Madness this year and bring out the competitive side of everyone! We are happy to say that the March Sled Push Challenge is back and we are so excited!

Now for the details:

When: The sled push challenge will start March 4th and run until March 22nd

What is it: The sled push challenge is going to be a class competition with the winning class being the team that does the most sled pushes. Each class will keep score individually on an index card and each class will have a box to keep their cards in. At the end of the month we will count up the total amount of sled pushes and the class with the best average will win! This means the more people you can get to do it the better!

How do I score points: You get one point for every sled push down and back on the green. You must complete both ways to score a point!

Why should I do this: Well the best answer I can give you is it is good for your health! The most important thing is building better and stronger bodies! Also if that is not incentive enough there will be a class prize for the winning team! We have done Taco Tuesday, Glow Stick Training, and many other fun things so you will not want to miss out!

If you have any other questions please let your coach know!

-Coach Brian

My First Yoga Experience

As you know, we recently added yoga to our schedule at Get Fit NH. Each Sunday (starting back March 10th) we are lucky to have Nicole Detellis in the house from 9-10AM. I had never done yoga until the session we had here on Sunday. Believe it or not, I have always found it a little intimidating. This class was definitely geared toward beginners and was super easy to follow along. She did a wonderful job explaining what we were doing and coaching the breathing along the way. She also recognized that many of us are coming from a fitness enthusiast background and we are fast driven types of people…she did a great job reigning this in. Here are three thought I took away from my first experience

  1. Anyone can do this. Kids, adults, seniors….everyone. Men, women, big, small….everyone. Yoga is a great practice to get in tune with your body and recognize what moves and what does not move. There are many different forms  of yoga, Nicole’s approach was gentle to start, but will have the ability to progress and regress as needed

  2. Breathing. It is important. We coach it here all the time. One of the things I loved about Nicole was her lingo matched beautifully with ours. She did an excellent job describing exactly where you are breathing into in each position and where we should be feeling the stretch and how we could make it more aggressive and less aggressive. The breathing she described was easy to transfer into everyday life and the training floor and it makes a difference!

  3. Yoga is a great addition to a strength training program. We feel tightness, we feel sore muscles, we are constantly go, go, go. Yoga is great way to listen to your body and quiet your mind. That was the hardest part for me…quieting the mind! We are busy people. When we are constantly go, go, go we are in that fight or flight mode and never really letting ourselves come down from that is not healthy physically or mentally.

Coach Meagan

Mental Health And Exercise

The body and mind are very much connected in health and fitness. According to the Mayo Clinic, “exercise helps prevent and improve a number of health problems including high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis. Research on depression, anxiety and exercise shows that the psychological and physical benefits of exercise can also help improve mood and reduce anxiety.”

The demands of “modern life” can overwhelm even the best of intentions. Depression and anxiety are at the highest recorded levels. We know how the mind can cause us to develop negative behaviors and attitudes. We can often times become stuck and find ourselves repeating the same unhelpful behaviors. This reduces our ability to use what we already know and put in the effort to see new solutions or to change. We know that exercise produces the body’s natural “feel good” hormones. There may be days that you mentally and physically don’t want to come to the gym but how great do you feel after you accomplished the training? Often our mind is the biggest hurdle. Exercise can make problems seem more manageable. Focusing on exercise can give us a break from current concerns. Exercising and interacting with others are known to improve mood. The Get Fit NH Family is here to help each other. So whether you are just having a bad day, a very rough time in life or are seeking help for depression and anxiety, exercise is now recognized as one of the best things you can do for both your physical and mental health – it does your mind and body good! Even small improvements in exercise levels or healthy eating create a positive upward spiral that signal reward. Exercise will eventually become rewarding, even if that seems impossible at the beginning.

-Coach Erin

Mind Muscle Connection

Can you perform an exercise more effectively by thinking about it?  

Brett Contreras PhD, CSCS, states research has shown that “advanced lifters can steer neural drive to and away from various muscles without significantly altering form”.  

A study was performed utilizing electromyography (EMG) to assess muscle activation on various upper and lower body exercises. When each exercise was performed the load, speed and form remained constant. The difference was which muscles were concentrated on being activated. The study showed a strong evidence of the mind-muscle connection.

Contreras states “when purposely trying not to focus on the glutes during the back extension, glute EMG activation reached just 6% of MVIC (maximum voluntary isometric contraction).  However, when trying to use the glutes, glute EMG activation rose to 38% of MVIC”.

How does this affect your training?  I want to challenge you to start “thinking” about your training.  A Get Fit NH Family member sent me a quote that I absolutely love:

“Whatever the exercise, however hard we’re working, if we’re not doing it mindfully, we’re really not doing it justice.”

My goal is for you to be able to make a connection between the exercises we do and the muscles we are supposed to be using.  Often times I see people perform rows using mostly their biceps and shrugging their shoulders. It is important to use your back muscles when performing rows because it can take pressure off the elbows and prevent the shoulders from rolling forward.  For many this does not happen naturally, so you have to use the mind-muscle connection. You have to actually think about activating and squeezing your back muscles during the row. Making the mind to muscle connection will greatly impact your training!

-Coach Erin  

One Step At A Time

One Step At A Time

Does the thought of achieving your goal ever overwhelm you?  Maybe even to the point you give up?  I have felt the same but I know giving up will never achieve the positive results I desire.  In July 2018, I won a free entrance into the Newport, RI Half Marathon.  In 2017 I was not able to walk for longer than 20 minutes due to fibromyalgia pain.  The idea of walking 13.1 miles seemed totally overwhelming.  Some people told me that I should not attempt it.  On October 7th, I completed 13.1 miles in 3 hours and 47 minutes.  I know I didn’t break any time records but I completed what I set out to do.  The start of the race goes up a pretty long and steep hill (or so it felt!).  When I was going up this hill I was not thinking about the rest of the 13 miles.  I had to focus on this point of the road.  When the pain started to set in and my heart was  pumping, I stayed focused on the task at hand, getting up that hill.  I even started to repeat a mantra under my breath, “I can do this”.  I made it up the hill and on to the next challenge.  Throughout the race, I focused on the road I was on.  I tried not to think about how many miles I had left.  Finishing the half marathon was a huge accomplishment for me. 

Completing a half marathon taught me a few many things.  

  1. Goals are achieved when you are willing to take it one step at time.  I may have wanted to be done with the race by mile 8 but I had to continue moving forward to reach the finish line.  Don’t stop when your “race” gets tough!  You can achieve your goal! 
  2. Don’t let slow progression deter you from reaching your goal.  I could not let the fact that people were faster than me stop me from completing the race.  Everyone progresses at a different rate.  Don’t get frustrated and give up just because you aren’t achieving your goal as quickly as you would like or in comparison with others.
  3. Don’t doubt your ability.  Sure I was nervous about the half marathon but I did everything I could to stay positive and tell myself I would achieve my goal.  Your mind is one of your most powerful assets.  It can either hold you back or drive you forward.  As hard as it may be and despite the challenges, make a choice to stay positive.

I want to encourage you to take your goals one step at a time and with some determination and a positive mindset you will achieve what you set out to do!

-Coach Erin

Why Wednesday #16: Warm Ups

This week in Why Wednesday Coach Adam talks about the importance of warming up. The warm up is important regardless of if you just woke up, its the middle of the day, or if you just finished a workout and are about to do another one!

The Rock N Race Is Back!

I always know spring is near when we get the reminder about the Rock N Race. This is my
FAVORITE 5K of the year! If you have never participated in this event then you just have to
experience it. This is a road race (walk or run) that shuts down Main Street in Concord. There
are bands along the course rocking out and usually well over 5,000 people in attendance. This
event is family friendly, so if you have kids or grandkids or strollers then you can still join! The
Rock N Race is on Thursday, May 16, 2019 at 6pm.

Join our team, Get Fit NH & Beat Cancer. You can do that by heading over the their website 

Just type in our team name and join the team. Proceeds go to the Payson Center. We always have a rock’n team. Once you sign up the rest of the work is done for you. We pick up the t-shirts and separate them the day before so you can pick up your shirt and bib right from the gym, easy breezy.

Let’s make a difference together,

Coach Meagan


Goals Board


Remember this board? This was one the first additions we added after the transition of ownership this summer. Some of you have never received the full low down on this board, so allow me to make that happen for you now!

This is the accomplishment club board. Everyone starts Get Fit NH on a mission. The goals may be different, but the overall mission is to get healthier and of course be happier with our new found health. The goals from person to person are not the same. Some come in looking to lose 10 pounds while others come in looking to lose 100 pounds. Some come in to perform better at their sport while others are coming in to fit back into their pre-baby clothes. This board is for everyone and it would bring me great joy to see more wins on this board. We have extra tiles on the board and hundreds in stock, so there is enough room for ALL WINS! Here is the breakdown in sections…

10 pound club

This is the first tier in the weight loss category. Once you lose your first ten pounds you get a tile and you stick your name in the 10 pound club section. Some of you have a goal of ten pounds so your goal would be to STAY there while others have a goal to lose more so your goal would be to make it to the next tier which is..

20 pound club

This is the second tier in the weight loss category. Once you lose 20 pounds you get to move your tile from 10 to 20 pound club.

30-40 pound club

This is the third tier in the weight loss category. Once you lose 30 pounds you get to move your tile from 20 to 30/40 pound club.

This trend continues through 100 pounds!


The last section of the board is called “Accomplishment Club” This is for all of the wins that are not scale related. Here are some examples:

  • Screened out of my red band!

  • Got my first chin up!

  • Climbed Mount Everest 😉

  • Ran my first marathon

  • Took 3 minutes off my 5K

  • Got up off the floor without assistance

There are SO many wins every single day and we want to hear about them. Not only is it important for you to remind yourself how great you are, but it motivates other people too. What a great way to show our family what is possible. You inspire more people than you even know and you have the power to change someone’s life positively.

Make it happen

Coach Meagan

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