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One Step At A Time

One Step At A Time

Does the thought of achieving your goal ever overwhelm you?  Maybe even to the point you give up?  I have felt the same but I know giving up will never achieve the positive results I desire.  In July 2018, I won a free entrance into the Newport, RI Half Marathon.  In 2017 I was not able to walk for longer than 20 minutes due to fibromyalgia pain.  The idea of walking 13.1 miles seemed totally overwhelming.  Some people told me that I should not attempt it.  On October 7th, I completed 13.1 miles in 3 hours and 47 minutes.  I know I didn’t break any time records but I completed what I set out to do.  The start of the race goes up a pretty long and steep hill (or so it felt!).  When I was going up this hill I was not thinking about the rest of the 13 miles.  I had to focus on this point of the road.  When the pain started to set in and my heart was  pumping, I stayed focused on the task at hand, getting up that hill.  I even started to repeat a mantra under my breath, “I can do this”.  I made it up the hill and on to the next challenge.  Throughout the race, I focused on the road I was on.  I tried not to think about how many miles I had left.  Finishing the half marathon was a huge accomplishment for me. 

Completing a half marathon taught me a few many things.  

  1. Goals are achieved when you are willing to take it one step at time.  I may have wanted to be done with the race by mile 8 but I had to continue moving forward to reach the finish line.  Don’t stop when your “race” gets tough!  You can achieve your goal! 
  2. Don’t let slow progression deter you from reaching your goal.  I could not let the fact that people were faster than me stop me from completing the race.  Everyone progresses at a different rate.  Don’t get frustrated and give up just because you aren’t achieving your goal as quickly as you would like or in comparison with others.
  3. Don’t doubt your ability.  Sure I was nervous about the half marathon but I did everything I could to stay positive and tell myself I would achieve my goal.  Your mind is one of your most powerful assets.  It can either hold you back or drive you forward.  As hard as it may be and despite the challenges, make a choice to stay positive.

I want to encourage you to take your goals one step at a time and with some determination and a positive mindset you will achieve what you set out to do!

-Coach Erin

6 Week Kettlebell Class With Coach Brian

I am very excited to announce that starting January 16th I will be holding a 6 Week Kettlebell Class from 6am to 7am! 

This class will focus on building strong kettlebell skills with basic movements and working on chaining them together to build a kettlebell flow. The point of kettlebell flows are to challenge the body metabolically, as well as working on flexibility, mobility, and body awareness. I believe all of those things are incredibly important for living stronger and healthier lives! 

The class will run for 6 weeks to start as a trial and is open to the FIRST 15 PEOPLE that sign up. The class is $99 for the entire 6 weeks of kettlebell fun! If this is something you are interested in please use the link below to sign up and join me for 6 weeks of kettlebell flow! 

What I Realized About My Daily Coffee.

My brain never stops, I feel like you all realize that by now after reading some of these posts.  Randomly stuck in traffic on my way to get coffee the other day I was annoyed at the traffic and the other drivers.  On my way to get coffee that I wasn’t really all that stoked about.  This is what started my thought process, why am I going to get coffee?

I know from experience that when I kick the coffee completely I actually end up with WAYYYYYY more energy on a consistent basis and I don’t miss the taste one bit.  I have always had a pretty high tolerance to caffeine so I don’t see the big uptick in energy that most do anyways.  However after not having it for a couple weeks I have a couple nights where I coach mornings, or a quick turn around (coach the night before then again the next morning), or just rack up a couple nights where I don’t sleep well and all the sudden I have 1 coffee and I’m right back on the train.  Why though? I just said I don’t miss the taste, I know I have more energy without it, so why?

I realized that its not the actual coffee, just like when you drink its not because you love the taste of vodka shots.  It’s about what that time represents, the social aspect even.  Maybe your coffee is what gets you out of your chair and out of the building at work for 20 minutes.  Maybe it’s somethi​​​​ng that you and some friends do every day, maybe you just like delaying your ride to work another 5 minutes each day.  Maybe you just always have had a coffee while you sit and read the paper in the morning and it just feels weird and less cathartic without it.  This doesn’t just apply to coffee, maybe its ice cream in the summer, maybe its cigarettes for any of you that smoke or have smoked before.  

You all know, for the most part, what types of things you struggle with daily that are not supporting your goals.  I encourage you to not look at the food, action, whatever it is itself, look at your behavior when you have it.  What are you doing, how do you feel at the time, who are you with, what sensation is that time creating for you?  When in doubt take a step back and look at the entire picture, the first step to breaking a pattern is finding it in the first place.

-Coach Adam

Relative And Absolute.

Push ups, pull ups and fat loss, oh my!

I think we can all agree that push ups and pull ups are hard…..really hard. A common goal I hear when students begin training with us is, “I want to be able to do a chin up” or “I want to be able to do a push up.”

I have been lucky to see hundreds of students meet these goals over the past 5 years. It is one of the coolest things to see as a coach!

So let’s talk about each of these and come up with 3 ways you can get better at them this year

Push ups

  1. If you are a fat loss student then step one to being able to do a push up is to lose the fat. How do I lose fat, you ask? Food, it’s all about the food. We can help you get a better relationship with food so you                                                                     can lose the fat so you are able to push your                                                    bodyweight up and down. We offer a ton of nutrition coaching- talk to us!

  2. Learn to keep your body TIGHT. When we coach you to bring your toes and knees together and squeeze your cheeks it is not because we are knit picky. It is because to be able to push yourself from the floor and get your body to talk to each other from the head down to the toes you need to keep your whole body tight. If you can teach yourself to keep your body that tight during all of your training- squats, deadlifts, swing, planks, etc then it will become a more natural feeling

  3. Working on your trunk stability. Let us teach you about rolling patterns (or see it for yourself on our website!) Practice perfect reps. Be PATIENT Be CONSISTENT and STOP telling yourself you’ll never be able to do it.

Pull ups

  1. Same as the push ups. If you are a fat loss student then you need to lose the fat before you can get your chin over the bar. I’ll address relative strength in a moment

  2. Hollow body holds. We’ve been working on them in training. Do them regularly. Do them right. We talked above about keeping your body tight. This is the same thing for a pull up.

  3. Hang on the bar. In order to get your chin over the bar you have to first be able to hang on the bar. If you keep your body tight and just hang on the bar I can STILL help you get strong. If you lose the fat and you are strong, you will pull your chin over the bar

Here is a little education for you…

Relative strength-  is the amount of strength to body size, or how strong you are for your size. This reflects a person's ability to control or move their body with no more weight than their own. Think push ups and pull ups for repetition.

Absolute strength-  is the maximum amount of force exerted, regardless of muscle or body size. Think heavy deadlifts and heavy squats. If I am 140 pounds and I can lift 225 pounds off of the ground then I am stronger than someone who is 215 pounds and can lift 300 pounds off of the ground because I am able to lift 1.5 times my body weight but the other person can only lift 1.3 time their body weight.

There are many ways to prove you are strong, but relative strength proves you are strong AND lean.

Coach Meagan

SkiErg World Sprints Results Are In!

Ski Erg world sprint results are in! Below are results based on age category for Get
Fit NH clients who took part in the yearly tradition. We had some clients set new
personal bests as well! Thank you everyone who participated!

Women 2018:
-Katie Gigure 156th
-Evelyn Gaynor 86th
-Nichole Thomas 106th
-Tania Paivia 115th
-Heather Manning 185th
Dierdre Brotherson 94th
Marie Brown 95th
Elaine Gigiure 24th

Men 2018:
Greg Bergen 111th
Mark Darnell 128th
Fabio 141st
Tom Haubrich 2nd
Adam Rosenthal 16th
Fred Symmes 27th

For full results click here!

Learning Is Not Failing.

If you haven't noticed we have been learning some new, and difficult, movements and exercises. A lot of these exercises some of you may have never done or seen before which means it's a completely new learning process. 

This is my reminder to all of you that learning something new and not being an expert at it right away is ok. You are not a bad person and the world will not explode....I promise! 

We spend a lot of time in our adult lives working in a profession we are good at. You took the time to work, study, practice, and be really good at what you do. Now I am sure that when you first started on your path you may not have been an expert right away, but you took the time and did what you needed to become one! I am sure there were struggles, difficult times, and a lot of great moments when you succeeded in that learning!

Think about all those times, ups and downs, when you are learning new exercises or movements and might be frustrated that you haven't masted it the second time doing it. You are all so smart and capable of handling anything we throw your way! Just take the time and remember practice will make perfect! 

Keep making it happen!

-Coach Brian

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