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What is the autism program at Get Fit NH all about?

It's about Inclusion

Because there is seemingly no place in the real world for those with autism once they leave school, their life is a lonely one. I've discovered since my son Henry left the school system that there is a very big difference between being "in the community" and "included in the community."
My dream was to create a place where people like Henry can feel included. I have been a client at Get Fit NH for seven years and it has become a home away from home where people know me, look forward to seeing me, and genuinely care about me. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Henry and others like him could have the same experience? THAT is why we are here.

It's about fitness as a FUNCTIONAL LIFE SKILL

Because people with autism cannot be included if their fundamental differences are not understood and accounted for, our approach uniquely takes into account the physical, adaptive, and cognitive deficits present in ASD. At Get Fit NH, we implement the Autism Fitness™ approach developed by Eric Chessen to provide fitness programs that are appropriate and empowering for individuals on the autism spectrum. The concepts and activities of this approach work enormously well for athletes with autism. Fitness and physical activity should be fun, accessible, effective, and not overwhelming. We promise that our athletes will move better and just as important, they will learn to enjoy physical activity, and as a result, seek out movement as a preferred activity.

It's about EDUCATION

Mae Lynn Arlinghaus, PhD, founder of the autism program at Get Fit NH is one of only a few professionals to have been certified by Eric Chessen to present his "Try This @ Home" workshop for parents and caregivers of individuals on the Autism spectrum. This three hour workshop is an introduction to the unique ABA-based Autism Fitness™ approach. At this workshop, proactive parents and caregivers can learn how to set up an environment for their athlete to achieve success in physical fitness. Watch our site for announcements about when and where we will next be offering this program. Consultations with parents and caregivers to develop appropriate at home fitness programs for the adults they support are also available. Interested in having a Try This @ Home workshop at your site? Contact us here.