Becky’s Getting Married!

Becky and proud mom Sally!

In 4 days Becky is walking down the aisle and then is off to Wyoming for the summer – her last day with us for awhile is Thursday, so offer your congrats when you see her.

I asked Becky to share her experience at Get Fit NH with everyone – Thank-you Becky!

Thanks for choosing to train with us to get ready for the wedding – you have worked hard and you look fantastic!

“Hi Dean,

Thanks for your email.  I have really enjoyed coming to Get Fit each day!

First of all, I started coming because of my upcoming wedding; I needed something to help me lose a few pounds and tone up.  I look forward to coming each day for many reasons.

First of all, I enjoy the variety in the workouts each day.  I never know what to expect, neither does my body, contributing to great results.  The variety in the workouts makes it fun each day.  I also really enjoy the social aspect; I made some friends and always had someone to compete with, making me push myself harder.  I will miss that part of it.

I also look forward to the daily nutrition emails.  Although I fundamentally know how to eat well, I don’t always put that into practice, so your emails are a daily reminder of what I should be doing.  I have them all saved in a Get Fit folder in my email for future review.  : )

Lastly, I have had great results.  I have lost about 20 pounds, my clothes fit better, my stomach is flatter, and I overall feel better about my body.  Thanks so much for all that you have done (and Erin!), I will miss Get Fit over the summer, and I hope to be able to continue training there in the near future.  Best wishes, I will send some pictures of our wedding!!

Take Care,
Becky Jones”




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