Become Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

"When you go out of your comfort zone and it works there's nothing more satisfying." -Kristen Wiig

​Since we are young we hear the saying "You have to step out of your comfort zone to grow" and I am a believer in this. I do not think you need to go sprinting out of your comfort zone into the unknown, but a lot of growth can be had when we baby step into being uncomfortable. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable is a skill we lose as we get older. 

When we are kids and growing up almost everything in life is knew to us at some point. You are constantly stepping out of your comfort zone to try new things, go new places, and learning to handle new situations. Yes some of the times we were nervous about these new things but growing up we tried it and it may have been something you loved! Think of the first time you tried riding a bike and for some how terrifying that experience could have been at first! But then after learning to be uncomfortable with it, practicing, and time it could have been one of your favorite things and you were probably so happy the first time you rode a bike all by yourself! The same thing could be said for learning to swim, the first time you traveled somewhere new, trying new food, and many more possibilities. 

Now the issue is as we grow up we learn the things we are good at and the things we like and we tend to stick to those things like glue. Somewhere along the line unlearn how to be uncomfortable and learn that not being good at something is a failure and bad. My hope of this post is to help throw away that mindset!

Try something new, feel uncomfortable, find something you need to practice because you are not that good at it....yet. I don't think you need to dive out of your comfort zone like spontaneously moving across the country, unless you want that!, but take a step and you may find new things you love or find the satisfaction of doing something you couldn't.

So now how that relates to the gym side of this. If you find yourself using the same weight every week for the same exercise or not trying the more difficult variation because its challenging or you are not good at it, I encourage you to do it! Grab a few more pounds or take the time to practice the new variation because when you get uncomfortable with something and then own it that is where the magic happens! Plus your coaches will always be there to support you in it! 

Make It Happen!

-Coach Brian 

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