Betty Makes It Happen!

I joined Get Fit NH Bootcamp last summer after I had been a Facebook fan for over a year. I was getting their email updates and checking out their Facebook page weekly.

I read the word Bootcamp and at the age of 53 was afraid it would be for the very young and fit. My daughter Jessica Bates (who is young and fit) joined and encouraged me try the 2 weeks free! I said sure I will try it as I have nothing to lose!

Once I tried it I realized this is not just for the young and fit and I personally do not think “Bootcamp” describes the program. In Epsom Nancy Carlson is our coach and she is Amazing, Beautiful, Cute, Delightful, Energentic, Fantastic, ……….. No matter what your fitness level is she will keep you working towards your goal-no one is  left behind.

We have young members and older members, members that have had babies, surgery or an injury. Nancy works with each member and specializes their workouts each day. I have gotton stronger and I am doing things I thought were impossible. Try it like I did and you will love it! – Elizabeth Holmes

Thanks Betty!

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