Creating an Environment that Supports You

Greetings my friends. After the first week of S3 under our belts I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about ways to help you stay on track with your nutrition challenge and better set you up for success. One of the big ones is creating an environment that supports you. What do you mean by that, you ask? Let me explain.

I am sure you can agree with me that what’s around us strongly shapes our behavior. In my nutrition course they talk about what they call “Berardi’s First Law.” Which states, If a food is near you and conveniently available, you’ll eventually eat it” -Dr. John Berardi. And let's be honest, it’s the cold hard truth. So the environment that we find ourselves in can strongly influence our choices and eating habits. If you find yourself chilling at home and you are constantly walking by a bag of chips or even some Oreos. Chances are greater than not you end up snacking on those foods at some point.

Having the willpower to fight the temptation of indulging in snack foods is a lot harder when those foods are around you and constantly available. Eventually, you will crack and have some. And hey, that’s ok! But if you want to stay on track to hit your goals, then you might need to do a kitchen makeover. Start getting rid of all those snacks that don’t provide you with the necessary nutrients your body needs. Start putting more healthy alternatives right in the open for easy access. This way you are tempted with an apple or a banana rather than junk foods. Hope you find this helpful and use it to your advantage in your nutrition challenge. Good luck everyone!

Coach Dylan 

We are looking for our next full time unicorn

It is true, we are hiring! We are on the hunt for a unicorn and we need YOUR help to find the magic! 

We are growing and growing fast. The pandemic gave us a run for our money (literally, ha!) but it is no longer keeping clients out of the gym. Our goal is to provide our clients with an incredible coaching experience and help them get the results they are ready to work for. We take this job very seriously, BUT we don't take ourselves too seriously 🙂 

Here is what the job entails:

Getting to know 275 awesome clients. Learning their first name, their last name, what do they like to do, what are their hobbies, why are they here training, what is holding them back, how can we help them get to where they are trying to go, keep them accountable, push them, modify for them, crack super lame jokes while also being incredibly professional, smile, be enthusiastic, create an experience, have high energy, encourage them, celebrate with them...

We don't ask for much....if it is the right person  😉

Here's the part that often scares people away...remember, we are looking for a unicorn...

The first class starts as 5 AM. That means a show time of 4 AM which often means an alarm going off in the early 3 AM hour...We need to find the person who jumps out of bed and is PUMPED to get to the gym and have ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM by 5 AM. We have 4 (unicorn) coaches now and we believe there is a 5th one out there. Do you know them? 


Must hold a certification- CSCS, NASM, ACE, ISSA....We are not picky, but must hold a current certification. Resumes that do not notate a certification will not be reviewed

A background in Exercise Science is a huge bonus 

No brainer qualifications MUST HAVES: 

MUST have professional and social skills 

MUST have problem solving skills

MUST be reliable

MUST lead by example

.....MUST laugh at my lame jokes.....and must be incapable of taking a serious photo

What's so great about working aside from amazing clients and a bomb team? 

  • Full time
  • No split shifts
  • 3 weeks of vacations PAID yearly
  • No weekends- SAY WHAT? Yep, you read it right. No weekends
  • Starting salary (depends on experience): $31K-35K
  • Health insurance after the 1st 90 days, we pay 50%
  • 401K after the 1st year with up to 4% match
  • Continuing education credits 

Send me your resume with subject line "I am the next Get Fit NH unicorn" 

Change your life in 3 seconds…..ready?

3 seconds to change your life

Are you ready for this? 3 seconds to change your life, what could I possibly be talking about?  Well here it is, the last three seconds of that round when you are here in the gym.  I know many of you have heard us as coaches talking about the most important set/seconds/rep being the last one.  Here is why, it goes well beyond just getting one more rep in for the purpose of building strength, it also helps our determination in parts of life.  

Yes of course just from the overload principle if you get one more rep than you did last time your body will anatomically improve.  That is important, but for this I am speaking specifically to a mindset.  Those last three seconds of that set where the voice starts counting down are the most important because of the will it takes to push through the finish line.  Rather than stopping because you know the rest is coming.  Do you have it in you to see things through to the end.  People think training is just about sets and reps, but the truth is that many of the principles we see in here translate outside the gym as well.

Here’s a great example, how many of you have done our S3, done our jumpstart, or any other nutrition based challenge we have done here?  Now how many of you have gotten down to that last day or two before the end, and even though you have been incredibly disciplined, and lost a ton of fat, go “ehh its over tomorrow and I’ve been perfect thus far, what’s one drink tonight really going to matter?”.  In the long run maybe you are right, what difference is one drink really going to make, but then how do you feel after.  You stayed disciplined all that time but couldn’t make it the last 12 hours? Why? You made it through 37 days and on the 38th you just say “ehh im basically done”?  

There aren't many things in this world that you can say are fact, most are just theories and ideas that haven’t been proven wrong yet.  Here is one thing I believe to be fact, it is in those moments when you hear the “3….2…1….” that your true character is tested.  How can you truly know yourself if you don’t give it everything you have, if you have more in the tank but decide to quit early.  Those last three seconds are when your will power is the lowest, when your determination is the lowest, but where the meaning is the highest.  If you can push yourself to make it through those last three seconds without quitting early then you broke through your own wall and often it's easier and easier to push all the way after that.  

Those three seconds where you see the light at the end of the tunnel, but stay disciplined and don’t try to get there early are the most important in your life.

-Coach Adam

Yankee Farm to deliver meat right to Get Fit NH. Order HERE

We are SO excited to partner with Yankee Farmer's Market out of Warner. NH. They approached us with a really cool opportunity. 

They have provided Get Fit NH with our very own ordering link where we can order farm fresh meat from several different species to include buffalo, beef, chicken, pork, turkey, venison, elk and lamb. They are offering a monthly subscription where you order the package that makes the most sense for you and your family and then they will deliver it right to the gym in insulated bags. It will be an entire months worth of meat. It comes frozen and in several different cuts. You can suspend your monthly subscription at any time or change your species selection. 

Personally, I am PUMPED about this. I have been ordering from a company called Butcher Box for the last year and a half and I have absolutely loved it. It is a meat subscription that gets delivered to my door step monthly with 6 weeks worth of meat. It comes frozen and is also farm fresh. I look forward to moving my business to a local farm who offers this same fantastic service. 

Additionally, I am sure you have noticed the insane spike in groceries lately. OUCH! This is super cost effective (like an entire month worth of meat for a family of 4 for $500 - that is FIFTY pounds of meat!) Or if you are a smaller household then you can order much lighter. You can also save yourself from hitting the meat aisle at the grocery store. 

We have our own affiliate link here. It is important that you use this link when ordering so that you get our special offer and our pick up site. If you lose the link, don't worry, it can be found right on our website in the top left corner. 

First delivery comes May 25th so order no later than May 23rd!

Memorial Day Training Plan

Can you believe Memorial Day is just around the corner?

I am sure you are looking forward to a little more normalcy this year with your Memorial Day plans, I know I am!

In previous years we have hosted one BIG workout on that Monday, but it still doesn't feel right to bring that back. Hopefully next year! This year we will send out a virtual training that you can do at your leisure on Memorial Day. We know some of you are die hards and would hate to miss a day. We also know that some of you are overworked and look forward to an opportunity to decompress with friends and family. My team and I are going to decompress on Memorial Day, but we shall equip you with a solid training. 

Now let's talk about Friday, May 28th. That is the Friday leading into a holiday weekend. Historically, we are painfully dead on that Friday, mostly due to ridiculous traffic coming through the highway SO with that being said we are going to CLOSE Friday night and OPEN Wednesday night instead. Friday morning is still on. There will be no Wednesday morning training.

Let's recap

  • Memorial Day is Monday, May 31st we are closed 
  • Friday, May 28th we are OPEN for morning classes and CLOSED for all afternoon and evening classes
  • Wednesday, May 26th we are holding all afternoon/evening training 
  • You are welcome to attend whichever day works best for your potential travel schedule. Just know Wednesday night and Friday morning training will be THE SAME training.

Have a great day!

Coach Meagan

Perspective Matters

“2 twin boys were raised by an alcoholic father.  One grew up to be an alcoholic & when asked what happened he said ‘I watched my father’…the other grew up and never drank in his life.  When he was asked what happened he said “I watched my father”…2 boys, same dad, different perspective.  Your perspective in life will determine your destination”

Paints somewhat of a depressing picture does it not?  Any time you bounce around a subject like alcoholism, drug abuse, and the like.  Please look past that and look at the underlying point in this quote.  Life is about perspective; you control your own happiness, your own achievements, your time and energy.  People often believe they have no choice in the matter of whether or not they are happy.  Whether or not they like their job, whether or not they are happy at home, whether or not they have achieved what they want to achieve, or even just whether or not they like what they see in the mirror.  As if it is predetermined for you that this is how its supposed to be.  Well I have news for you…it isn’t.  You don’t like what you see in the mirror when you wake up? You have the choice to change it.  You don’t like your job? You have the choice to change it.  

Perspective on your life can be changed in an instant.  Sometimes it is you lose something that is precious to you and it snaps everything into focus.  Sometimes it is just that one day you said enough is enough I’m tired of being miserable.  You have all seen it at some point or another, been in a job you despised and seen that one employee that is always walking on sunshine.  You think “how the heck is that fool so happy all the time, this jobs sucks”.  Its all about their perspective on it.  They may hate the job, they may think its menial, they may think its stupid, they may think there are better uses of his time, but maybe they love the people they work with.  Maybe they get to work outside everyday and love it, maybe they like numbers or writing a heck of a lot more than you do.  Whatever the case maybe that person is seeing the same job, the same responsibilities, the same hours in a completely different light.  As a result they are happy, they never feel drained or beaten down, they just enjoy the day.  The only difference between them and you was their perspective on it.  

Perspective can be applied to life as a whole, you hate your job, you can either accept you hate your job and be miserable.  Or you can see it as an opportunity to change to something else, do something else, become something else.  Yes it's obviously going to be harder, to start over, to go back to school maybe, to work in your free time until you learn and grow enough to do it full time.  However if your perspective is that you want to be happy, and that it's worth you spending the time to be happy, guess what? You will be happy.  Life is about perspective, so try thinking about things you have to put up with on a daily basis from another light.  Try and change your perspective on it.  Make it Happen-Coach Adam

3 Reasons Friday Training Matters

3 reasons Fridays are Important

1.) Mentality- Probably the most important part of why training is important is the mentality or the mental strength that is required to do so.  Also on the flip side what you are reinforcing to yourself if you skip it.  I'm not talking about skipping one Friday if something comes up and you just can't make it, I am talking about Fridays upon Fridays of skipping.  It teaches, even if it's just subconsciously, that its ok to not finish what you start.  That after three days it “ok close enough”, that is a dangerous sentiment to have, it’s the same as taking the opportunity to do 21 days of clean eating and on day 20 saying “well I made it 20 how big of a difference is 1 day going to make”.  Nutritionally and training wise maybe not much, at first, however it’s a slippery slope at first its one week.  Then the next week you think “I skipped Friday and felt fine, don’t really feel like going this week either” then the trend continues.  Missing one class might not have a huge impact on training but if that trend continues that’s 4 classes a month and 48 classes a year.   Don’t give yourself an excuse to not finish what you started, it starts with one thing, but we are all humans, if we give ourselves and inch we will take a mile.  It may start with training, but before you know it it’s bleeding over into nutrition and general life responsibilities.  

2.) Training- The programming at Get Fit NH is designed to affect your system in different ways to elicit and overall training response.  Many of you already know this but training is written as 2 days of Metabolic work (most closely resembling cardiovascular training) and 2 days of strength work.  That means that the training is written to work as a whole balanced program over a weeks span, so missing a Friday leads to an unbalanced week of training.  For the best training effect we have to take advantage of all of it.  Can you really tell me that missing 48 trainings in a year won't affect you?

3.) A general sense of accomplishment, its no secret that Fridays trainings are challenging, and on Friday you are tired, stressed, and ready to end your week as soon as possible.  The sense of accomplishment you will feel after making sure you gave it your absolute all and saw the week through to the end will be great.  

Fridays are important too, don’t give yourself and excuse, it probably will not stop there!

-Coach Adam

Let’s learn about FAT

Fats are the final macronutrient that you should be getting an adequate amount of on a daily basis. Like carbs, often times eating fat is associated with weight gain, however this  macronutrient plays an integral role in many bodily systems that allow us to thrive. 

What are fats? 

Fats can be categorized into a variety of types: saturated, unsaturated, and trans fats  which are a sub-type of unsaturated that actually acts like a saturated fat. Eating too much  saturated/trans fat can lead to inflammation, heightened cholesterol and blood clotting,  while eating unsaturated fats helps the body absorb minerals and vitamins and supports  muscle movement. Fat is the body’s secondary source of energy!  

It’s important to prioritize unsaturated fats over saturated and trans fats, as too much  of the saturated/trans fat can produce too much cholesterol and eventually increase the  risk of heart disease. 

How much fat do you need? 

20-35% of your daily calorie intake should be made up of fats. Ideally, most of these will  come from unsaturated fats, with saturated fats taking up no more than 10%.  Again, this is  due to the increased risk of heart disease and high blood pressure associated with eating  large amounts of saturated/trans fats. 

What foods are high in fat? 

Different kinds of fats are present in different foods. 

Unsaturated fats can be found in: • Vegetable oils (flaxseed oil & canola oil) • Olives and olive oil 

• Avocado (and avocado oil) 

• Fatty fish 

• Nuts and seeds (including nut butters) 

Saturated fats can be found in:

• Meat (particularly red meat) 

• Coconut oil and coconut milk 

• Dairy products 

• Pastries and other sweet snack foods • Deep-fried foods

Eat fat. 


Get Fit NH houses 3 women recognized by NH Women’s Foundation

The New Hampshire Women's Foundation is recognizing about 100 women in New Hampshire who made a difference in the community through the pandemic. The recognition is for various reasons such as leadership, caregivers, front line workers, educators, community impact members and more!

Other people in the community nominated these women and the Nh Women's Foundation is hosting a Gala in May to recognize these woman and share their stories. 

I am honored to be one of the women nominated for this recognition, but what I really love is that there are 2 other faithful clients of Get Fit NH who were also nominated.

Please take a few minutes to read the nominations below! We have a pretty respectable community here at Get Fit NH.

Meagan Sbat nomination

Andrea Folsom nomination

Courtney Perron nomination

Giving credit where it is due

I have had something on my mind lately and I can't help but take a few minutes to get off my chest.

Right now, we have the absolute best team in place. Like, I wake up in the morning and feel incredibly blessed to run a business alongside some of the most genuine humans in the world. 

Get Fit NH earned a lot of publicity this year and I am unbelievably thankful and so incredibly humbled. The recognition often highlights me as the owner, but for me it's so important to highlight all of the things these guys to do make this place operate professionally. 

It takes a special person to set their alarm in the 3 o'clock hour to head to work and be enthusiastic about it, am I right?

So let's go down the line of our incredible coaching team and let's not forget the office managers who make my life so much easier.

Adam manages the continuing education and growth opportunities for the team and writes all of the training . He takes the expectation of continuing education to the next level. He challenges the team to think outside of the box in programming opportunities, modifications and progressions. He is also a pro with injury prevention. That is a very brief description of how he makes our team whole

Ashley and Dylan each bring a unique personality to our team. Dylan with his dance moves, constant talking to himself and innocent perspective on life. He is full of positivity on and off the floor. His work ethic is second to none and his OCD is highly appreciated. Ashley is incredibly relatable both on and off of the floor. Her story is powerful, her strength is out of this world and her genuine care for others is appreciated.....and her OCD 🙂

I came in this past Wednesday as I always do for a standing Zoom meeting to find Ashley and Dylan working together on a mock program design phase. They wrote it together, set timers and even went out on the floor and demoed exercises together and layout. These skills are hands on skills that cannot be taught on paper. To see them working together was a moment of serious pride. They didn't know I was going to be there, I didn't know they were going to be there. They chose to work together and their conversations were productive and they were teaching and learning from each other. A boss couldn't even dream up a more beautiful scenario. 

Sarah is one of our lovely office managers. She does the background work of processing new clients and the sad job of terminating clients who choose to leave. She deals with all of the billing. She is efficient, thorough and incredibly friendly. Her work is tedious and she does it with grace.

Deb is our other office manager. She manages the leads and trials who come through, she writes and schedules our newsletter and she orders all inventory. Deb is a unique employee, she works 2-3 hours a week, but her input, ideas and her "mom touch" is appreciated. Her willingness to help is so thoughtful.

This is such a brief recognition of our fantastic team. They are truly amazing and they put my mind at ease and give me confidence that even when I am not in the gym that YOU are taken care of. Always know, that this is gym is successful because WE are a strong team. Leadership is easy with humans like this. 

Coach Meagan

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