Friends And Family Fridays!

Happy Monday!

We have some exciting news to share with all of you.

Starting this Friday 10/26, we will be starting Friends and Family Fridays. During certain class times on Fridays we invite you to bring in a friend or family member to come train with you and see the Get Fit Nh experience!

For all the details check the video below.

Pampered Chef Party Coming Soon!

Mark your calendars for November 10th because we will be hosting our annual Pampered Chef and 31 party! Come enjoy some brunch and get some early Christmas shopping done!

Check out the video below for all the details!

Welcome To The Little Black Dress Project

With office parties, family dinners and festive gatherings with friends and family coming up before you know it, party dress season is closing in fast.

Are you ready? 

Are you ready to look and feel fabulous without limiting yourself to sips of water and shrimp cocktail? 

If the answer is ‘NO’ …or even if you’re not sure…don’t worry. 
The Grateful Plate can help you turn that ‘NO’ into a ‘YES’…Fast!

The Little Black Dress Project is here to help you get ready for holiday parties and to feel even better!

For More Info check out the link and video below.


Working On Your White Band: T-Spine Rotation

Now that recreens are done we want to start giving you all the chances and knowledge we can to help work out of any remaining bands you may have!

For October I will be focusing on the White band which is related to your shoulder mobility. This is one of the first bands we look to tackle as we progress down the list. 

The first exercise of the month is a T-spine Rotation with Rib Grab. This exercise is closely related to the open book we already do. This would be an exercise you would want to do 2-3 times a day 5-10 reps per side.

Check out the link below for a video and explanation from the Functional Movement Screen themselves!  

Celebrating All Your Hard Work!

First a BIG thank you to all of you for helping us get through the FMS Rescreens quickly and smoothly. 

The information we received was amazing to see how much progress everyone is making and showing us where to go next to keep the progress rolling!

We wanted to take a minute to celebrate how awesome all of you are!

Keep Making It Happen!

-Coach Brian

Your Source For All FMS Band Correctives

Thanks to all of you wonderful people we have finished out Functional Movement Re-Screens. Now that we have collected that information we can start the fun stuff! We have updated the Big Book Of Bands so everyone's bands are up to date! Please remember to wear your bands in training still!

Like I said before I will be putting out videos to help learn correctives related to each and every band, but I wanted to help start the process linking our huge data base of correctives we have on our website! Using this helpful information we can work to get you out of your bands!

Lets Make It Happen!

-Coach Brian

Practice Mentality

I am sure by now everyone knows I am a big fan of kettlebells. I have been working with them for many years now and still have a lot to learn with them, which to me is very fun! The first thing I noticed learning to use kettlebells was every teacher I have had always called it kettlebell PRACTICE. It was said a lot over and over again and eventually I had to ask why this is the term used, and this is what I was told:

“Even a kettlebell master needs to practice too keep his skills sharp. Kettlebells practice is a forever skill not set by a timeline.”

This sentence really hit home with me and opened up my mind. To build good kettlebell skills I need to practice, and that practice will always be needed. I took that mentallity to all of my time in the gym, it was in my head when learning a new skill or movement that it was practice. It helped me stay positive when I couldn’t grasp a new movement right away that it is ok because I am just practicing and eventually my practice will build a great skill!

So if you feel down about a new skill or movement just remember we are just practicing and practice takes time!

-Coach Brian

Let Us Know You Won’t Be Here

Good morning all!

As most of you know, we take accountability quite seriously at Get Fit NH. If you don't make it to training and we did not know then we reach out to you via email or text and sometimes even a phone call! With a recent change in coaching roles we are asking that you email us at This will keep us organized so  Adam, Brian and me  are all on the same page about our people's! We will be tackling this role as a team since we have decided to fill the open coaching spot with a part time coach. 

As always, we appreciate you rolling with the changes and being such a fantastic part of the Get Fit NH family.


The Get Fit NH Team 

*Reminder* Pink Shirt Monday Starts Next Week

Happy Tuesday, Get Fit Fam! We just wanted to remind you that next Monday we are rolling out Pink Shirt Monday in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. We would love to have you play along. The special pink shirts you signed up for have been ordered. We are hopeful they get here this week. We ordered 90 of them- yikes! If not a Get Fit NH pink shirt then any pink shirt works too! 

Thank you again to Terry Reed for coming up with such a fantastic idea! She also was super generous and made the bag pictured! She has asked all who participate in each pink shirt Monday to put their name in the bag and we will raffle it off at the end of the month.

Have a great week!

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