Your Emotions Can Drive You Into Motion

I recently heard the statement “use your emotions to drive you into motion”.  This phrase kept playing over in my head and I began to wonder how often we actually use our emotions to our advantage.

One definition that I found states that emotions can be defined as a complex state of feeling that results in physical and psychological changes that influence thought and behavior.  I think we would all agree that emotions are complex. I believe that it is all too common for people to suppress their emotions. Some emotions are uncomfortable, and we don’t want to deal with them or their cause, so we avoid them.  This can result in behaviors that are not beneficial and will not help us reach our goals. Have you ever been angry, felt lonely, or overwhelmed? Those are generally not feelings we like to sit with and think about so instead we may try to eat pleasurable foods in order to boost our moods and “make ourselves feel better”.  Often our attempts at “instant gratification” do not change the cause of the emotion.

I believe we need to increase our emotional awareness.  Emotions are energy in motion within us. They are an internal feedback system.  The goal is to be able to use these emotions to our advantage rather than let them weigh us down.  When an uncomfortable emotion arises, take a minute and do some deep breathing and allow yourself to notice what you are actually feeling.  Next, name the emotion. Once you acknowledge what the emotion is you are better able to manage it. Finally, you need to talk yourself through the emotion and reassure yourself.  Decide how you want this emotion to dictate your day. Can it be a motivation for action and change for the good? Or will it overcome you and stagnate your direction and goals. Denial does not change things – action does.  Even the action of owning the emotion is motion forward. By using your emotions in perspective, you can experience positive changes that will bring you closer to your goals.

-Coach Erin

Body, Active, Mobility (BAM) Classes Return to Get Fit NH with Physical Therapist, Sarah Coulombe from Performance Health

We are excited to partner with Performance Health again and offer a fantastic class from a reputable Physical Therapist in Concord, Sarah Coulombe. She has helped so many of our clients and even our coaching team remain strong and work through some chronic pain. Sarah is also a certified strength coach, which is helpful for those of you who train with us. Sarah can help us and help you get better both inside and outside the gym.

Let's answer your first question, what is a body, active, mobility (BAM) class? So glad you asked...

The purpose of this course is to increase body awareness through active mobility using body weight exercises and minimal equipment. Learn your joint limitations and how to best promote optimal movement and health of your joints. 

We offered the BAM class over the summer and here is what clients said after they took the class...

Greater awareness of muscle activation and release

Greater awareness of what parts of my body don’t move or that I can’t move.

I noticed I was looser and was  able to control my body better

The instructor was very knowledgeable and helped explain exercises in a way that made sense. She provided modifications for those who needed them in order for all to participate.

​We are going to offer this class once a month until the end of the year, so that is a total of FOUR classes. The dates for these classes will be:

  • Wednesday, September 25th 6:30am-7:30am
  • Wednesday, October 16th 6:30am-7:30am
  • Wednesday, November 13th 6:30am-7:30am
  • Wednesday December 18th 6:30am-7:30am

You can sign up for all four dates here for a total of $80 (this will save you some money!)

You can sign up for a specific date here for $25 per class (just in case you cannot make all four dates work)


 You can drop in the morning of and charge $30 to your account or pay cash

We hope to see you there!

Coach Meagan

The Winner of the August Movement Challenge is…

Another win for 6:10 AM! With a total of 264 tallies which averaged to 18.9 points per person who participated. That is a full 5.3 points MORE per person than second place, congrats guys!

The winner of the movement challenge earns ALL the bragging rights and even MORE bragging rights when you won the last two challenges in a row- yahoo!

I want to share some fun facts about the 6:10 class, because they deserve some credit and love...

  • 6:10 has, hands down, the best attendance consistently as a class
  • 6:10 is most likely to make sure we know if they are not going to be in training
  • 6:10 fights the most over heavy weights 
  • 6:10 is hands down the most possessive over their spots (but we still love you)
  • 6:10 folk are ALWAYS pushing each other to lift heavier and finish their reps 
  • 6:10 is the sassiest group as a whole, but again, we love them anyways
  • 6:10 people drive crazy in the parking lot- so watch out

We love you and we are so proud to have such fabulous people train with us

Keep making it happen,

Coach Meagan

Making Time

My buddy Brenda posted this on Facebook the other day and it really struck me. What a powerful statement and what a true and scary statement! 

What is wellness though? It could be defined so many different ways by different people with different beliefs. The dictionary defines wellness as the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind. Especially as the results of deliberate effort. So let’s talk about the health and how you can deliberately take care of yourself.

  • Nutrition. How you fuel your body has a massive effect on your wellness. If you choose to eat processed food and overeat then your wellness will suffer. It is up to you to MAKE TIME to meal prep and make it a priority to eat to fuel your body and feel good. If you choose to tell yourself you don’t have time, you are too busy, it’s too expensive, etc then you will find yourself finding a way at some point down the road. Make time.

  • Exercise. How you move your body has a massive effect on your wellness. If you choose to live a sedentary lifestyle or choose to skip out on the opportunity to build muscle and get stronger and push yourself then your wellness will suffer. It is up to you to MAKE TIME to exercise so you can get strong and continue to age with grace. If you choose to tell yourself that you don’t have time, you are too busy, it’s too expensive, etc then you will find yourself back tracking at some point down the road. Make time.

  • Drink Water. It is the only hydration your body needs. I know you don’t believe me, because we are fast paced and tired people who love coffee. But your body does not NEED coffee to thrive (maybe your attitude does!) Drink your water. It matters. 

  • Go to sleep. How you rest your body has a massive effect on your wellness. If you choose to stay up way too late working or chatting then your wellness will suffer. Get your 7-9 hours of sleep each night so you can work and chat with more energy and more of a purpose. It might be a tough habit for you to get into. Start with setting yourself a screen time curfew and follow it! 

Those are the big four that have a massive effect on your wellness. The beliefs within those topics may differ person to person, but if you’re struggling with one of those four then start there. It is not too late now. Don’t make yourself back track. 

I will also say this..

For some of us, certain illnesses may be inevitable. Some are simply genetic and we are ticking time bombs, BUT if we take care of ourselves now we will be able to FIGHT harder against the cards we are dealt. Never for one second think that your hard work is not going to pay off.

Make it Happen,

Coach Meagan

5 Ways to Drink More Water!

  • Get a water bottle with a straw! We are busy people and we don’t have time to unscrew caps when we are working, driving, etc. I bet you can suck down a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee way faster than you can drink water! Maybe that is because it is tastier, BUT it’s also the convenience of a straw. Do it!

  • Infuse it! A lot of people add lemon to their water to spice it up. I like to add raspberries and lime to mine! If you just can’t stand water, because it is too boring then try spicing it up by infusing it.

  • Add all the ice! Yes, this will mean you need to get up and refill more, but there is nothing more refreshing than iced cold water on a hot summer day! 

  • Find the biggest water bottle you can! Burlington Coat Factory and TJ Maxx are great places to find ginormous water bottles! Fill it and set yourself a goal to finish it by a certain time. Add that alarm to your phone…maybe with an hour warning so you can drink up!

  • Water apps on your phone. There are SO many now. If you are someone who forgets to drink water download an app and it will sound a notification every hour (or whatever you set it to) and remind you to drink up

Hydration is your friend. Drink up!

Coach Meagan


A new session of kettlebell classes are starting September 11th on Wednesdays at Get Fit NH. The session will run for 8 weeks working on building kettlebell skills, strength, and mobility.

Why Train With Kettlebells:

People have been using kettlebells to burn fat, build lean muscle, and improve mobility since early 1700's! Using kettlebells has been a proven method of improving your health for so long, I would even argue it is one of the best methods of burning fat while building muscle. Another wonderful reason to train with kettlebells is they do not take up much space and for most trainings you only need yourself and one bell! 

What Will We Be Doing In Class:

This class is designed to build up the fundamental movements of kettlebells and create a strong foundation you can take anywhere to train with kettlebells! We use a mixture of Kettlebells, TRX, and body weight to bring complete trainings for anyone! We like to take our time and really focus on quality of a movement to maximize the results we get! This class is perfect for anyone of any fitness level, if you are trying to take your first step into fitness or you're a fitness vet trying to add some new material into training this class is for you! 

Is This Only Open To Get Fit NH Members:

NO! This class is open to Get Fit NH members and anyone who is not currently a member! So if you think this is something for you sign right up! 

*To keep classes running smoothly each class is capped at 10 people*

Class Times And Cost:

Class Times: The class will be held on wednesdays at 4 different times:

  • 5:30 AM
  • 6:30 AM
  • 4:30 PM
  • 5:30 PM


  • For The Entire 8 week session the cost it $119

If You have any questions please reach out to me at :

If you are interested in signing up and having some summer kettlebell fun click below!

The Most Important Parts Are The Start And The Finish.

This will be a somewhat shorter blog but I think it is an extremely important one.  The most important parts of any goal are the start and the finish, more often the middle will take care of itself.  Let's start with training, what would you say that the most often difficult to make it to trainings are? Based on what we as coaches see its two days…Monday, and/or Friday.  What does that tell me? It tells me that one of the major challenges is either getting started with something, or finishing out. Be honest with yourself, if you are someone reading this who has a tendency to not finish out the week of training, do you also see a pattern of yo-yoing with your nutrition?  Or can you look back at past S3’s or just times when you tried to keep your nutrition on point and you got close to the end but decided you ended early?  

The start and the finish are by far the two most important parts.  Often just taking the step in the gym, on your first day or on a Monday, is one of the toughest decisions.  The second toughest decision comes at the end of the week, you’re tired, your stressed from a long week and you decide “well I made it ‘x’ days, that’s good enough” next thing you know its one less than the week before.  If you can start a week of training and end a week of training, the stuff in the middle tends to be the easiest (at least relatively speaking). If you can make time on a Monday and Friday then finding time on a Tuesday or Thursday is child's play.  Even if you have been inconsistent to training that would be my advice, pencil yourself in for every Monday and Friday, and the rest will come. Additionally if you are looking to improve your nutrition, I would be willing to bet that if you get Monday and Saturday/Sunday on lockdown, you will find the rest to be cake.  Give it a shot!

Coach Adam

Right Fit Fitness is Coming to Get Fit NH

Autism Fitness and Right Fit Fitness is coming soon to Get Fit NH!

We hope to accomplish three things for those living with autism:

  1. Help professionals  working in schools throughout the state to be better equipped to bring fitness programming to those with autism;
  2. Empower parents to make use of the Autism Fitness approach;
  3. Our new division, Right Fit Fitness, will formulate and provide appropriate fitness programming for adults on the autism spectrum.

How will we do this?

  • November 2, 2019: Try This @ Home workshop: This workshop is for PARENTS and CAREGIVERS of those on the spectrum; You will learn how you can use the principles of Autism Fitness to set up a fitness program at home. In addition, we will discuss the importance of your sharing this approach with the professionals who work with your school age child: gym teachers, physical therapists, etc. and urge those professionals to sign up for the weekend in January (see below) so they can better serve the autism population they work with. Sign up here.
  • January 18 and 19, 2020: Autism Fitness Level 1 Certification with AF founder Eric Chessen: This is two days of hands on, intensive training for fitness professionals and educators and offers Continuing Education credits for both. Sign up here.
  • Fall 2019: Our own program, Right Fit Fitness, will be meant for adults on the autism spectrum and will consist of hour long one on one training with a certified Autism Fitness Professional. As our program grows, we hope to eventually have our athletes working in dyads and then small groups with the hope of establishing a community for them like we have here in our Get Fit NH family.

If you have not seen the heart felt message from Mae Lynn, the heart of Right Fit Fitness, then do yourself a favor and check it out here

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