Modifying The Split Squat

Here are my 3 favorite ways to modify the split squat. Split squats are one of the most common gripes when it comes to training. We have a ton of clients who have had knee replacements, who are pending knee replacements or just experience frequent pain from arthritis or bone on bone. Single leg strength is INCREDIBLY important to maintain as we mature. We need to be able to balance, walk up and down stairs, get up and down and maneuver around comfortably in order to stay out of the nursing home, right? And we also need to be able to train to get stronger so that we can recover from pending surgeries, remain pain free and at worst case, recover from a fall or unexpected injury. We never expect or ask our clients to train through pain so we offer a few variations to get the same result in a pain free movement. It’s also important to understand that if you are deconditioned, which is likely if you have been avoiding training a specific muscle group or avoided strength training entirely, then you may experience some pain or discomfort after as your body adapts to this change. It’s important to ease into things so that you can still continue day to day activities. Anyways, my rant is over! Check out the video by clicking the link below to see how you can train your single leg strength pain free!

March Pop Up Workout

Our pop up workouts have been a HUGE hit and TONS of fun! We are excited to do it again!

 Here are the details and rules:

  • This will require signing up to reserve a spot.
  • The cost to attend will be $10. If you plan to pay on the day of then it will be $15.
  • We will require a minimum of 10 people to be signed up 24 hours BEFORE the scheduled class in order to run it. If we do not meet the threshold then you will be refunded.
  • We will notify you by text and email 24 hours before to let you know if it is cancelled. If you hear nothing, then it is ON!
  • This is open to the Get Fit NH clients as well as the general public. We encourage clients to bring a friend along. 
  • This cannot count as a make up class for Get Fit NH clients. The cost is $10.
  • No shows will not be refunded or credited for future pop ups.
  • Each time you attend a pop up class we will ask you to put the name of a non-profit organization on a paper and stick it in a jar.
  • At the end of the year, we will be drawing a non profit organization from the jar and donate 20% of our profits from the pop up workouts! 

Join us for a pop up workout!

  • Saturday, March 16th 8-9 am
  • 41 Terrill Park Drive, Concord, NH 03301

Self Defense Class Coming to GFNH

We are welcoming Dave Flynn to Get Fit NH on Saturday, March 9th from 10am-12pm to teach a self defense course. This course is open to Get Fit NH clients, friends and followers! He is welcoming kids as young as 14 years old. He can only take 20 folks though, so if you want in then get signed up asap!Enter your text here...

6 Key Habits to Lose Fat, Improve Performance and Feel Better for Good FREE Workshop

Nutrition might be the number one frustration for our clients when it comes to results. There is SO much information out there and it is can be hard to decipher through what is best for you!

That's why on Wednesday, February 21st at 6:30pm we are going to host a free workshop at Get Fit NH. We are welcoming Get Fit NH clients and followers to attend and learn the 6 key habits to losing fat, improving performance and feeling better for good. 

None of those habits include deprivation, calorie counting or restricting.

We will host this workshop again in the spring so be on the lookout if you can't make this one.

Please sign up so we know to expect you!

Free Kettlebell Swing Mastery Workshop

We are trying something new!

Our team continues to grow and so does our client load. We are truly grateful and always searching for opportunities to improve our coaching and your experience. 

On Saturday, March 2nd at 8 am, we are hosting a free kettlebell swing mastery workshop. This workshop is for Get Fit NH current clients only. It doesn't matter if you have been swinging the kettlebell for 5 years of 5 days or never! We are going to spend the time breaking down the swing and the mechanics so you can improve your swing and feel more confident performing it.

There are a few kickers!

  • This will be coached by Meagan
  • Dylan will be recording the workshop for educational content.
  • All other Get Fit NH coaches will be present and this will be a teaching opportunity for them too. They will not be coaching.
    • The best way for our coaches to learn is to learn by doing and breaking it down. 
    • We want to help YOU with your specific struggles while also breaking down the movement from start to finish.

This workshop will be 45 minutes. We will warm up and will go through the kettlebell swing. We may also dabble in other kettlebell swing variations as well. This workshop is capped at 15 clients! We want to be able to spend time with you so you get the most out of it.

If you have ever been worried about attempting the swing or if you just don't feel confident in your swing or if you just want a real deep dive coaching experience then we hope you take advantage of this opportunity.

It is FREE, however, if you no show you will be charged $30. We have this form capped at 15 clients so if you sign up and no show then you are taking the opportunity from someone else. 

Test your Power!

Experts say in order to be healthy you have to mix cardio with strength training. BUT one thing that seems to be missing is the POWER aspect. Power allows us to pick up items with speed and force.

Strength allows you to lower yourself into a chair and sit with control
Power allows you to stand back up


If you trip and stumble, power allows you to quickly react and recover to help prevent a fall!

Power, like anything else can be lost overtime if we do not consistently train it. But it can be restored as quickly as 4-8 weeks depending on fitness level and consistency! 

How do you know where you stand with power?
Well, we have what’s known as the power test.

What is the power test??
It is also referred to as the Sit to Stand Test, which gauges your power level and risk of falling. 

How to perform:

  1. Cross arms and place hands on shoulders.
  2. Sit down and stand back up. Repeat for as many reps as possible.

Studies show:
 > Men over 65 should be able to do 12 or more
        > If under 65 should be able to do 17 or more
> Women over 65 should be able to do 11 or more
        > If under 65 should be able to do 15 or more

*if you score below that, it indicates that you may be low on power.*

We test these things to know what we can improve on to make sure we stay healthy for as long as possible!

It is never to late to start, so why not start today!
Try out our two free week trial and increase your strength and power! 

Read more from the article by clicking the link below!


We will be CLOSED for 5 am and 6:10 am classes. We will open for 7:20, 8:30 and 11. We will also have a full training schedule in the afternoon at 4:15, 5:30 and 6:45. We welcome you to attend the class that works best for your safety and your schedule tomorrow.

Be safe out there!

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