3 Steps To Pushing Through The All Or Nothing Mindset

The all or nothing mindset can be toxic and detrimental to your results. If this mindset describes you (or even if it doesn’t) then I have some homework for your to push through..

  1. Never stop when the timer says 3 (as in 3..2..1) Don’t do it. Always push for AT LEAST one more rep. Practice giving it your all. The whole time. Every time.

  2. Add training to your google calendar. Book it the same way you book a dentist appointment. You wouldn’t stand up your dentist so don’t stand up your body. It’s the only one you’ve got and I can promise you that getting new teeth is easier than getting a new body 😉 (Just so you know...we know life happens sometimes, but for the all or nothing mindset sometimes by missing Monday it means the rest of the week is blow, because one day didn’t work out.)

  3. Schedule 1-2 “Free Meals” each week to give yourself something to look forward to. This will help you to keep you on track with the rest of your meals

Make it happen

Coach Meagan

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