4 Things We Take For Granted

When we are young and primarily healthy we take a lot for granted. We don't think about life skills that deteriorate over time. Often times, it is not until we see a deconditioned loved one face the aging process where reality sets in.

The good news? All of these life skills are trainable AND it is never too late to start. You might be thinking to yourself, "Meagan, I am 60 years old. I have arthritis, chronic pain and in need of a hip replacement. Strength training is not for me."  and you know what I would say, "Yes, welcome to Get Fit NH. Let me show you the way."

  1. Getting up and down off the floor. I am sure if you are 40 or over you may have already noticed this is not as easy as it once was. Could be due to weight, could be because you're deconditioned or could be both! Either way, I promise you, this skill is crucial to continue to master as we mature. Not only just for living and independent life, but more exciting things like getting on the floor to pay with grandchildren! How often are you practicing getting up and down off the floor?
  2. Having the ability to catch yourself before you fall. How often are you training your single leg strength, coordination and balance? How often are you working on your ankle mobility? 
  3. Having strong bones to withstand a fall. What type of resistance training regimen do you have in place to maintain bone density as you mature? Cardio machines and daily walking don't build strong muscles and bones. Resistance training does!
  4. Spontaneous adventures. We work so hard to someday retire and enjoy life! How are you taking care of yourself NOW so you can enjoy life? So you can do the big trip with the hiking and bike riding and swimming? 

These are things we don't think about when we are in the daily hustle and bustle! Strength training is so much more than changing the shape of your body and improving the numbers with your doctor. It is about living your best life FOR life. The other stuff is a happy side effect.

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