6 Pack Six Week 1 Results

What an incredible first week of our 6 Pack 6 transformation contest! As you will see, the competition is tight, but everyone is still in the game!

To everyone who turned in their first week score sheet I congratulate you on a job well done. Even if you didn’t score as high as you wanted, you took a step in the right direction by identifying what you need to work on. Do it better next week!

For those of you (few) who signed up and didn’t turn in your sheet – What’s The Deal? You have everything in your hands you need to get organized and a system specifically designed to get you on the right track and accountable. No excuses – I want to see those sheets next week!

At the end of week 1 we have a tie at the top – the weekly $25 prize will roll over to next week, and everyone is still in it, so keep going strong! Without further adieu, here is the top 10 for Week One.

Week 1 Top Ten

Chrissy S.
72 Points
Evelyn P. 72 Points
Jeanne T. 71 Points
Lisa A. 70 Points
Steph G. 70 Points
Karyn M. 69 Points
Nadia K. 69 Points
Greg S. 68 Points
Judy S. 68 Points
Gretchen W.
67 Points

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