6 Week Kettlebell Class With Coach Brian

I am very excited to announce that starting January 16th I will be holding a 6 Week Kettlebell Class from 6am to 7am! 

This class will focus on building strong kettlebell skills with basic movements and working on chaining them together to build a kettlebell flow. The point of kettlebell flows are to challenge the body metabolically, as well as working on flexibility, mobility, and body awareness. I believe all of those things are incredibly important for living stronger and healthier lives! 

The class will run for 6 weeks to start as a trial and is open to the FIRST 15 PEOPLE that sign up. The class is $99 for the entire 6 weeks of kettlebell fun! If this is something you are interested in please use the link below to sign up and join me for 6 weeks of kettlebell flow! 

Tell Your Friends!