A Little Housekeeping as Fall Approaches

I feel so terrible bringing up FALL already! It always amazes me how fast summer zips by us. Halloween stuff is already out in stores- YUCK! With that, I just wanted to remind everyone that as summer comes to a close the traffic in the gym starts to pick back up. Schedules and routines start to become just that again which means many of you return the classes you were registered to all along. Summer time allows us room for a lot of flexibility. Fall, winter and spring...not so much!

While this is a great "problem" to have, I would ask that you please do your very best to attend the class you are registered to. ESPECIALLY avoiding 6:10AM and 4:15PM! Those classes tend to get way over crowded with drop ins and folk who we did not account for. We want to be sure that EVERYONE gets quality the coaching they love and deserve. We understand that schedule changes happen, we  just ask that if you are not registered to 6:10 or 4:15 that you avoid that unless asking a coach.

We are happy to put you on a waiting list if you find your schedule changing. Ask as soon as you know because if I am being honest those lists are lengthy!

As always, we appreciate you and your choice to train with us. Look, I shot this video so you can see for yourself that this is totally a friendly reminder (which will start me with crazy eyes! Awkward!)

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